Eugenics Doctors Promote Criminalization of the Unvaccinated! Will Hospitals be Administering Forced Vaccinations?

Dozens of anti-vaccine healthcare workers demonstrated outside Toronto General Hospital on Monday afternoon. An organization calling itself Canadian Frontline Nurses organized “silent vigils” for all 10 provinces as a way to protest provincial vaccine mandates and other public health measures targeting doctors and nurses who have been on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. The group said that they wanted to “stand together for informed consent and medical freedoms.”

A large police presence was present during the protest and police confirmed that:

The protestors were peaceful and that there were no reports of hospital staff or patients being obstructed and no disruption to hospital services.”

Despite the availability of “rapid testing” protocols provincial medical authorities have mandated COVID-19 vaccines for all Healthcare workers. Reports now indicate that close to 43% of Healthcare workers may leave their employment because of these mandates. This finding is confirmed by Dr. Tedros of the World Health Organization (WHO), stating the shortage in medical personnel to be “very worrisome!”

So last years’ heroes will be tomorrow’s unemployed.

What will these Doctors of the NWO put on their agenda next? Mandatory vaccinations in order to receive Healthcare Services? Oh wait… that’s already made their list!

Despite police presence maintaining the peace, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stated that if he is re-elected next week, he will make it a crime to block access to hospitals and other health care facilities, including abortion clinics. Apparently “My Body, My Choice” doesn’t apply to vaccines. But why would Trudeau demand that criminal penalties be enforced for anyone protesting in front of hospitals when laws are already in place that would prevent obstruction of services? Could it be that hospitals will be the NWO’s forced vaccination sites?

And for a Prime Minister who on the surface seems to care about the welfare and safety of our hospitals he completely did a 360 and encouraged his hecklers to stage protests in front of hospitals! Seems that the NWO puppets are becoming unhinged!


But Justin wasn’t alone in voicing his opinion. Emergency department physician Dr. Raghu Venugopal stood by himself, in his scrubs, outside Toronto General Hospital holding up a sign that said “Protect Hospitals” in an effort to counter the protesters who were opposed to COVID-19 public health measures, most of whom were his colleagues!

So who exactly is Dr. Raghu Venugopal? He seems to be a prominent figure in the news?

Venugopal serves on the Board of Directors MSF Canada (Medicines Sans Frontiers’/Doctors without Borders) which has general consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council. During the Hong Kong protests there were conflicts between the civilians and the police. Some injured protesters feared arrest if they sought medical assistance from government hospitals, and sought assistance from MSF who turned them away stating that they considered the state medical assistance to be adequate. MSF was heavily criticized by supporters of the protest who stated that they would no longer donate to MSF because they were no longer impartial and had sided with the Chinese regime.

But the story of these NWO’s eugenics doctors disguised as a medical relief front doesn’t end there. MSF wants to scale-up the COVID-19 vaccine output globally! And this is not the first time MSF has been involved in a drug trial during an outbreak.

In 1996, a severe meningitis outbreak spread through Nigeria, causing inflammation of the brain and spinal cord linings. By March, the infection had spread to 12 states and over 100,000 infected with a fatality rate of 10.7%. The outbreak, which lasted over three months, required the combined efforts of the WHO, UNICEF, UN Development Programme, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), and the International Red Cross to bring the epidemic under control.

At that time Pfizer offered an antibiotic drug called Trovan, expected to treat meningitis, but not yet approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The company administered a drug trial of Trovan and a second drug, Ceftriaxone, then a standard treatment for meningitis, to some 200 children. Pfizer maintained that they obtained prior verbal consent from all parents for the experiment but the parents and children that were affected stated otherwise. And the doctors and healthcare teams on the ground turned a blind-eye to the side effects that occurred almost immediately after vaccination.

Of the trial participants, 11 died and dozens of others were left with debilitating injuries: blindness, paralysis, deafness, and neurological deficits, which Pfizer maintained were the result of meningitis, not the drugs they administered.

In 1998, the license for Trovan was withdrawn from the European Medical Agency because of concerns over serious medical problems and multiple deaths. It was withdrawn from the US market in 1999 for the same reasons, though at the time Pfizer said trials had revealed no side effects. It appears results from the trial in Nigeria were never published. Does any of this sound familiar? It appears that Big Pharma along with their medical lackeys are now doing the exact same thing with the experimental COVID-19 vaccines! Where is the long-term safety data? Where is the informed consent? Where is the adverse effects data and why are there inconsistencies in reporting?

