Psychological Warfare (PsyOps): Are you a casualty?

Guest author, Johnathan from Truth Search Engine.

PsyOps (Psychological Operations) exploit human emotions to achieve desired outcomes, usually by a small group of people. Your objective reasoning and belief systems are short circuited to radically alter your way of thinking. Two primary fears – the fear of death, and fear of poverty – break down your willpower to make you mentally weak and easy to change. Then, after creating a state of confusion, psychological techniques such as isolation, triggering, scarcity, information control/lack of knowledge, division, repetition, and new language instill new belief systems to create new desired behaviors. Generally reserved for use by military on foreign nations, intelligence operators instruct those in power how to apply these techniques to subvert, control, or change a population. (The two primary fears, used together with these techniques, amplify effectiveness causing something called ‘trauma based mind control’).

Unfortunately, most Canadians have been subjected to these types of techniques the last year and a half. This article provides you with background information, and educates you on seven specific techniques. Then, a real world example is demonstrated as it applies to you. Recognize these techniques, become strong, and protect yourself.

Small Scale Example:

Imagine for a moment you are outside with friends. It is a bright sunny day. You hear birds chirping, look up, and see them flying in the clear blue sky. The air is fresh, you smell beautiful fragrances. You feel refreshed. You look at your friends – they then say the sky is pink. You ask quizzically, “What?’ They insist, you leave, thinking they are full of nonsense. Later on that day, you explain what happened to co-workers, expecting sympathy. Instead, they give you a strange look and reply that of course the sky is pink, giving you a funny look. Shocked, you leave, feeling frustrated and bothered, wondering what is happening. You finish work and go home. At bedtime, you turn to your significant other, the one you trust implicitly, and say “You know? I had the strangest conversation today. My friends said the sky was pink. My coworkers said the sky was pink. Isn’t that strange?” Your partner then looks at you straight in the eyes and says “What are you talking about? Of COURSE the sky is pink!” You then question your own reality, even though you thought the sky is blue. You start thinking maybe it’s really is pink? Could your eyes be deceiving you? You decide the sky really must be pink. This is gaslighting. This is PsyOps. Manipulating your own reality.


The Ottawa Citizen wrote an article detailing how the military experimented on citizens in Nova Scotia. The exercise monitored the residents’ reactions to forged letters warning them of wolves that didn’t exist. That article, published November 2nd, 2020 is titled “Canadian military wants to establish new organization to use propaganda, other techniques to influence Canadians”. [1]

The United Nations released a document called “Guide to COVID-19 vaccine communications” [2] for health practitioners. It instructs them how to use trust, timing, stories, and emotions to change social norms and make people desire a vaccine. It states: “And finally, what are some of the best ways to make taking the vaccine a norm within particular communities? … In a perfect, limitlessly resourced world, we’d have the opportunity to craft highly specific campaigns for each community and identity in the world.” Why do you need to be manipulated into taking it, with a specially crafted message? Wouldn’t you naturally desire it if you needed it?

Criminals like to use something called ‘social engineering’. Simply by acting ‘authoratatively’, appealing to a victims own greed, and pretending to have certain credentials, many a criminal has been able to manipulate good honest people. [3]

They say ‘nothing new is under the sun’ – and to some degree, that may be correct. In 1947, Edward Bernays wrote a short essay entitled “Engineering Consent”. [4] In it, he describes how politicians and governments may learn what the public needs to hear in order to get a ‘desired outcome’. He explains how to research public interests, and tell them what they need to hear, and need to see, in order to manipulate them into action. Fast forward 70+ years – exactly the same thing is happening now.

Seven PsyOps Techniques:

Isolation: Isolation breaks down your spirit. Solitary confinement is one of the harshest punishments an inmate can receive. Psychologists recommend a maximum isolation time of 23 hours. When you were a child, afraid of monsters in your room – your parents reassured you things would be okay. What would have happened if they didn’t, and the fear was allowed to grow?

Psychological Triggering – Remember your first love in highschool? You probably had a first song. Years later, even though you may in a new relationship – hearing that song again – INSTANTLY brings back all those emotions and feelings associated with that first love. That is a trigger. Masks are triggers. You could be outside enjoying the fresh air, but as soon as you put that mask on – you are instantly reminded of the daily fear you’ve felt and your state is instantly changed.

Scarcity – Scarcity, also known as FOMO (fear of missing out), drives people to action. The rarer an item, the more desired it is. Make it available for a limited time offer and demand shoots through the roof. Why does the supply of vaccines increase and then the media declares a shortage? To create demand and desire in humans.

Information Control/Lack of Knowledge – Do you know why horses wear blinders? They cover the rear vision of the horse, forcing it to look forward to keep it on track. If you are only presented with one viewpoint, you are maneuvered into a specific direction.

Division. You’ve heard the expression ‘divide & conquer’, ‘a house divided against itself cannot stand’. If a man was alone, robbers may be able to overtake him. But if he was with two or three friends, he could fight back and defend himself, and unlikely to be attacked.

Repetition: Repetition familiarizes you with a topic, creating a dominant thought process. When alternative viewpoints are expressed that challenge your repeated belief system, you experience something called ‘cognitive dissonance’. You cannot accept the contrary viewpoint.

New Language: Language defines the way you think. With new language operatives associate new meanings and feelings with that language to control your reality. Words are POWERFUL. Words SHAPE your reality.

Why do you think alleged strains are called “variants of concern” (such a strange phrase) instead of “mutations”? Because people have pre-conceived notions of what a mutation is. For some – it may mean gaining superpowers (i.e., the x-men). Others, a mutation is something that becomes inert, harmless. But a “variant of concern”? It’s new language, defined as a new type of death to be fearful of. What about “new normal”? A year ago – masking a child, preventing them from breathing properly, and isolating them would be child abuse. Now it is considered a “new normal”.

New language introduced this year also includes: “Stay Safe”, “Build Back Better”, “Covid-19”, “The Vulnerable”, “Vaccine Passport”, “Covid Bubble”, “Flatten the Curve”, “Social Distancing”, “Super Spreader”, “Contact Tracing”, “Trust the Science”, “Contactless delivery”. Congratulations! You speak a second language!

Anything against this narrative is labeled as “misinformation”, designed to discredit and dismiss alternative viewpoints.

These phrases are used to redefine your reality, to make you fearful, compliant, and obedient upon hearing them.

Larger Scale Example:

The fear of death is very real. If you lacked certain knowledge, such as the difference between germ theory [5] and terrain theory [6], you could easily believe you could catch something and become ill. Through a repeated message of fear, you’d become deathly afraid. In a state of confusion from a lockdowns, you are susceptible to re-programming. Trained for twenty years in school to trust authority figures, you’d implicitly trust their direction, regardless of how much financial compensation influenced their instructions. Conditioned that anything not from official sources was ‘misinformation’, you’d dismiss alternative viewpoints.

Instructed to wear a mask, for your own safety, you would associate fear with that trigger. Isolated and alone, you couldn’t discover inconsistencies in the narrative presented through television (“tell a vision”) or other media [7], and live in growing fear.

Threatened with fines for going against the narrative, or trying to make a livelihood, you’d have a very real fear of poverty. Especially if you lacked knowledge, believed in the fear, and did not know you could have those fines dismissed. Unable to find alternative viewpoints due to information control, new language would redefine your reality. A specific ritual action such as washing your hands or wearing a mask would remind you to be fearful, and compliant.

Like a pressure cooker about to burst, you’d need a release. Vaccines would be declared as your solution, and you’d ignore rising death counts associated with injections. You need a release. Fake scarcity through ‘shortages’ further creates the fear of missing out.

Unless. You stop. And think.

Realize your emotions are being exploited. Ask why. Get exercise. Get sunshine. Drink water. Eat well. And think. Then you’ll start to discover the truth.

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10 thoughts on “Psychological Warfare (PsyOps): Are you a casualty?

  1. Good article- thank you Johnathan. “We are living in a non-reality” – says Greg Hallett author of 16 books.. the covid19 techniques used on the population are part of the overall ‘shock testing’ they ‘deploy’ and once you understand the psychological operation taking place in the older agenda of ‘Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars’ you’re able to watch in detachment without fear. As a gnostic I have been taking notice for decades. I have not lived in fear in this non-reality but watched the madness unfold with both sadness and amusement at this point — that huge numbers of people behave like little children looking for truths and answers outside of themselves. Websites like CIN in the Maritimes are badly needed.. the combination of too many universities in a small space and lots of military personnel make for an obediant herd mentality . . in the cities at least… the smaller towns and rural population are not as ‘brainwashed’ and malleable although there is plenty of compliance in my small town because it is a university town [ Sackville NB ] .. rural Canadians are closer to the earth and seem to have a natural grounding and a salt of the earth quality to them.. that’s why I moved to the Maritimes in 2007 – to try to find my tribe of European stock people with a sense of independance and values I align with.. they are here… maybe not represented in the media however.. but they are definitely around. Thanks Shawn for inviting a great guest author to publish on your site.

  2. Re-shared at the blogger in Tantramar with thanks.. I’ve been calling out this psyop and naming the names since it started last year.. our region was unique in that they formed a “Tantramar Taskforce” headed up by military guy from Ottawa David McKellar with his sidekick Mount Allison University’s Carolle de St. Croix [Alumni Association Executive] last year and have been patting themselves on the back since they started with the help of other useful minions and unquestioning volunteers they have been happily data-mining and snooping under the guise of helping since 2020 hoax began here – with zero questioning for their efforts – first promoting face masks and now vaxx and testing – if they are named / exposed online at least people will know who to avoid.. our job is to counter their fake narrative and try to diminish their deathcult campaign.

  3. The truth packed into this article is so important! Thanks a lot. If folks share this article with others and help to get the word out there perhaps they’ll stand a chance of breaking through the trance that people seem to be at this point.. feels like we are on the cusp of a breakthrough in Canada… the madness cannot continue. Thanks Jonathan & CIN.

  4. Great article, just reiterates what I have suspected from the beginning. I am appalled at the concept of our own govts using these tactics on the human population. I was far too busy jumping down rabbit holes researching, to get pulled into this madness. Also stopped watching tell-a-vision close to 20 yrs ago. As of now I sit at home self isolation, am a house hermit anyway so it does not really effect me. And watch this whole scenario play out (Agenda 2020,2021 etc). And just shake my head and chucked at how effortlessly they are manipulating society. I honestly had no idea how nieve humans are. I guess through years of indoctrination alone of societies have just accepted this psy-op mission. Scary but fascination all at the same time watching this all play out. Wondering what the fallout will look like.

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    This is a presentation prepared for One Ocean, Many Waves Cross-movement Summit on the occasion of the 2020 UN Conference on the Status of Women, which was cancelled due to the pandemic, and thus presented online instead. The topic is the ways in which the Sustainable Development Goals underpin predatory “pay for success” human capital investment markets. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QqFTyYhfNQs&ab_channel=AlisonMcDowell
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  6. Thanks for this helpful article – I hope your website gets a lot of attention and promotion because Maritimers surely need some guidance at this point in time. Take care, I’m on Instagram at “libertymaniacs”

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