Omicron is the name of the New World Order’s Decepticon Transformer, “Omicron”, the name of the new COVID variant that has two anagrams: moronic & oncomir.


Oncomir (English) Noun: (genetics, medicine) A form of microRNA involved in a cancer.


WOW! The NWO released a “game changer!”

microRNAs modulate diverse cellular processes: proliferation of HIV, Hep C, Hep B, EBV, tumorigenesis, immune response, & cell death!


There you have it in writing, jab side effects is Omicron!

Makes sense that the variant has only been found in people fully vaccinated. Interesting the government of Botswana is denying media reports that all the people infected with the variant, were also infected with HIV.

Breakthrough Infections: In Germany, the rate of symptomatic COVID-19 cases among the fully vaccinated (“breakthrough infections”) is reported weekly since 21. July 2021 and was 16.9% at that time among patients of 60 years and older. This proportion is increasing week by week and was 58.9% on 27. October 2021 providing clear evidence of the increasing relevance of the fully vaccinated as a possible source of transmission.

HIV Seroconversion!

Post-COVID-19 Vaccination Breakthrough Infections: Early HIV Seroconversion!

Breakthrough Infections are HIV Seroconversion… now they will blame the Africans for HIV Infection via OMICRON!

They injected this spike into Africans…. people have already spread it to the USA for sure and here…. 61 cases already in the Netherlands airport, UK, Israel, HONG KONG…. it is here already…doubling time is 4.8 days… so 1000 infected will be 2000 infected in 5 days…. will reach 5 billion in under 100 days…

1000-2000-4000-8000-16000-32,000-64,000-128,000-250,000-500,000-1,000,000-2M-4M-8M-16M-32M-64M-128M-256M-512M-1.24Billion-2.48Billion-5Billion….DONE. 22×4.5 = 100 days

Basically 3 months the entire planet will be infected with gp120 through asymptomatic transmission?

“Growth rate (in absolute terms and relative to Delta) will be become clearer in the following days, but at the moment, I believe we’re looking at a variant that potentially has significant immune evasion and that appears to be spreading rapidly.”

Narrative: Fear the Blackman! NWO setting the stage for Revolution! Black Africans/BLM/Islamic vs White Christian!

With a doubling time of 4.8 days and patient zero being infected on November 11 we are looking at 5 Billion infections within the next 100 days!

Pfizer says it will take 100 days to develop the vaccine for omicron.

But don’t worry, Wellcome Trust’s AstraZeneca to the rescue!

VIDEO: AstraZeneca Developer In Monumental Slip, Covid-19 Vaccine Meant to Sterilize the Population

With the new variant purportedly having 30 plus spike mutations, will each of those now be a part of the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine? That is an astounding 59 plus spike proteins in a single jab.


Rothschild’s Reuter’s reports Rothschild’s Thermo-Fisher already has a test for the variant.

My guess is this new strain will infect many but death rates will be slow over 3 years?

I could never figure out what was going to activate this vaccine… initially I thought it would be a cold or flu (still possible) but infection with this strain would activate everything! I still think you will also get that Marburg-like illness too….


… but if her case turns out to be typical, that picture could change: HIV patients whose infections are not controlled with medication could “become a factory of variants for the whole world,”

“This is a syndemic,” said Dr. Jonathan Li, using a term that describes the confluence of two epidemics with the potential to worsen outcomes for both.

My god we were spot on.

What we know so far… say good-bye to your immune system!

As COVID collides with HIV/AIDS, pandemic takes a bad turn. They are not even hiding it.

They will blame the African variant for the doubling time, but it is the previous HIV infection, brought on by previous jabs.


The W.H.O. Gave 50 million Smallpox Vaccines Laced with AIDS to Africans. May 11, 1987 London Times Headline Reported World Wide. Now, the sars-cov-2 vaccine is proving to be extremely mutagenic in the population already infected with HIV.

HIV has several variants and it takes a few months for them to mutate… what I am saying either this infection will be randomly occurring through mutations … or controlled through vaccines… regardless… the back door is GP41… they already know it does not mutate….only way to stop it. Would they be foolish enough to allow randomness? Honestly… there could be something that comes out of randomness that could be lethal to them?

Understanding how the “Spike Protein” Works.

Africa has an impressively low vaccination rate at 6% across the continent.

South Africa has one of the highest at 23%, yet not the 100% the stakeholders desire. So South Africa’s president has used this opportunity to launch a “restore social freedoms” vaccination campaign. Nothing like a little new normal aparteid.

To assist in giving the president the “evidence” required for the harsh lockdown measures, the government and media claim to be able to predict when and how a variant will arrive.

Science is not that advanced that it can predict variants, dates. and how long a wave lasts. This is all controlled experimentation… modeling predicted by computers logarithms. However, if you are Salim Abdool Karim and financed by Wellcome Trust “predicting” variants can be big money.


Who Is John Bell and Wellcome Trust?

Oh, and not to forget, Salim also has his grubby paws in the HIV trough.


Thanks for destroying South Africa’s economy, Salim.

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It’s the black people with AIDS’ fault, of course! Big pharma always blames the victims!

FLCCC to the rescue? You can’t change science! Why is FLCCC waiting to see how the science has changed?

Front Line doctors are claiming Omicron is the cure. Claiming that because the initial infections are mild to non existent, that we somehow have natural immunity. Just one thing, there is no natural immunity to the gp120/HIV spike proteins!

Hard to be optimistic, when reality is ignored.

Of course, WHO wants us to live in fear!

And, of course, overnight it arrived in Canada…

Now, an intermission from Hollywood.

Anyways, Billy Bostickson compiled lots of additional OMICRON reading;

“finally, the time has slip and slid its slimy course through to us – and we’re the vicious bastards of the new generation. we do not relent, and we should not be held to account for our ancestral faults”

Here is how B.1.1.529 (#Omicron #B11529) compares to Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta variants. Omicron has highest novel Spike mutations including striking cluster on the “crown” suggesting significant selection pressure & antigenic distinction from prior

strains (Credits: nference)

The Letter Chosen by the WHO

“It’s amazing that the Xi variant seems to have somehow managed to evade detection…”

via @readomain

Why ‘Omicron’, Not ‘Nu’ or ‘Xi’? WHO Says Two Letters in Greek Alphabet Jumped to ‘Avoid Stigma’

The Omicron variant has been found in nearly every province of South Africa, as well as Botswana, Belgium, Israel, UK and Hong Kong.

This month, Israel held an exercise, The “Omega Exercise”, meant to prepare for a hypothetical, new COVID-19 variant

Omicron Infographic (appeared in Germany and Italy now)

Overview of Omicron (B.1.1.529)

Timeline of Omicron


Note: @Clucky92864053 points out that this variant of the virus itself was first identified back in July 2021

Minimal FAQ from (26 November 2021)

Opinion of Trevor Bedford @trvrb

He considers that the extremely long branch (>1 year) indicates continual evolution in a chronically infected individual before spilling back into the population.

Archived thread: https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1464353224417325066.html

He highlights the striking accumulation of mutations in the S1 domain of the spike protein.

He concludes that the presence of host derived RNA insertion from TMEM245 gene points to evolution within humans rather than spillback from animal population


Spreading quickly, with a doubling time of 4.8 Days. “This also yields a median estimate of exponential doubling time of 4.8 days (95% CI between 2.6 and 8.7 days). This median estimate can be compared to a 3.4 doubling time for early spread in Washington State.”


Opinion of @ydeigin

“Looks like the new strain was either incubated in an immunocompromized person for months or serially passaged in a lab in the presence of convalescent plasma”

Some facts from Dr Emma Hodcroft @firefoxx66

“making it hard with current sequences to tell much about the evolutionary history” https://twitter.com/firefoxx66/status/1464257851443007491


Phylogenetic analysis of SARS-CoV-2 clusters in their international context – cluster 21K

Maintained by Emma Hodcroft @firefoxx66


Krammer @florian_krammer asks a question; “Do you think it is plausible that this variant was mostly generated within one host with a persistent infection?”


Rewind to the South African HIV patient: A woman with HIV had the coronavirus for 216 days. The virus mutated at least 30 times inside her.

Earlier Concerns

Persistent SARS-CoV-2 infection and intra-host evolution in association with advanced HIV infection

As COVID-19 collides with HIV/AIDS, the pandemic may be taking an ominous turn

Rumours abound – Molnupiravir (1)

@veryvirology and @marc_g_wathelet point to a possible connection to recent trials with Merck and Ridgeback’s Investigational Oral Antiviral “Molnupiravir” in South Africa

What a coincidence that a variant with an extraordinary number of significant mutations appears shortly after the mutagenic drug molnupiravir is licensed for broad generic distribution.

Merck just announced that it’s much less effective than thought, too.

But according to Daily Maverick (SA) (18/11/21)

“New antiviral pills to treat Covid unlikely to be made available in South Africa for some time”

and the trials took place at 170 sites in many countries not just South Africa.

Also rumours of Lab Leaks 😉

University of Pretoria BSL3


Took a look at the spike mutations in B.1.1.529 this evening, and colour coded them (details below)…there is…not much green.

@jbloom_lab on the “Omicron” Mutations. He explains how mutations in #SARSCoV2 Nu variant (B.1.1.529) will affect polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies targeting RBD.

@florian_krammer is a worried virologist; “The mutations in Omicron which seem to wipe out the majority of neutralizing antibody epitopes are very worrisome. Combined with the apparent fitness of the virus, this could be a problem”

But is Omicron just a “storm in a teacup”? South African Medical Association Says Omicron Variant Causes ‘Mild Disease’

Short Video Interview with Angelique Coetzee (Medical Health “Chief” of South Africa)