Dr. Raghu Venugopal is also actively soliciting for legal representation on Twitter to “protect” hospitals from future protestors. Apparently he hasn’t received the memo from Ontarians that hospitals are public institutions and don’t belong to the employees. With the hospitals filling up fast with Covid-19 patients I am surprised he even had the time to hold up a sign outside the hospital protesting his colleagues. Someone needs to inform the good doctor that he was doing so on the tax payers dime!

What’s more surprising, Dr. Venugopal even endorsed a letter to legislatures demanding protection for hospitals and healthcare workers even before the protests started! This all seems like an elaborate set up by the doctors of the NWO. The only rational for this, we believe, is that hospitals will become future forced vaccination internment camps for the unvaccinated! #GasChambersNoLongerRequired

But this NWO doctor takes his mission on forced vaccination one step further. On his Twitter feed he endorses a tweet that calls for the criminalization for those that are unvaccinated.

But the story does not end here. On September 3, 2021 Ontario announced two conditions that would make one exempt from the vaccine. The first would be an allergic reaction to a component of the vaccine such as polyethylene glycol (PEG), polysorbate 80 and/or tromethamine which must be confirmed by an allergist or immunologist. The second would be if an individual suffered myocarditis or pericarditis after the first dose of a vaccine.

Infectious Diseases Specialist Dr. Isaac Bogoch had this to say:

From a medical exception standpoint, you either had a bad reaction to the first dose, or you have an allergy to a component of the vaccine, or you have a greater risk of having a negative impact because you have an underlying heart condition.”

Who is Dr. Isaac Bogoch? He’s an infectious disease and HIV specialist who sits on the Ontario Science Table responsible for Healthcare mandates in the province. He is also Associate Director of Insights, BlueDot Inc. that incorporates public–private partnerships for global infectious disease surveillance and population mobility. It analyses “big data”, advanced analytics and digital technology using software designed by BlueDot founder Dr. Kamran Khan who also works alongside Palantir Industries; a NSA spyware company and CIA-funded data analysis company that specializes in all things law enforcement and surveillance and can track anyone and anything! Yes… Big Brother is watching you and he’s wearing a “white coat!”

Meet Issac Bogoch: Another University of Toronto “Expert” Pushing Experimental Vaccines On The Public

Doug Ford Enlists Military for Vaccine Rollout: The NSA, Palantir, Team Rubicon, Clinton Foundation may be Tracking You!

Trudeau Appoints General to Rollout Vaccine: Military Contracts NSA’s Palantir!

We also have prominent immunologist, Dr. Mariam Hanna, side-stepping these vaccine exemptions in patients with severe anaphylaxis with a history of Mast Cell Disorders, Idiopathic Anaphylaxis, Multiple Drug Allergies or a history of anaphylaxis to drug components within the vaccine that are life threatening. Dr. Hanna, allergy section chair of the Ontario Medical Association (OMA) had this to say:

The medical side of these exceptions is evolving … that’s why you can’t nail it down. To say you cannot get [a second] vaccine because you had a reaction to [the first] vaccine is really limiting. For those who are allergic to a specific component of a vaccine, there are options. You can still choose to get vaccinated under a more observed environment or with more gradual doses.”

In her Twitter feed she claims that “most” can be vaccinated safely. Wonder what her success rate is?

Who is Dr. Mariam Hanna? On the radio show “The Current” she openly admits that there has been an increase of patients asking for exemptions due to adverse reactions to the COVID-19 vaccine and states that “we hardly ever give a true medical exemption because a reaction has occurred.” Regardless, many of her patients are still refusing to take the jab.

And it appears the Dr. Hanna has no regard for using children as guinea pigs for pharmaceutical companies. Here she endorses Moderna’s experimental testing of vaccines on children aged between 6 months and 12!

On an aside, Dr. Hanna and her work colleague Dr. Douglas Mack appear to be regular experts for Trudell Medical International which is a major player in the manufacturing and sales distributions of ventilators, aero-chambers and inhalers being used world-wide for COVID-19 treatment. Furthermore, Dr. Mack is also an expert for Pfizer’s Epipen line of products. It appears that “conflict of interest” and “medical ethics” curriculum was lacking in their medical training. Our medical doctors seem to be moon-lighting as snake-oil salesmen for big pharma. Will the NWO medical establishment be enforcing vaccine mandates on those with allergies to components to the vaccine and previous reported allergic reactions to the first dose of the vaccine? What have our doctors become… the Eugenics Nazi Practitioners of WWII?

