Canada’s NWOs Police State is Here!

As predicted, the “Freedom Convoy” has snowballed into an “unprecedented crisis” that will usher in the NWO. As we speak, government authorities are implementing plans to control the situation using police, military and foreign partners. Canada will soon be the first Western nation to fall victim to the NWO but this domino effect will not stop there! Australia, the UK, the Netherlands, Italy and many others promoting a convoy will fail! This was but the spark that lit the flame to the NWOs purple revolution!

The UN and its peacekeeping forces will soon be upon us under the “Responsibility to Protect” (R2P) mandates, endorsed and ratified in 2005. R2P gives legal authority to the UN military to enter and intervene in a sovereign state during a humanitarian crisis. The NWO wanted a crisis, so they created the crisis and now they will implement and enforce their solution to this crisis.

For those who are unfamiliar with the R2P documents please read this article:

PPC Convoy To Civil War: The UN Takeover Begins!

Who supplies the UN with Military personnel? Not only does China provides more than 90% of all UN’s Military soldiers and police, they also train in China. Should a UN peace-keeping mission to Canada materialize rest assured that this will be a Chinese-led military! Should the west fall, our future has already been placed in the hands of United Nations whose membership consists of many despot nations, many Islamic with dictators that do not embrace civil liberties, human rights and individual freedoms! And a lot of these nations have already pledged allegiance to China including the Al Qaeda-led Afghanistan! The NWO will be implemented under the false pretense that they are UN peace keeping missions.

FYI: It’s already written in stone! Canada’s Prime Minister is a member of the United Nations Parliamentary Assembly (UNPA). Furthermore, this video confirms that the NWO will be implemented using UN Peace-Keeping troops:

UN Police Training Center is in… China!

  • Most of our Canadian politicians have already openly praised the China’s communist regime! Justin Trudeau, like his father before him, has openly praised his admiration for China.
  • Let’s not forget “Controlled Opposition” PPC Leader Maxime Bernier: According to him “China has less government and more freedom” than Canada!
  • The Liberals were not the only ones involved! Harper sold out Canada to China through the FIPA agreement which was signed in 2012, written by Erin O’Toole’s law firm and later ratified by the Trudeau government all the while supported and endorsed by the Desmarais Power Corporations Canada-China Business Council! China will now own many of our resources and dictate the economy for the next 31 years! Stop fooling yourself: Politicians with loyalties to China have already infiltrated our corporations and government and what you perceive to be our government is in actuality Canada Inc. Huawei is already a done deal. Canada has unofficially become Taiwan overnight! Without your involvement or consent!

Elizabeth May says Canada’s sovereignty has already been sold to China… its too late… this is when they were debating Huawei…

Minister of Foreign Affairs now Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry: Francois-Philippe Champagne Calls China “Inclusive” and a “beacon of rule-based system.” He owes China 1.2 million dollars!

Operation Sidewinder: The Chinese Invasion of Canada

What’s going on in Canada? This is todays February 4, 2022 Ottawa Police Chief Presser. For convenience I have provided a summary:

  • Police calls protests unlawful is are implementing a new “surge and contain cycle” on the down town core. It will consist of three parts to be implemented by police and other partners:
  • 1. Deploying an additional 150 police officers to patrol the area. The surge will deliver a clear message to demonstrators that protests must end. These officers and their partners will deliver a clear message to the demonstrators that lawlessness must end.
  • 2. An expansion of the perimeter in front of the parliament buildings called the red zone. They will be putting up concrete barriers on road ways and bridges to isolate the downtown core and protestors. The police, the City of Ottawa and their partners will set up this perimeter. They are closing all interprovincial bridges and road ways.
  • 3. Enhanced intelligence Investigation and surveillance operations to target protestors and supporters who are funding and enabling this protest. These intel teams are being formed from National, provincial and local agencies will be involved. are collecting financial, digital, insurance status.
  • Primary focus will include both protestors and counter-protestors. Protests in the red zone are unresolved.
  • The demonstrators in the red zone are highly organized and well funded and resistant to ending these protests. Protests are volatile and very dangerous.
  • They are working with National Security Agencies, OPP, RCMP, and all levels of government, all parts of civil society.
  • They have gathered new evidence, secured new allies to bring the protests to an end.
  • The number of trucks have reduced off significantly and the number or protestors. Some arrests have been made.
  • Evidence has been gathered criminal code offenses will continue and will be ongoing. There is no statute of limitation on criminal investigations. Every option is on the table.
  • They will step up investigations efforts and hold to account both protestors and their funders.
  • An Ottawa resident was arrested , an individual who may have wanted to be involved either directly or indirectly with the protest. He was arrested before going to the protest. Do not bring firearms or weapons do not break the law you will be held to account.
  • Intelligence information with their partners is being tracked and they anticipate between 300-400 trucks attempting to enter the protest area and between 1-2,000 people will join protest as well as 1000 people that are counter-protestors. They will be investigating weapons movement.
  • The Charter of Rights will prevent them from blocking off restriction of participants to the downtown core. These protests will lead to a “higher price to pay” there will be more closures.
  • Last weekend there were thousands of trucks and demonstrators. we are implementing a number of tactical efforts. There will be more on-duty officers. Officers have received “zero tolerance” directives with full authority to enforce traffic violations, mischief, hate crimes, harassment, spiffing, intimidation and/or menacing behaviour.
  • We will focus on unlawful behaviour. The ongoing occupation of the red-zone remains unresolved.
  • Working with partners to gather intelligence to gather real-time intelligence information: expect to see an increase in vehicle traffic, several protestors and counter protestors will gather in the red-zone. On the ground and national investigation teams will be collecting any and all wrong-doing in the city. They will be looking at all digital information, social media. They will investigate you, they will find you and they will charge you.
  • This is an unprecedented event. The level of organization funding and commitment is huge. There are two operation centers in Ottawa and several across the country. These protestors are well organized. There is logistics support, legal support, food, fuel support and funding coming in locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Officers are not involved in food, water, fuel support or logistics to these protestors. Should we become aware of police involvement we will use our full powers and the criminal code against members who are involved.
  • This has impacted everyone. New intelligence everyday. National and international security agencies are involved in intel gathering. We have allies across all levels of government and civil society.
  • “The very first question asked of the media: Chief, how will you stop what happened on January 6 in Washington DC, 2020? and i gotta tell you, that was stopped” that is the last statement of the press conference, after the chief got emotional and claimed he’s receiving multiple death threats, as are members of all levels of government.
  • Questions: Who are these partners? Which agencies are they working with? What civil society agencies?

Trudeau Appoints General to Rollout Vaccine: Military Contracts NSA’s Palantir!

Doug Ford Enlists Military for Vaccine Rollout: The NSA, Palantir, Team Rubicon, Clinton Foundation may be Tracking You!

Here is Keith Wilson, a Constitutional and Human Rights lawyer who is currently challenging travel mandates against the Canadian government. You really need to watch this:




February 4, 2022 RCMP Ultimatum to blockade in Coutes Alberta:

Update: And here it is! The Trudeau government refuses to communicate with the protestors or address their demands. The RCMP was instructed to draw the line in the sand. All protestors refusing to leave will be arrested and their trucks confiscated by the crown. The problem with Trudeau’s ultimatum is that Canada is already facing a trucking shortage. Furthermore, Tow truck drivers stand in solidarity with the truckers. So how will those trucks be towed? How will supply chains be reassumed if there are no trucks and drivers?

Arrests coming. Indefinite detainment. Vehicles seized permanently by Crown. People… go home now!

You see… the governments intention was always to create a humanitarian crisis and they will achieve it regardless if the truckers are there or not! All western countries have now followed the NWOs narrative and are organizing their own convoys; all orchestrated by “Controlled Opposition” in league with corporations and the government. This convoy took months of planning. It wasn’t organized in a few weeks. Take a look at the Toronto Convoy; farmers are already there with their tractors all in nice rows together! You need flat beds and weeks or organization for that unless of course a Corporation sent it’s tractors and drivers there! Encourage the truckers to return to their families and prepare for the Humanitarian crisis that is coming regardless of this convoy or not!


City of Toronto Police Presser: