“Doctor” Ariana Love protomotes protocols enhancing warp speed neural interface.

Ariana Love is an alt-COVID super-tweaker. She has called me out for dis-info. 1

I hope all the e-celebrity truthers “debunk” me.

“He says our stuff doesn’t work, for reasons, he further explains and elaborates”; jokes πατρίκιος.

Dr. Love was a supporter, before I started calling her out about her egregious errors.

Ariana begged me to be a Blushield affiliate, but was too cheap to fulfil the single prerequisite to being an affiliate, owning a device for 30 days.

This is June 26 that she confirms she endorsed CIN. The Supplements article was published on January 25.

All of these people have supported my work, offered to work with me, and then dismiss with prejudice.

On October 10, Dr. Love took another swipe. Maybe I am cutting into her supplement hustling. 2

These are Doctor Love Protocols, you can go through and find them in this trusty article:

• Negative Impact of Supplements in 5G Environment

Long story short, lots of reduced Graphene Oxide production, lots of new synthetic neurons, lots of quorum sensing and interfacing with the Quantum Hell. Way to go, bozo.

ASEA Redox Molecules. 3

Pine Needle Oil. 4

Sodium Chlorite. 5

L-Arginine Max. 6

Glutathione. 7

NAC. 8

Alkalinity. 9

Wait a minute, carbon dioxide poisoning??? 10

Dr. Young agrees. 11

Todd Callendar is correct??? 12

LOL. Controlled Opposition calls Controlled Opposition, Controllled Opposition. 13

Oh mean, she’s even pushing Borax. That shit turns you into a human lithium battery.

BORAX – 20 Mule Team 14

Ariana gets zapped by the Devaccinator himself. What a piece of work that over hour long video is. Full on electrocucian and in the filthiest of environments. Totally repugnant. You can find it on Derr Mengele’s article. 15

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