Big Pharma Cannabis Distributors Linked to Hitler’s Nazi Germany

Tilray is a global medical cannabis supply company with 169 distribution centers in 84 Canadian cities (1). Tilray entered into an alliance with Big Pharma, Novartis, to distribute medical cannabis world-wide and now has distribution centers in Ireland, Germany, Australia, Brazil, and South Africa (2)(3)(4).

The Bergier Commission, formed in 1996 in the wake of revelations that Swiss banks tried to conceal bank accounts of Holocaust victims, was created to investigate collaborations between the Swiss and Hitler’s Germany. The commission’s report indicated that there was widespread cooperation between Switzerland and Nazi Germany with the primary motive being profit. The political and business arrangements with Hitler’s regime helped the Nazi war effort. In 1933 for example, Ciba’s branch in Berlin let go its Jewish board of directors and replaced them with “Aryan” Germans. Among the 100 companies examined were the Basel-based chemical companies Ciba and Sandoz, which have since merged to form Novartis, and Hoffmann-LaRoche, now known as Roche Holding, that operated branch plants in Germany just across the Swiss border opposite to Basel (5).

Novartis was created in 1996 through a merger of Ciba-Geigy and Sandoz. Novartis and its predecessor companies trace their roots back more than 250 years (6). Sandoz can trace its origins to a small chemical company in Basel, Switzerland, that in 1886 was called Kern and Sandoz (7). A Swiss chemist at the Sandoz Corporation named Albert Hoffman who in 1938 synthesized lysergic acid diethalyamide, or LSD for short. Sandoz supplied LSD to the “Psilocybin Project” on mind control at Harvard University lead by George Soros LSD/Marijuana clinical psychologist Dr. Timothy Leary (8)(9).

One of the commission reports focused on slave labor, concluding that Roche and other Swiss companies used such labor at their German sites. Many companies have since admitted that slave labor had been used at their German sites and have paid compensation. Novartis and Roche contributed to the $1.25 billion settlement in 1998 that banks organized to settle the Holocaust account claims. The directors of these Swiss companies were very well aware of what was going on at the time, and had knowledge of the slave laborers and knew that some laborers died as a result of the conditions in which they were held. In a company statement, Novartis stated that its predecessor companies made decisions that could be considered “ethically and morally dubious when viewed from today’s perspective (10)(11).”

Swiss chemical companies also knew that their products were being used for medical experiments carried out on prisoners of war and on concentration camp inmates. Roche, for example, actually participated in research studies conducted by the German Navy, while Sandoz was aware of the research studies carried out on epileptic patients murdered by the Nazis (11). Ciba knew that its products were being employed in experiments conducted on young women, who were contaminated with various infections and who were exposed to disinfectant materials in order to test the effectiveness of those materials. Some of these victims either died in the course of the experiments, while others were executed at a later stage (11)(12).


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