Sadly enough, all that is happening today in our COVID-19 World is not new. As world population grew during the 20th century, Eugenics was considered cutting-edge science of the time and practiced in several countries including the United States and Britain, where scientists and politicians worked together to implement ways of decreasing the number of people deemed “hereditarily weak”.

Eugenicists believed that the state should be empowered, by statute, to control reproduction by whole classes of people they deemed genetically inferior. They focused on segregating the “feebly inherited” in mental institutions, ultimately seeking the legal remedy of compulsory sterilization. The United States was at the forefront of the Eugenics movement and initiated involuntary sterilization through laws often drafted by physicians. The medical establishment itself became the cesspool of the global elite that sanctioned these programs. The earliest sterilization act was enforced in Indiana in 1907 which allowed the sterilization of “social misfits“; most states in the USA followed suit and so did several countries, with similar political regimes.  By 1926, 23 states had involuntary sterilization laws motivated primarily by eugenic ideas. The US eugenics programs served as models for the early eugenic initiatives promoted in Germany, Though the Nazi regime later made eugenics infamous through mass genocide.

Hitler’s Mein Kampf was known for its promotion of eugenic ideas, and was preceded by a number of legal sanctions and acts that developed the scope of eugenics to include eradicating diseases, disabilities, mental illnesses, and, finally, whole races. Doctors in Germany became tightly integrated with the Nazi Party and supported its ideals. Patients were sent to eugenic health courts by their primary care doctors; further integrating the State and doctors into Germany’s eugenic mission:

A systematic program of “euthanasia” of “unfit” children and adults became official policy in Germany in 1939 when Hitler issued a decree commissioning doctors to perform “mercy killings” on those who were judged “incurably sick by medical examination.” It was thought that the killing of the very young, newborns, and children up to age 3 or 4 years, would be considered the most “natural” or acceptable, and so the “euthanasia” program began with the killing of children. These first “mercy death[s]” involved “5,000 children killed by starvation, exposure in unheated wards, or the administration of cyanide, chemical warfare agents, or other poisons.” The program was then expanded to include adults in mental hospitals in accordance with the decree issued by Hitler in October 1939.”

The doctors and administrators responsible for carrying out the program created a medicalized structure for each step of the killing process…. The killing was usually ordered by the supervising doctor and often was done by repeated dosages of strong sedatives or morphine. False death certificates were then issued; the cause of death usually listed an ordinary disease… Thus, from the reporting of hereditarily ill children and adults to the killing operation itself, the whole “euthanasia” program was a medical procedure administered by medical personnel. In total, between 200 000 and 300 000 people were killed under T4, 14F13, and other related “euthanasia” programs“.

The atrocities performed by doctors serving the Nazi “Eugenics and Euthanasia Programs” exemplify how small steps along a slippery slope can lead to crimes against humanity. The Nazi doctors gradually progressed from “eugenic sterilization” to child and adult “euthanasia” and ultimately to murder and genocide. All justified by government, healthcare authorities and practitioners as “healing work” and “death assistance,”

Similar trends are manifesting themselves with contemporary euthanasia, now legally sanctioned in several countries, which also began by facilitating a “good death” in dying patients who were terminal ill and in pain. Euthanasia has now forged a head to the non-terminally ill; those with chronic disease, chronic pain, reversible treatable disease, and mental health conditions such as depression. In addition, there has been a progression from voluntary euthanasia to advance directives or previous statements made in cases such as dementia thus expanding assisted suicide to active killing. There has also been expansion to include euthanasia of infants and children as well as the incompetent without parental consent, but sanctioned and approved by Healthcare Practitioners and the State!

These doctors have the ethics akin to Hitler’s Dr. Joseph Mengele… doctor do no harm oath is lost to a narrative resembling Hitler’s Nazi Germany! And for those that don’t read history books, make 2021 the year you start because your life, the lives of your family, children and friends depend on it!

The Criminal Propagandists of the Canadian COVID Conspiracy: Grifters & Con-artists Perpetuating Martial Law


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