CIA Culture Wars and the “Q” Drop Phenomenon

February 18, 2020

This YouTube channel has since been sent to the phantom zone. It’s been memory holed. Too much truth for the globalist masters to handle.

So, we turn to Bitchute…


Message from QFAN – Even if Q is totally a psyop, it’s waking up millions and millions of people. I’m totally on the fence about Q for about the last 6 months…. but I’m still hopeful something good is happening behind the scenes.

But really, Q eventually led me to learn about the Zionists and a ton of other things and I know I’m not the only one.

Brendon you seem to make fun of any Q followers but you give zero effort in explaining your stance on why you’re so certain Q is a joke. Learning all these different truths about the massive corruption that’s been happening for hundreds of years is incredibly confusing to so many people… and yet you claim to want to help people learn the truth but give a shitty effort to teach people about Q…

Do you see how this can look suspicious to some people?


Q = no solution. Q is a product of Steve Bannon et.al. Q does the “heavy lifting” on the “Zionist/Conspiracy” question. Adam Green does the heavy lifting on the “Jewish Question”. Why? Because part of the Zionist plan is to get American Jews to Israel – especially white Jews, highly educated who will vote for Netanyahu etc. And run the high technology sector that is being rapidly shifted from the United States – this is a national emergency. And “Q” says…[cue rolling spinifex and blowing wind down dusty street.] “Q” says nothing.

Greater Israel cannot happen without mass migration of Jews from the United States and Europe. Do you get it?

Silicon Valley and California is being emptied of high tech. It is moving to Silicon Wadi (Israel) and New York, east coast where it can be directly controlled by the Russian Jewish Israeli mafia – “Moscow on the Hudson”.

A possible calamity in California may be on the way – the splitting up of the United States into four separate, easily-controlled areas à la “The Turner Diaries”.

The high tech sector will be consolidated on the east coast, New York and Chicago rust belt. White Nationalist parties will gain ground in California. Maybe Adam Green will run. They will be well-funded – all from Robert Mercer et.al.

The aim is to ghettoize, isolate, separate, and consolidate along racial and ethnic lines.

ANONYMOUS groups and people are ALWAYS “them”. The truth is easy, you don’t need silly pretenses and riddles – it’s mind control, advertising and marketing garbage. You don’t GET millions of followers when you are the organic real deal – your life is miserable. You get no views. You are hacked night and day. You are stalked and harassed. Your kids are propositioned by drug dealers. Pedophiles stalk your nieces to school. Your house is broken into. Your cars trashed. Your bank accounts and Pay pal taken away.

You are either a congenitally stupid idiot, extremely naive, or one of them. I pick extremely naive. I have been around 20+ years of this. I have spoken to all the top people and I knew the serious players from the early to mid 2000’s. I knew a time of excellent debate, publishable forum posts with facts and figures written by professional journalists using the “then” anonymous internet. I remember university professors and media stars posting anonymously. And now we have “Q Sh*t”. Its SH*T. Do you understand? I am trying to stop you eating SH*T.

They gave us YouTube – and they took it away. They got rid of ALL the best players. Then they filled it with fake, vacuous, entertainment alien Q lost city of Atlantis SH*T. You have never eaten organic. You are a child of McDonalds SH*T. You don’t know any better.

Watch CIA CULTURE WARS and “maybe” you will get it. My final advice to you – STOP EATING SH*T AND CALLING IT CHOCOLATE MUD CAKE. Watch… The Secret CIA Campaign to Influence Culture: Covert Cultural Operations (2000)

ADDITION – “Q” is part of the Steve BANNON, Dr Steve PIECZENIK psychological warfare operation run along with Robert MERCER, Benjamin NETANYAHU, Cambridge Analytica (Now EMERDATA) and AGGREGATE I.Q. Both worked at Goldman Sachs. Both are Hollywood screen writers and producers and both have worked in psychological warfare. You are a retarded idiot man child [slap]. You are a moron [slap]. You are that toddler who finds a pot plant and sees the sheep sh*t fertilizer and thinks it’s chocolate candy [slap] and I have to slap the sh*t out of your hand before you put it in your mouth. Right now your face is covered in sheep sh*t and you are going “yummy”.

People at LIBERTY FORUM woke people up. People at NOLAJBS. Ezra Pound, Eustace Mullins, Ted and Alyn Pike, Bill Cooper, Colonel Sabot, Kay Griggs, Ernst Zundel, Germar Rudolf, Fred Leuchter, The Skunk, Danial Hopsicker, Daryl Bradford Smith, David Cole, Israel Shamir, Dr Israel Shahak, and on and on and on and on…

And whats the common denominator with all of these people? Endless harassment, death threats, physical attacks, jail, job loss and obscurity. Ala, East Germany and the Soviet Union.

And then there is “Q”.

The horse bolted. A lot of people gave everything, including their lives to get it out there – true heroes. And once the horse bolts, along come the opportunists, tourists, Nigerian E Begging Scammers, the psychological operators to appeal to you, grab your attention, flirt with you, divert you, re-position your attention, forming fake groups, fake channels, fake websites, fake issues.

They have huge funds, thousands of directly employed people and tens of thousands of associates and camp followers. It is a science. Just because a prostitute says you are handsome, does not mean she is telling the truth. Someone telling you what you want to hear while they slip the knife in is standard practice.

You need to study Co-Intel Pro and the break up of the Black Panther Party – there is your archetypal model.

These are professional people – and you are the sucker, the “john”, the lumpen proletariat.

The entire internet is a cesspool of sh*t with zero solutions. If you want to mix alien sh*t with blood-drinking lizards with a little studio and some fancy graphics and a good sound mic you will do well. If you want to organize, lobby, stick to facts and produce materials you can take to the managerial class with a business plan of action and coordinating diverse people into action….you will find your life extremely difficult.

Alex Jones was told in 2008 he could continue doing his show and making money, BUT, he could not “organise” or provide platforms for his audience to organise. This was at the height of his drug and prostitute use hanging out in LA with Gary BUSEY and Charlie SHEEN. Jones now clears $40,000USD a week, in his pocket. His supplement line was started by Dr Stephen PIECZENIK – devote of Henry KISSINGER, psychological warfare operator and Goldman Sachs executive and CFR member.

You just do not get it do you?

Post 2008 financial crisis they knew a public backlash storm was coming – they created the opposition to divert the anger and possible physical action into a harmless world wrestling federation show – it’s all fake. Left/Right – Trump/Hillary etc…

All the while the US high technology base is pilfered and the Republic dangles by a thread while you jerk off to your horse puckey “Q” show. You are an ignorant fool at best. Cease and desist.

Lets see the anonymous “Q” tell the American public Intel is dead and Israel did it. Let “Q” explain the catastrophe of China getting their hands on AMD and Taiwan Semiconductor…COME ON! You dumb ass! Get your messiah to tell the truth…never gonna happen.

Only desperate infantile shallow retarded monkeys take “Q” seriously. Weak and desperate people – – – and Robert MERCER, Steve BANNON, Benjamin NETANYAHU and Steve PIECZENIK know just how to channel the desperate sheep.

4 thoughts on “CIA Culture Wars and the “Q” Drop Phenomenon

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  2. Brendan, I watched The Secret CIA Campaign to Influence Culture: Covert Cultural Operations (2000). as you suggested. Although interesting, nothing in it seemed to relate to anything that you said. It was about a collection of authors feeding at the CIA trough, something unrelated to online disinformation campaigns.
    You suggestion seems to be that Steve Bannon and Steve Pieczenik etc have produced a CIA disinformation campaign called Qanon which attempts to hobble any anti-Deep-State movement by associating it with crazy sh*t, as you would call it, such as the hypothesis of a Satanic elite.
    Could you perhaps clarify your exact claim about the Qanon movement dispassionately and in specific detail? It is unclear to me from your article exactly what your claim or hypothesis is.
    In particular, how does it protect the CIA and the Deep State to incite a world-wide grassroots movement to smash the CIA and the Deep State? I guess that’s really what I am having trouble with here….

  3. I tend to think of him as a compromised individual.. much like Ken O’Keefe and Max Igan and others .. Its easy to be doom and gloom in this timeline.. but I choose not to be .. at least he did highlight Niki Raapana’s work at ACL Books .. http://nord.twu.net/acl/ebookdownload/2020_ebook.pdf .. I found Niki in about 2012 or so .. excellent intel with her daughter Nordica Friedrich, they experienced “Sustainable Seattle” in the 1990s – a test zone for the ‘community policing’ and their book has been suppressed, as has Joan Veon.. Alex Jones never promoted these three women but instead chose to put Rosa Koire out there as the poster girl against UN Agenda 21 .. she was a complete fraud who has been exposed by Niki Raapana but like a lot of stories it was buried too .. by the gatekeepers we all know so well by now in 2020… I’d prefer not to be pulled into their dark terminator timeline. Information is power.. http://nikiraapana.blogspot.com/2013/12/behind-green-mask-of-rosa-koire.html … we can all help one another through this ” RESET ” as I’m calling it.
    Stay vigilant and stay connected with the information NOT promoted by Alex Jones.
    Canada has some different rules to play by.. namely we are part of the Monarchy’s domain – a fake monarchy that is coming down now.. http://kingof.uk – read the filed docs and get the timeline info you need to prepare yourself and your families, businesses, etc.

  4. I agree Q is CIA disinformation or a basement dweller LARP. Can’t be bothered to research it because it’s just SO stupid and cult-like it bores me. So we agree on that.
    Excuse me for asking the obvious but what are YOUR solutions? Trump and Steve Bannon are actually implementing a strategy. Their lives don’t look exactly easy. I don’t fully trust Jones and Dr Pecienik, I know they are a psy op however not feeling they have bad intentions. I do believe Jones is Bill Hicks. His teeth, ears and hands are too much coincidence and I occasionally hear Bill Hicks comedic style. Pancreatic cancer death at 31 is such an anomaly. Nobody is perfect so all of these patriots are going to make mistakes.
    My issue is your position seems to be one of total despair and alienation. Your claim is the world is totally controlled by this all powerful Jew group and nobody good has any chance. Wow. I am part Jewish and wondering why nobody has invited me to this secret all powerful club yet. How demoralizing. Something “they” would surely approve of….

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