The Criminal Propagandists of the Canadian COVID Conspiracy: Grifters & Con-artists Perpetuating Martial Law

Canadians are experiencing an epic level of propaganda. It’s time they introduce themselves to these grifters, con-artists and profiteers selling the pandemic that never was. Featuring the brilliant work of Canuck Law.

Canadian Immunization Research Network CIRN: is responsible for evaluating the Vaccine and doing research on “Vaccine hesitancy” in Canada. Considering Pfizer is a major donor, this is a serious conflict of interest.

As a side note: GSK is also a CIRN sponsor. Until recently, Amber Ruddy, Secretary of the CPC National Council, was a GSK lobbyist. She’s still registered with AZ maker, Emergent BioSolutions. https://lobbycanada.gc.ca/app/secure/ocl/lrs/do/vwRg?cno=367534&regId=908352…

WHO’s: deliberately changing advice Great job telling us kids shouldn’t get it…. long after they already are.

ACHF: More and more colleges in the US (and increasingly in Canada) are demanding students get their concoctions injected. As with everything: follow the money.

WHO’s “experts”: Remember when we were told that explicit consent was always needed for serious decisions? Turns out, that’s not always the case. Years back, WHO wrote about “implied consent” for children.

CPC President, Robert Batherson: Not bad enough that the secretary is a pharma piggy, but the President (the man pulling Erin O’Toole’s strings) just launched his own lobbying firm.

CPC National Council Secretary, Amber Ruddy: A lesser known part of Bill C-11, Digital Charter Implementation Act, it would allow pharma companies to grab your medical data — WITHOUT your knowledge or consent. Sure, your name will be purged….

Bonnie Henry (Again): BC’s “top doctor” dishonestly conflates approval and interim authorization. She glosses over the significant risks. Mr. Bell explains it quite well.

Canadian Institutes Of Health Research: Sure, they have no records see-vee actually exists, but that doesn’t stop them from shelling out millions of public money in “pandemic bucks” to convince PREGNANT women & children to get the shot.

Premier’s Council on Improving Healthcare and Ending Hallway Medicine: Created in 2018 to study ON’s overburdened hospitals. This issue long predates the “pandemic”. This is likely why it’s not talked about now. Steinni Brown was part of it.

WHO contemplating MANDATORY shots: Worth a reminder: a few months ago, WHO published a paper on how/when to implement mandatory shots. They admit they aren’t approved (but have some form of emergency authorization) and STILL support it.

Ontario Science Table (Again): Hard to believe they would publish it, but several recommendations for “obedience training” are given to ensure compliance with the agenda. Isn’t Pavlov and his dogs taught in school?

Controlled Opposition Conservative Party of Canada: Ever wonder why they don’t actually oppose anything? They merely whine about minor details…..

Checks and Balances: Democracy is overrated anyway…..

Canada’s Parliament: Want to ensure that checks and balances are removed? Slip a little something into an omnibus bill just before an election cycle, and don’t discuss it.

More Corruption in Ontario: Passing a bill in the Legislature means nothing if it never actually gets implemented, which was likely the goal. This is from last year, just as relevant today.

Ontario Pharmacists Association: Ford gives them your money, while they lobby him AGAINST transparency for the pharma industry. Most effective when using ex-government operatives.

British Fertility Society: They claim getting the vaccine poses no risk to your future family. However, you look at who funds them, things start to make sense.

Canadian Corporations: Have to wonder how successful a boycott of a major company would be, when they are just getting bailed out by the government anyway.

Jordan Peterson: “Mr. Free Speech” and “Mr. Individuality” supports suspending civil liberties, even as he fully acknowledges he could be done again under similar pretenses. He also shills for the V.

WHO’s “experts”: One year ago, this woman claimed that about 1/6 of the population was already infected. So what then is the point of continuing these measures, if there isn’t any nefarious intent?

Vaccine Credential Initiative Groups: working together to bring Health passes and V-passports globally. Some ID2020 supporters included. Ford never mentioned that the ON Ministry of Health was a partner. Then again, there’s a lot he didn’t disclose.

Blaise Vanne: on the waste buildup from discarded masks, true death rates.

McMaster University: Another charity, gets funding from Bill, and has totally drank the kool-aid on these emergency measures. Fingers in many pies.

UofT/DLSPH “Institute for Pandemics”: The same people who brought the conflict-of-interest ridden Ontario Science Table now want to run the CDN branch of a global pandemic management system. Donate now! UofT is a charity.

Meet Kashif Pirzada, who openly calls for restricting more of your freedoms. He’s part of a few organizations that stand to profit from measures he supports. Also, Bill Gates is a major donor to his school.

