Soros Marijuana Movement Part Three: Jade Maple Is George Soros’ GATEWAY For Pot Legislation In Canada

Continued from Soros Marijuana Movement Part Two: The “Green” Behind Maxime Bernier

George Soros is using Marijuana legalization and crypto currency to engineer the coming financial systems of the New World Order. George Soros has enacted a network of propaganda in order to push his agenda. It is clear that Soros has used his shell companies, and holding companies to get behind Dan Dicks. Dan Dicks promotes Soros based Weed and crypto companies. Those companies are all listed under Rothschild LLC’s. Does Dan not know he serves the Rothschilds? Has our Bilderberg hero has gone shill?

So who are the people behind these Canadian cannabis companies? And who finances them? We decided to start with Jade Maple Corporate Services whose director Tanya Ceperley is also the director for Press For Truth.

Jade Maple Corporate Services Inc. is a media and communications company serving the emerging cannabis industry. Based in Vancouver, the company specifically aims to help entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry by offering financial planning, accounting, legal, technology etc. to entrepreneurs who enter the cannabis industry (2)(3). Jade Maple works closely with the Cannabis Growers of Canada and the Cannabis Media Network to promote the marijuana industry (1). Its primary objects are mobilization, awareness and lobbying for the cannabis industry that is still largely underground and seeks to build its legitimacy.

Cannabis Growers of Canada: The main objectives of the Cannabis Growers of Canada centers around market development for a number of small and medium sized producers,(84)(42) many of them already exist and are illegal. (43) They are opposed to a licensing system by Health Canada that would minimize and control the number of players in the market. However, the site of this association does not explain how the market could avoid being quickly swallowed up by big players especial U.S. investors (84). City Cannabis Co. (formerly VanCity Weed)(44)(45) for example, was just recently bought by Wildflower Brands Inc. a company out of California with offices in the UK and Spain. (46)(47)(48)

The Soros Marijuana Movement In Canada

Cannabis Media Network:Is an online media networkwas just launched by the CNLS Media Network (4), a leading online provider of audio and videos broadcasts used by journalists as well as personal and collective digital marketing whose mission is, “to enhance and empower the individual while providing information and ideas that enrich and enlighten society.” (5) CNLS Media is founded and partly owned by Nick Gelso who is also the founder and CEO of North Station Media, Media 59, CLNS Radio, and Beats and Eats a top-rated iTunes pop-culture podcast. (6)(7)(8) CNLS Media Network hosts several podcasts that cater to democratic liberal views: Empowered Women Empower Women, Guns Wont Make US Great Again, F*CK ICE, Millennial Struggles, Kavanaugh Taylor Swift & Kanye West, Diversity & Representation, A Woman’s Right to Choose (9). CNLS also hosted “Behind the Media” with Dan Lothian (a former White House Correspondent under Obama): “CNN Anderson Cooper Taunts Donald Trump”. (10) Dan Lothian also appeared on Nick GelsoBeats and Eats” to discuss challenges journalists are facing covering the Trump presidency (aka Let’s Bash Trump Hour) where they made disparaging remarks against Donald Trump suggesting he was encouraging mobs and discrediting reporters and damaging the credibility of CNN which was struggling after being called “Fake News” .(11)

The following individuals are listed as contacts at Jade Maple: (FIGURE #1) (12)

Figure #1: Jade Maple Corporate Services Contact List

Redman Weissenberger is Chairman, Executive Director and a Founding Director of the Ludwig von Mises Institute of Canada one of the Mises Institutes now operating in over 20 countries. In 1940 Ludwig von Mises, an Austrian school economist, came to the US with the help of the Rockefeller Foundation – the same people who created the United Nations, World Bank, and IMF; the same people behind Standard Oil, ExxonMobil, the Federal Reserve, and Chase Bank; the same people behind the eugenics program in America. A libertarian academic organization, the Ludwig von Mises Institute, is named in his honor. (70)(71)(72) David Rockefeller himself  was quoted “Finally, in his most surprising statement, he revealed he considers himself a follower of the Austrian school of economics. (71). The Libertarian Movement is strongly influenced by the Misses Institute. (72). Ludwig von Mises was also founder of the Mont Pelerin Society has close ties to the network of think tanks sponsored in part by the Atlas Economic Research Foundation which are funded by the Koch Brothers. (73)(74)

