CCR5 Gene Insertion Used To Biologically Transform Humanity

aka Aryan Mafia of CCR5 Supremacists Made Up of Ashkenazi Jews!

This segment is part of the larger story about how Transhumanists are bringing about their Singularity utilizing 5G, Graphene Oxide, mRNA technology.. and your FEAR. I encourage you to take “GQD Particle: The Transhumanist Quantum Agenda” from the top. SPM

This article has been republished on the Jew World Order website. 1 They’ve been republishing a substantial amount of our material, including this CCR5 article which I see as a fantastic endorsement. 2

To get an idea of who these people are, here is the Jew World Order bio:

“Jewworldorder.org is not a website to spread hatred, violence or racism.

“The truth has no agenda.

“This website was created by a group of true Semites and Hebrews, concerned about the state of the world, who wish to spread the truth to the people, about the criminal murderous edomites/canannites/khazars/Turks, that fraudulently call themselves Jews.

“Bloggers and Publishing Networks emailing me to get their articles published on my website, are welcome to publish their articles, so keep sending them, and we will keep publishing them.

“We support the true Hebrew Israelites, not the fakes that call themselves Jews today.

“Jewworldorder.org is a website for truth seekers sick and tired of the lies spread by our Jewish Mainstream Media Networks.

“We have so many haters of this website. All of them are Zionist Jews. So don’t be surprised to see fabricated stories about any of our team members on the internet. Zionist Jews are brilliant at deception and defaming the innocent. This is the sole reason why the Jews own the Media News Networks all over the world, to tell you how to think, and who to hate, for their evil global agendas. (Divide and Conquer) it’s how they brought down many ancient civilizations in the past and modern ones today.

“Jews are Mongrels, they have been proven many times to be an invention. Even their Genetics have been tested and found to contain many many races… since they migrated from their motherland Khazaria / Ottoman Turkish Empire long ago. Jews were the original Gypsies, that went from country to country, village to village. Stole, killed and kidnapped children, for their satanic rituals.”

Now, on with the show…

CCR5 gene is the door to your immune system. Cancer requires CCR5. COVID requires CCR5. HIV requires CCR5, … Those with a “mutation” don’t catch certain Cancers, COVID or HIV, … Odd that the Ashkenazi Jews have the highest rate of the CCR5 mutation. Up to 10% of Europeans have this mutation. Highest rate in the Ashkenazi population. 3

Is it not curious that this evolutionary mutation has left some races more superior? Is this Darwin’s survival of the fittest at play or the Satanic Scientists at Fauci’s Fort Detrick? 4

The CCR5 delta 32 mutation, which was discovered over 20 years ago, disables the ccr5 receptor on the surface of white blood cells. HIV uses this receptor almost like a key, it latches onto it to get into the cell. Without a working version of ccr5, HIV is essentially locked out of a person’s immune system.

These conclusions are consistent with the fact that the plagues, like the CCR5-Δ32 mutation, were confined to Europe. The CCR5-Δ32 containing ancestral haplotype was estimated by the use of coalescence theory to have originated around 700 years ago (range 275 to 1875), coinciding with the date of the Black Death. 5 (I do not buy this, but I’ll get to that soon.)

CCR5 is believed to offer protection against the Bubonic Plague; “A recent and prevalent mutation in the chemokine receptor CCR5 in humans of northern European ancestry has been proposed to provide protection against bubonic plague” 6

CCR5 is believed to offer protection against HIV; gp41 and gp120. 7

CCR5 is believed to offer protection against Cancer; sv40, gp160. 8

CCR5 is involved in memory, addiction, depression and fear. 9

CCR5 is believed to offer protection against COVID. 10

CCR5 is believed to offer protection against Dengue Fever, HPV, Hepatitis, Polio, Ebola and Marburg. 11

Rickets, a Vitamin D deficiency disease. It seems those of us with the CCR5 gene also have more Vitamin D receptors! Which means we need more Vitamin D than the Ashkenazi! 12

Are you seeing a pattern here?

A Little History:

“The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) provides a large suite of online resources for biological information and data, including the GenBank® nucleic acid sequence database and the PubMed database of citations and abstracts published in life science journals.

“The GenBank was started by The Los Alamos Laboratory and maintained by Robert Gallo’s NIH.” 13

GenBank is Robert Gallo.

Robert Gallo holds the patent to an HIV vaccine that uses the Poxvirus. The theory on CCR5 mutation speculated whether it was the Bubonic Plague or Smallpox that brought about the mutation. I think it was always the smallpox vaccine. That’s what they say caused HIV in Africa. Gallows owns the patent via Connaught Medical Research Laboratories. 14

If you cause the mutation using the Smallpox vaccine, for example, generations would start to develop health issues. Then you introduce different diseases, Polio delivers sv40 leading to Cancer…etc…  The immune system is wide open. 15 16

Smallpox was declared eradicated in 1980 by the World Health Organization (WHO), and the WHO was the one who delivered the Smallpox vaccine to the entire planet. That had to be the CCR5 mutation, or as we propose, the 32 alleles of the CCR5 gene were inserted.

Here they say the Smallpox vaccine may have opened up a dormant HIV virus in Africa. 17

“Even when we assumed that the resistance allele was dominant, we found that bubonic plague could not generate sufficient selective pressure to account for current CCR5-Δ32 frequencies, despite the periods of unprecedented disease mortality. The 400-year period of plague epidemics in Europe did not remove enough individuals of high reproductive potential to generate a sufficient selection coefficient. Our results suggest that plague could not even have driven the resistance allele to 1% during the period that it existed in Europe (Fig. 1). However, we found that the more continuous smallpox mortality that afflicted European children since the origin of the allele could have provided the necessary selective pressure to generate the rise of CCR5-Δ32 deletion to current frequencies of 10% (Fig. 2).” 18

You get two genes, one from each parent, they call them alleles. Some children are born with two “mutant” CCR5 genes or alleles. Some offspring may get one gene or allele. If you have two you are CCR5 dominant, if you have one you are CCR5 recessive. Not everyone will have two. Those with two CCR5 genes will have superior traits.

I am referring to CCR5 “mutants” here. But again, they are not mutant genes, we propose they are healthy genes and it is our genes that are mutant, not through the Plague, but the Smallpox vaccine campaign.

We have a “mutated”, or more correctly inserted gene, THEY have the healthy gene.

The WHO went everywhere and vaccinated everyone on the planet.

Smallpox, a virus in the same family as Myxoma virus, has been infecting humans for thousands of years – the earliest outbreaks are believed to have occurred before 1000 AD. The receptor for Smallpox virus is not known, but if it is CCR5, then smallpox is the leading candidate for the selective pressure responsible for fixation of the CCR5 delta 32 HIV-1 resistance allele in modern Caucasians.

Myxoma is like Smallpox and it uses CCR5 to attack the immune system.

If they used the Smallpox vaccine to cause a mutation specifically at the CCR5 receptor. That would weaken us, our children too. 19

The CCR5 “mutation” results from a 32-base pair DELETION from the CCR5 gene. Those carrying the mutation show SIGNIFICANT resistance to not only HIV but also Smallpox. THAT BEING SAID IT IS HIGHLY PROBABLE THAT THE NWO MANUFACTURED THEIR OWN NATURAL SELECTION.

This UN population growth graph is by-far the most explanatory graph you will ever find. It looks at population growth rate and population of humans on the planet and trends. The green hill represents the exponential growth of the world population.

Prior to WWll they knew growth would be exponential. Eventually the planet would indeed run out of resources, especially water which is not completely recycled. WWII caused a decrease in global populations which the NWO assumed would slow down overall population growth. However, this was not the case as a population bubble occurred post WWll with what is now referred to as the baby boomers. Hence global wars could not contain or slow down the planetary exponential growth rate that would most definitely put a strain on all earth resources especially water. If you look at the purple line on the graph (represents growth rate) you will see a dip in population during WWll followed by a drastic increase in population which would have continued exponentially.

So it’s not surprising that following WWll the NWO started mandating the smallpox vaccine which we believe altered the human genome, specifically mutating the original CCR5 gene; the doorway to your immune system. Again, if you look at the purple line on the graph you will see a dip in population around that time.

As you can see, the population growth rate decreased as a result. Is it not surprising that cancer rates, autoimmune diseases and inflammatory diseases started an upwards trajectory?

Robert Gallo’s Fort Detrick, under the supervision of Kissinger and his CIA-MK-Ultra goons, was home to the world’s “reverse transcriptase” research. 20

THESE ENZYMES ARE CAPABLE OF CONVERTING RNA SEQUENCES TO DNA sequences that are capable of inserting into different areas of the human genome. OUR THEORY implies they inserted 32-base pairs into everyone’s DNA specifically at the CCR5 gene creating a new CCR5 gene in the human population. In actuality, the true mutation is the CCR5 gene that the majority of humans have and the CCR5 delta 32 mutation missing the 32 base pairs is actually the preserved human genome.


I would say this theory is insane, but they are all the same actors! 21

It was Robert Gallo that started working on finding human retroviruses in 1970, prior to the implementation of the human genome project in 2002 and the “discovery” of the CCR5 gene in 1996.

A healthy CCR5 gene is resistant to HIV, COVID, Smallpox and certain Cancers.  It was always the original unaltered genome and the sheeple got suckered into vaccines that altered theirs while the global elite built up their coffers on the Cancer, HIV and COVID industries! 22

Robert Gallo and the Patent on CCR5 gene:

The patent decision “takes my breath away,” says Robert Gallo, director of the Institute of Human Virology at the University of Maryland, Baltimore. “As a society, we have to ask if it’s fair” to give the main commercial prize to the company that sequences a gene rather than to those who do the hard work of figuring out its biological function, says Gallo.

Ironically Robert Gallo and Anthony Fauci lead the research at Fort Detrick.

Several groups, including Gallo’s, that played critical roles in identifying the suite of receptors that HIV uses to slip inside cells have also applied for patents, but their claims were filed after Human Genome Sciences (HGS). 23

Human Genome Sciences was bought out by Glaxo-Smith-Kline (GSK) in 2012.

Robert Gallo was also working on the CCR5 receptor! But, aw shucks, he didn’t make it to the patent office on time.  All the theater out of Fort Detrick.

Henry Kissinger had a heavy hand in the Club of Rome and operations out of Fort Detrick. His Jewish name was Abraham, more Chabad! He set the whole thing up! 24

Kissinger’s Master Scientists include: Robert “Final Solution” Gallo 25, Jonas “Mutate Humanity” Salk 26, Albert “Painless Polio Jab” Sabin 27, …

Anthony Fauci/NIH Speaking about turning off the CCR5 gene to treat HIV; “There are so many ways to adequately, efficiently, and definitively protect yourself against HIV that the thought of editing the genes of an embryo to get to an effect that you could easily do in so many other ways in my mind is unethical.” 28

sv40 discovered in COVID jabs. The Controlled Opposition say it’s contamination 29 30, but sv40 is part of the binary delivery system. 31

Science seems to be working incrementally with this group. They just tell people to live in fear, and that they are all going to die. Let’s rephrase Kevin McCairn’s tweet; “sv40, contained in the COVID jabs, readily integrates Clathrin through the CCR5 receptor”! 32

They knew it was Clathrin allowing viral entry even for Smallpox using CCR5 receptors. There are sv40 delivery vectors that can target CCR5. 33 34

Ralph Steinman:

“Our modern understanding of endocytosis comes from two important observations made in the 1970s. The first was by Ralph Steinman and his colleagues who used quantitative biochemical and electron microscopy approaches to demonstrate that mammalian cells in culture were able to internalize enormous amounts of the plasma membrane. These scientists made the important observation that most of the membrane that was internalized was later recycled back to the plasma membrane (Steinman, Brodie & Cohn 1976).

“Ralph Steinman discovered Clathrin transport. He also discovered that dendritic cells (this is the receiving top part of the neuron) are involved in immune system regulation, specifically T cells and they are also required for the activation of vaccines!” 35

Steinman was funded by NIH grants in Canada!

Here he connects the dendritic cells that activate the immune system via vaccines to CCR5 activation.  Steinman knew dendritic cells could proliferate HIV infection and HTLV infection, the leukemia virus Gallo was working on. 36

Steinman was working at Rockefeller University when he got those NIH grants.

He was also a corresponding fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. In 2012, the Ralph M. Steinman Center for Cancer Vaccines was established in his honor at the Baylor Institute for Immunology Research in Dallas, Texas.

Steinman was a trustee of the Trudeau Institute in Saranac Lake, New York. He also served as a scientific advisor to several organizations including the Charles A. Dana Foundation, the Campbell Family Institute of Breast Cancer Research in Toronto, Canada.

Royal Society of Edinburgh.

Steinman was the lead in Rockefeller/NIH research, millions in research for vaccines.

Gates foundation funded Steinman’s research. 37 38

The founder of this research was Dr. Zanvil Cohn; Over the course of his career, furthermore, Cohn served as “adviser or trustee of Harvard University, Massachusetts General Hospital, Max Planck Institute, Trudeau Institute, Roswell Park Memorial Institute, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, the New York Blood Center, and Bates College.” 39

Cohn was Steinman’s mentor! Both worked at Trudeau Institute!

Trudeau Institute started in 1884 by Dr. Edward Livingston Trudeau. “Our Trudeau Research Network—comprised of highly-trained research teams who all study some aspect of infection and immunity across a variety of different pathogens—works closely with collaborators to bring translational science to life. Our studies focus not only on immune responses to major infectious diseases, such as TB, influenza, and Zika, but also on the role of the immune system in cancer, autoimmunity, and aging.”