Michael Warner: Head of AskTheDoctor.com in Canada, which stands to profit from increased online activity.

Kumar Murty: Runs tech company PerfectCloudIO, which will profit from the lockdowns and “smart villages” he supports.

Kwame McKenzie: Led research into 2017 Ontario UBI project, and now part of Ontario Science Table, which wants to kill jobs.

Trillium Health Partners: A partner of the Ontario Science Table, they took a $5 million donation from a company that makes face masks. Unsurprisingly, they support mask mandates.

Abdu Sharkawy: Regularly appears on CTV as an expert, but is a paid shill who contracts through NSB, or National Speakers Bureau for $12,000+ fees.

Robert Steiner: S its on Ontario Science Table, despite no medical or science background. Claims to be brains behind creation of PHAC.

Ryan Imgrund: High school science teacher who contracts out for companies seeking donations. Gives doomsday models. Claims to have consulted with PHAC, before it was even formed.

Isaac Bogoch: Another “doomsday” talking head on the news, he is one of those in charge of Ontario’s version of Operation Warp Speed.

Ontario Science Table: Conflicts of interest galore. Most members have side ventures or interests that do not line up with public interest.

Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health (CADTH): is actually a World Health Organization (WHO) group, but partners with Ontario Science Table (OST).

Public Health Ontario: Doesn’t seem too “independent” when sitting members of this group are also part of Ontario Science Table.

Centre for Effective Practice: Another Ontario Science Table Partner, but one whose donors have financial interests in the status quo.

University of Toronto: In 2019, group set up with a “pandemic” in mind. Also accepts large donations from big pharma.

SPOR Evidence Alliance: Another partner of Ontario Science Table, and also gets funding from World Health Organization.

Cochrane Canada: OST Partner, WHO Partner, affiliated with McMaster University, which gets Gates funding.

Heidi Larson: She is funded by big pharma, as are her organizations, and she support the mass vaccination agenda.

Doug Ford: Want to know why he REALLY let small businesses die? Take a look at who he’s been talking to.

Airline industry: Wonder why interprovincial travel is now restricted? It was done in part to wipe out their competition.

Walied Soliman, Erin O’Toole: Wonder why there is no real opposition at the Federal level? This might help explain it.

Bonnie “No Science Behind It” Henry: This babbling lunatic knows there’s no scientific basis for anything she does in BC, but she does it anyway.

Crestview Strategy: Hardly the only lobbying firm, but this one acted as a mouthpiece for GAVI, siphoning hundreds of millions in taxpayer money.

Brian Pallister, Manitoba Premier: How serious is he about freedom when he hires an intelligence, detention and surveillance company as “extra security”?

Dominic LeBlanc, Liberal Party: Doesn’t seem like a party is pro-truth when they ponder laws to criminalize criticism.

Barbara Yaffe: A lifer at UofT, she runs interference for Ford and his tyranny. After all, she just says whatever they write down for her.

International Finance Facility for Immunization (IFFIm): Under the guise of fundraising, this (GAVI funded) group will siphon money away that was supposed to be for medicines for the world.

Raj Saini: Want to talk premeditation? In 2017, M-132 was filed, to fund research and drugs for Canada and the world.

Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB): Ever wonder where your pension dollars are going?

Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario (ETFO): Teachers want mandatory masks for kindergarten students, as their union owns $83 million 3M stock (which makes masks).

Healthcare Of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP): Healthcare workers of Ontario owns stock in big pharma and 3M, as they push them on the public.

Eileen de Villa: Toronto’s Medical Officer, Globalist Angel Of Death.

Colin Furness: Another UofT “expert”. Calls for drastic measures to shut down society, and is also an advisor for a company that will profit from it.

Michelle Rempel-Garner: As entertaining as she can be, this pharma-whore has no interest in the long term effects of these injections. A lot of questions need to be asked.

Dalla Lana School of Public Health (UofT): Pretty hard to call itself independent, when a section of DLSPH is officially named as a WHO working group. Explains the numerous conflicts of interest with other “partners”.

International Health Regulations: The Feds and Provinces aren’t just doing this all on their own. The rules are actually laid out in the 3rd Edition of WHO-IHR. It’s not optional.

2005 Quarantine Act, Health Acts: Our Federal and Provincial legislation on this was actually written by WHO, and passed off domestically. We’ve been sold out by all parties.

Public Health Agency of Canada: Surprisingly, it’s not Canadian. It was created by OIC in 2004 by Paul Martin at instigation of WHO, and added to by Harper. It’s a branch of WHO.

David Fisman, OST, ETFO: A side hustle with ETFO exposed an ugly truth: it ideologically lines up with the pro-lockdown Ontario Science Table. Ironically, not a conflict of interest, except they “pretend” to be different.

Meet Adalsteinn Brown, the Swamp King Dean of DLSPH: Boss of several medical officers, Ontario Science Table, Ministry of Health. Also part of 2018/19 “Premier’s Council” which reported ON hospitals were …. (wait for it) …. overwhelmed.

CDN TV and radio stations: The bias is not likely to improve since sister of Toronto’s pro-lockdown mayor, John Tory, is now a board member at Bell (which owns a lot of MSM). Also, the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS) and tax breaks probably don’t help.

Meet Robert Strang: Grossly unhealthy “Medical Officer of Health” for Nova Scotia, tool for big pharma, and anti-democratic tyrant who helped get peaceful protests banned.

Robert Strang: Apparently parental rights are old fashioned.

Bonnie Henry’s former mouthpiece now a lobbyist for drug maker that produces AstraZeneca. Counsel Public Affairs entangled with many politicians. (credit to The Breaker)

Counsel Public Affairs: How’s this for corruption? Ford’s CV19 Communications Director leaves the Government, then joins a lobbying firm, then pushes Ford for CV19 vaccine.

Loyalist Public Affairs: Does it seem twisted when the people who installed Doug Ford and Erin O’Toole (or who claim they did) are now lobbyists for Pfizer? Ford & O’Toole both support mass vaccine.

Doug Ford’s ‘Director Of Pandemic Response’ Was a Private Health Lobbyist For Shoppers Drug Mart.

Rubicon Strategy: Another Ford campaigner turns to lobbying, this time for AstraZeneca. Am beginning to realize just how corrupt Ford is. No one could be this dumb. Rubicon claims to be handlers for Ford and Jason Kenney.

Ensight Canada: Lobbying firm for Shoppers Drug Mart has handlers in both Liberal and Conservative Parties (Ontario and Federal). Yeah, they really are all in it together.

Spartan Biosciences: Despite paying Ford’s and Kenney’s handlers, their defective product was removed from the market. CBC chose to only cover a tiny bit of the story.

An (unsurprising) black pill in BC. Liberals don’t oppose any of the tyranny being inflicted by Horgan’s thugs and Bonnie Henry. They nitpick over relatively minor details. They don’t even pretend.

CPC National Council Something you may not know, the Secretary of the Council is a (current) pharma representative. Guess that explains O’Toole and Rempel.

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  1. Well done folks! Re-shared and boosted at my spaces downeast – much appreciated seeing these clowns laid out…. just a tip of the iceberg no doubt. I’d add in the Fredericton entrepreneurs at Illuminultra — very lucrative biz … water testing and nose jabbin’
    LuminUltra is a key supplier to the Government of Canada, providing RNA Isolation Kits for 500,000 tests/week to meet national need ….. Re: Intended Use The GeneCount ® COVID-19 RT-qPCR Assay Kit is a RT-qPCR test intended for the qualitative detection of RNA from SARS-CoV-2 in nasopharyngeal/oropharyngeal swab specimens from individuals suspected of COVID-19 by their healthcare provider. Testing is limited to qualified medical laboratories certified to perform high complexity tests. The GeneCount® COVID-19 RTqPCR Assay Kit has been validated but FDA’s independent review of this validation is pending. Laboratories should include a statement such as, “the test has been validated but FDA’s independent review of this validation is pending” with patient test results to healthcare providers. https://www.luminultra.com/covid-19-testing/clinical-diagnostics/

  2. I also think the jobs for ‘border management’ between provinces are part of a workforce somethink like a ‘covid cops’ squad for the people who would have made good nazis “papers please” while families are divided between New Brunswick’s and Nova Scotia’s border towns for over a year there have been protests no one is really covering and a lot of people are really fed up … thanks for exposing the frauds/grifters and conartists… we have a local ‘covid19 taskfarce’ terror group of volunteers and meddlers I had been covering for their blatant propaganda and subversion – they were able to do a lot of data mining and home ‘invasions’ due to covid19 for their ‘work’ and these useful idiots recently had to change their name to ‘community taskforce’ because I had been calling out their destructive efforts – mostly volunteers, university idiots, and a guy from Ottawa with a military/Rotary background. Rotary is one to keep an eye on too.. a lot of these lemmings work for free including ‘operations’ with Red Cross which are also suspect.. and worth exploring if you are interested in what they are up to.. its endless isn’t it?

    1. Those Atlantic Underground Podcast guys Chris and Johnny are suss…. new to the scene and the guys promotes BLM during the podcast.. what the actual fuck? Def. controlled ops. masons, etc in the maritimes.. you cannot swing a cat without hitting one of these fucks.

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