Trudeau Appoints General to Rollout Vaccine: Military Contracts NSA’s Palantir!

  1. Trudeau Appoints Canadian Military General to Rollout Vaccine:

Former NATO Commander Dany Fortin will lead Canada’s COVID-19 vaccine distribution effort. Major General Dany Fortin served as a NATO Commander. Multiple sources indicate he will lead Canada’s vaccine distribution effort and will coordinate with provinces. Most recently, Fortin was Chief of Staff for Canada’s Joint Operations Command. Why do we need the military to distribute the vaccine? Healthcare systems across the country deliver all kinds of medications on a daily basis but we need the military to deliver this? And why organize Military intervention this early when reports indicate Canada will not be getting a vaccine till late 2021? Is something else in the horizon?


2. Canadian Military Contract NSA Spyware firm Palantir!

The Canadian government also signed a million-dollar contract that with the controversial surveillance firm Palantir. In March, the Department of National Defense and the Canadian Armed Forces allocated $997,434 to Palantir to license their Gotham surveillance software. The same software company that worked closely with Cambridge Analytica and was caught collecting data about Facebook users. The government’s lack of transparency regarding information being collected by Palantir is very concerning. Palantir is funded by the CIA and is contracted out to the NSA; the same organization whistleblower Edward Snowden outed for spying on the world! So what exactly is the Canadian Military going to do with this information? And why the lack of transparency? The Department of National Defense refused to release any information about whether the contract was renewed in March or whether it would be renewed in the near future.


3. The Office of the Privacy Commission was not consulted!

Le Journal learned that neither National Defense nor the Canadian Armed Forces consulted the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada before awarding this contract to Palantir placing privacy concerns at the forefront! Security experts have also expressed concerns about the software. Why is critically important security intelligence is being placed in the hands of this shady company? What are they doing with this information? And why the lack of transparency?

As of December 31, the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ) held an investment of $ 50 to $ 100 million in the company Palantir. It is not surprising to see that the heart of Canada’s criminal cartel with investments in the Canadian Infrastructure Bank, SNC Lavalin, and China’s BlackRock may be behind this endeavor. The question is: Who controls the Canadian Government? The people or these criminal enterprises making backroom deals? And to what end?

Should Canadians be concerned? Collectively these companies control trillions of dollars of our pension monies; money they are currently investing in the UN sustainable development goals tied to the New World Order’s depopulation agenda! FYI: A dead man needs no pension!

The Criminal Cartel of the Canada Infrastructure Bank Board

BlackRock, SNC & The Infrastructure Bank: Meet the Global Construction Cartel


4. Ethics Commissioner Rules Palantir’s broke conflict-of-interest rules: Orders Top federal officials to cease contact!

In June federal ethics commissioner Mario Dion launched an investigation into whether Palantir Canada David MacNaughton, ex-ambassador to the US and counsellor to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had breached conflict of interest rule by offering the company’s services to the federal government. On September 16, 2020 the watchdog ruled that MacNaughton broke conflict-of-interest rules by offering the data-mining company’s services to the federal government as part of its response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The ethics commissioner also ordered nine top government officials most with ties to the Canadian Military to cease contact with Palantir’s MacNaughton and includes:

  • Chrystia Freeland, current deputy prime minister (and minister of intergovernmental affairs when MacNaughton’s communications with government officials took place)
  • Gen. Jonathan Vance, chief of defence staff 
  • Navdeep Bains, minister of innovation, science and industry
  • Rick Theis, director of policy and cabinet affairs, Prime Minister’s Office
  • Ryan Dunn, chief of staff to Bains
  • Leslie Church, chief of staff to the minister of public services and procurement
  • Jody Thomas, deputy minister, Department of National Defence
  • Bill Matthews, deputy minister, public services and procurement
  • Simon Kennedy, deputy minister, innovation, science and economic development

So a secretive Silicon Valley tech giant has set up shop in Canada. But what does it do?


5. So this secretive Silicon Valley Tech Company has set up shop in Canada. But what does it do?

Documents obtained by The Intercept suggest that NSAs Palantir is also used by intelligence agencies in the UK and Australia. And there is suspicion that if Palantir’s software is used by Canada’s closest partners it may also be used by our intelligence agencies. CSIS, CSE, and the RCMP would neither confirm nor deny the use or purchase of Palantir software. The Department of National Defence and Public Safety Canada have both denied purchasing any Palantir software or entering into contracts with the Spyware agency. However Public safety Canada has refused to address why two former Public Safety employees would claim to have used software that the department says it does not use.