The Mises Institute is an American alt-right libertarian think tank composed of anarcho-capitalists that are anti-nationalists, advocate for free markets and the elimination of a central government. The group condemns charity, as being “undeniably harmful” since it disrupts the “survival of the fittest” thereby obstructing the evolution of the human species. (13)(14)(15) This group does not support Donald Trump, in fact they refer to him as a racist, a nationalist and protectionist: (16)

  1. The racism and nationalism that characterize the Trump campaign also help to undermine peaceful social cooperation, 
  2. The old-fashioned protectionism that Trump espouses is completely antithetical to the free trade doctrines of Mises.
  3. The politics of Trump’s protectionism will create a privileged class that exploits the productive members of society. 
  4. Trump’s enthusiasm for government control of immigration means abrogating property rights and labor markets, which… are vital in the struggle of free trade between people.

The institute also defends immigration: (17)

Immigration restrictions, then, are un-economic impediments on labor in the same manner as restrictions on goods. They operate to keep wages artificially high, just like protective tariffs.”

The Institute also defends a competitive market for human organs, including from living people.(18) Also, parents are not required to feed or clothe their babies and have the right to abandon their babies to death, especially if they are deformed and they have the right to sell their babies in the open market.(19) (Yup. Libertarian Principles 101: We had to read the articles over twice!)

Further research revealed that Chris Horlacher serves as the Vice-Chairman of the Ludwig von Mises Institute of Canada a think tank focused on Austrian Economics. (116)

Dan Dicks has reported on the Misses Institute philosophy; December 4, 2014 story: “The Free Market in Medicinal Pot: An “Austrian” Perspective on Harper’s Licensed Producers”(20) and June 1, 2018 story: “Ron Paul on the War on Cash, Cryptocurrencies, and the Deep State.”(21) and story on December 30, 2014: “The Real Sons of Anarchy.” (22)

This is the think tank behind Press For Truth who endorses Maxime Bernier (63). These beliefs are in direct contradiction to what Maxime Bernier is selling his PPC followers. They are: Anti-Trump, Anti-Nationalism and Pro-immigration! Wake up fellow patriots. You’re being scammed!

Brent Constantin is a writer and editor living in Vancouver and has held media positions in a number of media outlets in Canada including the CBC.(23) Brent also works as a constituency assistant for Liberal MP Terry Beech (Nainaimo BC) (24)(25) Terry Beech is very popular with Justin Trudeau and is building an extensive portfolio as parliamentary secretary to Minister of Science, Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, and Minister of Transport. He authored “Our Government’s Work on Climate Change and the Environment” and brought his infant daughter to a “Climate Change” debate at the House of Commons. (26)(27) Terry Beech, who praised Justin Trudeau’s apology, is still standing behind Prime Minister after multiple images emerged showing him in racist “Blackface” and “Brown face”.(28) So is Maxime Bernier a Liberal plant after all?

Jade Maple Corporate Services also has Hollywood elite endorsing its services such as: Andrew Weil, a world-renowned leader in alternative medicine and advocate for cannabis use. (29)(30) He was also a student at Harvard and was involved in Timothy Leary’s LSD project and is involved promoting psychedelics with the George Soros funded MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) (31)(32)(33)(34); Stephen King award winning author and cannabis advocate whose twitter attacks on Trump have been relentless since he won the presidency (35)(36); Kevin O’Leary, “Mr. Wonderful” from the Dragons Den, who backed Maxime Bernier in the Conservative leadership campaign then swore he would have nothing to do with him nor his party.(37) O’Leary is the son of a United Nations ILO (International Labour Organization) official. The ILO worked with the UN Global Compact since it’s launch in 1999. (66) (67)(68) During the CPC leadership race O’Leary described his social policies as “very liberal”, supported doctor assisted suicide, supported ending air strikes on ISIS in Syria, and proposed creating a “fast track” to citizenship for educated immigrants and their families.(64)(65)

Figure #2: Dragons Den Kevin O’Leary is listed as a contact at Jade Maple Corporate Services and he also provides an endorsement for their website (38)
Tanya Ceperley also opened up a numbered corporation company 9050353 Canada Inc. on October 14, 2014 at the same time as Jade Maple Corporate Services and at the same address. (85) (FIGURE #3) Further research revealed that this numbered company was the lobbying arm for this organization and the registered lobbiest was Chris Horlacher who was listed as “President and CEO” of Jade Maple. Registration information shows that 9050353 Canada Inc. is the “Parent Company” of “Jade Maple Corporate Services” and that “Jade Maple Corporate Services does not have any subsidiaries that could have a direct interest in the outcome of the undertaking.” (86) (FIGURE #4)
FIGURE #3: 9050353 Canada Inc. Tanya Ceperley Director
FIGURE #4: Lobby Canada Report: 9050353 Canada Inc. listed as parent company representing Jade Maple Corporate Services Chris Horlacher listed as “President and CEO”

Further research revealed that Chris Horlacher is also CEO for a peer-to-peer decentralized security platform called Equibit Group which has designed and built its own block chain they call Equibit. (87) There are two Equibit registered companies; Equibit Group Ltd in Canada (88) and Equibit Group AG in Switzerland (89) and were previously known as Equibit Development Corporation (90) (91) Their goal is: “Our vision is for the world of finance to move onto the internet with massive public blockchains acting as the registration systems.” (92)(93)

The chief operating officer and founder for Equibit Group is Nathan Wosnack (94) who is also founder and president of Ubitquity LLC, on the advisory board of Crypto Trust Inc. and the Lifeboat Foundation. (FIGURE #5) Innovators in the cannabis industry are using blockchain-linked social networks to create solutions for countless unbanked dispensary owners. Both the marijuana industry and the blockchain industry saw a huge increase in profits since legalization. Investors such as Vancouver financier Frank Giustra for example, have gained huge returns in this sector, by backing Hive Blockchain Technologies Ltd. (95)(96)

FIGURE #5: Team at Equibit Group

Ubitquity LLC offers blockchain technology and is registered in Delaware. (FIGURE #6) While the company is focused on real estate it offers services to retailers mainly in Asia, North America and Latin American Markets. Nathan Wosnack founded the “Blockchain Factory” a firm specialized in blockchain development, cryptocurrency project management and mining support and from there Ubitquity LLC was born. (97)(98)(99)(100)(90)

“Being able to decentralize power and democratize access to opportunity, like within capital markets, is a clear motivator for him” (98)

Chris Horlacher director of Equibit Group is also president of Jade Maple Corporate Services, and one of the founding members of the Cannabis Growers of Canada (CGC) that represent small- and medium-sized cannabis growers. (101) He says there is frustration and fear that the federal government will simply allow already established legal medical marijuana suppliers to take over the recreational marketplace:

“The government has created this brand new camp that is trying to gain its share of the market and they don’t necessarily understand the product, the culture. We have all these people who are actually newcomers who don’t have any experience with the product and now they’re saying: ‘We’re the legitimate ones and you’re the evil profiteers.'” (101)

Equibit Group has decentralized capital markets by creating the world’s first peer-to-peer equity and debt marketplace, powered by a cryptocurrency similar to bitcoin called Equibits, or EQB. (102) Equibit Group was incorporated September 17, 2015 and Ubitquity LLC was incorporated September 15 2015 and is registered by United States Corporation Agents Inc.(FIGURE #6) (103) (104). Recently the bank of Canada just announced that they are considering launching a digital currency that would replace cash and track how people spend their money. (105) They brought in the weed now they’re bringing in the crypto! Who needs government or cash when you have Blockchain and bitcoin, right?

FIGURE #6: Registered Addresses of Ubitquity LLC in Wilmington Delaware.