Same family tree as Justin Trudeau! 40

Same Sinclair’s! 41

Get this, PEGylated Graphene Oxide (GO) gives you a more profound response. 42  Oh, and those lovely GO nanoparticles are supplied by our dear friends at the Trudeau Foundation. 43

BOOM!  Clathrin is CCR5 dependent:

“We demonstrate that agonist binding triggers clustering of cell surface CCR5 into Clathrin-coated domains of the plasma membrane containing the adaptor protein complex 2 (AP2). CCR5 molecules are then internalized through Clathrin-coated pits (CCPs) and CCVs into early endosomes together with transferrin (Tf), a marker for the Clathrin-mediated endocytic pathway. By suppressing the expression of Clathrin heavy chain (CHC), and the formation of Clathrin-coated structures, we establish that Clathrin is required for ligand-induced CCR5 endocytosis. Finally, we show that cholesterol can influence agonist binding to CCR5, but we find no evidence to support a role for non-Clathrin-mediated endocytosis CCR5 internalization.” 44

Seriously, Clathrin acts differently with those having the CCR5 gene.

Gallo is CCR5. Steinman is Clathrin. Vitaliano weaponized it into the Neural Interface. 45

GSK was a major funder of the Obama Brain Initiative. Vitaliano’s Clathrin Neural Lace headquarters. 46  This explains it all! 47 They always catered around the CCR5 gene.

They were always targeting our immune system. That is why there have been more autoimmune diseases, more Cancers. Lupus, MS, Arthritis, … my favourite, Fibromyalgia. The ”everything is wrong with me” disease.  POTS is the new one. That’s the vaccine.

Science says that MAYBE the mutation occurred naturally during the Bubonic Plague but we say more likely intentionally during the Smallpox vaccine campaign. They have nowhere to show it mutated 700 to 1400 years ago. But hey, say it happened long ago, and people will ignore it, right?

They controlled all the data and gene banks massive coverup, and they controlled the Human Genome Project, and they found the key to the immune system!

All this was an elaborate money laundering scheme to use tax dollars to line their pockets all the while setting up medical industries where they caused health implications to the general population in order to control them and sustain these profit based industries.

This ties in with the Insurance Cartels, and Aga Khan! This is one big CCR5 Ayrian Mafia of Ashkenazi Jews! 48

Ashkenazi Jews! Chabad! 49

Although the Chabad movement was founded in Eastern Europe, a center of Ashkenazic Jewry, it has attracted a significant number of Sephardi Jews as adherents in the past several decades. Some Chabad communities are now a mix of Ashkenazi and Sephardi Chabad Hasidim. 50

Robert Gallo is known as the king of retroviruses.  He could have added those 32 bases to the CCR5 genome through vaccination giving them the protection they needed against disease.

There are only two possibilities, either our CCR5 genome was altered, or theirs was altered. Yet, they built their empire by making billions of people sick. Natural selection would have taken millions of years and the CCR5 gene mutation was far too specific! 51

It takes time for a single change, let alone 32 in the sweet spot!  Especially for Ashkenazi Jews, who are not a single race, but a mix of races! 52  The mutation claim is madness within this group.

I do not believe for one minute that the principle CCR5 researcher, the principle HIV researcher and the principle Smallpox viral researcher and the principle retroviral researcher on the planet, which discovered the CCR5 gene is the door to one’s immune system, would not purposely create a superhuman class.

Seems easy. ESPECIALLY considering the control the sequence flow through NCBI. Or their labs in Ukraine? 53  “You need not be a Jew to be Zionist,” US President Biden says. 54

… and we thought we were joking about Gas Chambers No Longer Required…

Oy Vey. 55

Who owns the CCR5 gene? The Transhumanists of course.

Who owns the cure that will shut the door?  Samsung Biologics and Enzolytics! 56

BOOM!  The CCR5 receptor is on GP41!  It was on the Enzolytic site!  So yes, those autoantibodies ITV-1 are the cure for everyone with the CCR5 gene. 57

Let’s not forget Cancer, they built two industries from their twisted science. HIV and Cancer. Now Enzolytics is coming in for the win. 58

Enzolytics is a rabbit hole that leads back to the Club of Rome in Bulgaria. 59

The scary part, remember what the Club of Rome guy Said, “people will run for the cure”.  At the end there will be a lot of CCR5“mutants” that don’t belong to their exclusive club.  The estimation is 1 to 10% of Europeans with this mutation.  Some people will run for a cure they do not need, that is, if they survive what they are planning and don’t actually need it.

Why?  Because this cure comes with their Intel chip. Because Clathrin nanotechnology will not work on CCR5 mutants, and these imposters will need to be neural interfaced for the Matrix. 60

Now some words from some true racists:

For our protocols on deactivating the nano technology, see; “Deactivating the Graphene Quantum Dots & Decoupling your Brain from the Clathrin mRNA Neural Interface”, and remember, NO FEAR.

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