Since 2013, Palantir has had an office in Ottawa — LinkedIn identifies at least five employees — and has touted a second office in Toronto as coming “soon” since at least late 2015. So what is it doing here? Our Guess is, if it is working with the Canadian Military to rollout the vaccine it’s primary function is to track Canadian Citizens and those openly opposed to Covid-19 restrictions. Yes they are here to help track, retain and inject the vaccine into you whether you want it or not!


6. Doug Ford is also using General Rick Hillier who also has ties to NSA’s Palantir!

Ontario Premier Doug Ford has just recently announced that General Rick Hillier along with the Military will also be rolling out the vaccine. And many Premiers may soon follow! What is disturbing is that General Rick Hillier is on the Board of Directors for “Team Rubicon” a disaster relief organization that employs private military, was initiated by Barack Obama and indorsed by the Clinton Foundation (CGI Clinton Growth Initiative). What is even more worrisome is that they are directly funded by the NSA spyware company Palantir  that specializes in all things law enforcement and surveillance and can track anyone and anything!

Doug Ford Enlists Military for Vaccine Rollout: The NSA, Palantir, Team Rubicon, Clinton Foundation may be Tracking You!

7. Who is Profiting from these Rollouts?

And who is set to benefit from these vaccine rollouts? In 2000, UNITAID was formed from the United Nations 2000 Millennium Declaration, which has now evolved into the UN Global Compact. UNITAID also works with UN Refugee Agency UNHCR that helps to connect refugees with their families using the internet. It’s mandate is to create a “patent pool” for pharmaceutical companies to share their “drug patents” in order to produce generic drugs for distribution to poorer nations. The royalties from the sales of these generic drugs are then paid to the patent holders. One billionaire investor behind UNITAID is George Soros himself.

But why stop there? UNITAID is also financed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and also involves a partnership with the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI). Basically, the very same people that have been assigned to assist in the distribution of the vaccine are set to benefit financially from vaccinating you! But let’s not stop there. Many of these people are members of the “Depopulation” secret society called the “Club of Rome” that are advocating for the culling of the Global population down to 1 billion people!

And Palantir’s shares have skyrocketed since the company went public on the stock market in September. The shares are now up more than 200% since its debut, with investors optimistic that Palantir’s sophisticated data analysis tools will continue to gain traction with government and commercial customers. Why would the NSA Spyware Company be making a killing in the stock market? You guessed it! They will track you, vaccinate you, kill you all-the-while profiting from this mass genocide! Our advice: Start ditching your cell phones!


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  1. I remember so well all those people saying don’t make a fuss, don’t be a bully, don’t be a tinfoil hat, don’t be a martyr, don’t rock the boat, you’re a low class unimportant troublemaker … I remember waking up about 12 years ago to the fact that people hate humans and actively work to remove them from the planet in their various depopulation schemes and ‘Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars’ but this year has really taught us all that their softkill under the radar actions are now out in the open and completely in your face.. anyone still sleeping about UN Agenda 2030 and the military medical industrial complex needs to be regarded as dead from the neck up. THANK GOD for C.I.N. in this troubling and desperate times please remember to SHARE the articles.

  2. Does your town fly a NATO and UN flag ? Mine does… sackville.com home of mta.ca in Sackville New Brunswick has to be the belly of the beast in Canada.. their professor Stanley was the guy who brought us the maple leaf flag which effectively erased the European identity from us.

  3. Military Medical Industrial Complex are big corp. vaccine whores… Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars in action.
    “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the possibility of threats to the country’s precious supply of coronavirus vaccines is among the reasons why the military is leading distribution.” Mainstream media quote today..
    Merry Christmas Everyone! Stay Vigilant to their jive talk.

  4. https://jamesfetzer.org/2020/07/catherine-austin-fitts-the-injection-fraud-its-not-a-vaccine/
    “We need to stop allowing these concoctions to be referred to by a word that the courts and the general population define and treat as medicine and protect from legal and financial liability.
    The perpetrators of this fraud are trying a very neat trick–one that will help them go much faster and cancel out a lot of risk at our death, disease and expense. I understand why they are doing it.
    What I don’t understand is why we are helping them. Why are we acquiescing in calling these bizarre and deeply dangerous concoctions “vaccines”? Whatever they are, they are not medicine.
    So, what shall our naming convention be? What name shall we give to the relevant poisons, neurological damaging metals and digital shackles?
    Whatever we call them, I know one thing. THEY ARE NOT MEDICINE, WHICH MEANS THEY SURE ARE NOT VACCINES. ” – Catherine Austin Fitts 2020

  5. Looks like Fortin is out… news report on mainstream… need a new minion for the tasks at hand… what happens when the Chinese UN military force come in and start the deployment… will people finally wake the eff up?

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