Further research revealed that United States Corporation Agents Inc. is a network of “registered agents” (e.g. may be a company officer, employee or third party such as the organizations lawyer) (106) There are several United States Corporation Agents Inc. throughout the United States. The oldest company we found was located in California, incorporated in 2003 and the directors/officers listed were LegalZoom.com Inc; (FIGURE #7) (1 an online legal technology group described as a disruptor in the legal services market because they use technology to make legal services accessible for companies.
(107). Edward R. Hartman is a founder of LegalZoom.com and he is also a founder of Reuters “Legal Executive Institute” (108) This institute brings together legal networks and provides guidance, support and practice management to lawyers and law firms. The Thomas Reuters “Legal Executive Institute” has partnered with the Reuters Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation to implement the sustainable development goals for the United Nations. (109)

FIGURE #7: United States Corporation Agents Inc. registered with LegalZoom.com Inc. in 2003.

Our research revealed that in 1925 there existed the United States Corporation Company that served this exact same purpose as the United States Corporation Agents Inc., with legal agents responsible for the incorporation of companies, at specific locations throughout the United States that bypassed formal ownership listings, and incorporated at Wilmington Delaware. We propose that they are one and the same and we believe them to be United States Inc. (110)

HISTORY: In 1851 Reuters was founded by Paul Julius von Reuter born Israel Beer Josaphat in 1816 at Kassel the capital of Hesse-Kassel (Germany) in the same village as Mayer Amschel Rothschild (born Mayer Amschel Bauer).(111)(112)(113) Rothschild is said to have become a close associate of Prince William IX of Hanau (one of the riches royal houses in Europe). In 1776, Rothschild created the “illuminati doctrine” and entrusted Adam Weishaupt with its organization; the doctrine is the “New Order” for the human race under Lucifer and his followers. (111) Paul Julius von Reuter headed the news agency till 1878. By 1914 the Rothschilds controlled Reuters (115) To celebrate the 150 years of Reuters, Edmund L. De Rothschild inaugurated a statue in honour of Paul Julius von Reuters in London. (FIGURE #8) (113)(114)

FIGURE #8: Statue erected in Paul Julius von Reuters honour by Edmund L. De Rothschild in 1976.

What we have here is an online alternative media news network, running an anti-globalism and anti-one world government platform, endorsing a movement largely championed by George Soros and the United Nations. Are they in league with the very same globalists their online followers oppose? Are they knowingly promoting a marijuana movement that has been largely directed by globalist extraordinaire George Soros himself? The same George Soros who is mobilizing our youth on the internet to support this “Green Movement” while impairing them at the same time? And if so how many online networks have been infiltrated to push forward Agenda 2030? We don’t have any answers but Mr. Dicks definitely need to address this issue with his followers.

Legalization did not get rid of the black market economy but rather helped to launch it on the internet. The internet has become George Soros haven for drug dealers and despots. And you know things are getting really bad when large licensed suppliers of medicinal marijuana like Evergreen Medicinal Supply Inc. turns to the black market for sales.(51) PharmaCan Capital Corp part owner of Evergreen Medicinal Supply(52) is the Cronos Group Inc., (53) a global leader in Cannabis products with international distribution! (54). And they are not the only ones; CannTrust Holdings a large Cannabis grower in Ontario was recently caught for growing marijuana in 5 unlicensed rooms. (55) CannTrust Holdings partner is Apotex Pharmaceuticals. (56) The marijuana corporations have become the drug dealers! These big industry players are a lot more powerful than the small dealers in the black market; they have the resources to acquire land and develop strains far more potent and toxic to children and youth than those already in circulation. Just like the Opioid black market is selling our kids contaminated Fentanyl, marijuana can be potentially far more lethal because it has become acceptable. I’ve often asked myself, why would a drug dealer want to kill its consumer? Well now you know.

Big Pharma Cannabis Distributors Linked to Hitler’s Nazi Germany

George Soros is using Marijuana legalization and crypto currency to engineer the coming financial systems of the New World Order. George Soros has enacted a system of activism in order to push his agenda. It is clear that Soros has used his shell companies, and holding companies to get behind Dan Dicks. Dan Dicks promotes Soros based Weed and crypto companies. Those companies are all listed under Rothschild LLC’s. Does Dan not know he serves the Rothschilds? Has our Bilderberg hero has gone shill?


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