Understanding Mind Control: CIA’s MK-ULTRA Project at Fort Detrick

To understand “brain control” you need to understand the science that has evolved in this field. The genius behind electrical frequencies and applications of ELF technology can be attributed to Nikola Tesla himself.

However the evil perversion of Tesla’s technology is attributed primarily to three scientists that studied, copied and developed Tesla’s technology to build this weapon of mass destruction for the global elites. They include Dr. Andrija Puharich who worked for the CIA’s MK-ULTRA Project at Fort Detrick and developed the early foundations for “Brain Control”, Dr. Elizabeth Rauscher & her husband Dr. William Van Bise who helped to further develop this technology called “Remote Viewing” for the US Military, the Pentagon and the Los Alamos Laboratory (e.g. Manhattan Project).

All three scientists knew each other as early as the 1960s. Remember their names for all three are culpable; they are the architects of the MATRIX!


Here is a video clip that explains how ELF waves are used for mind control featuring both Dr. Elizabeth Rauscher and Dr. William Van Bise in a 1985 CNN news feature.

Rauscher and Van Bise directed magnetic signals into the brain of news reporter Chuck DeCaro. DeCaro was blindfolded and his ears were blocked for sound in an experiment using Soviet specifications for equipment capable of generating specific but very weak magnetic signals designed to cause visual “hallucinations.”

When the magnetic signals were directed at DeCaro, he stated: “A parabola just went by. . . . I could see wave forms changing shape as they went by.” The experiment on DeCaro was successful and it was an indication that remote EMR mind control weapons were scientifically possible. “In three weeks, I could put together a device that would take care of a whole town,” Van Bise commented.


Here is a short reading list on Dr. Andrija Puharich. The script itself is Oscar worthy and involves MK-ULTRA, Aldous Huxley, the Bronfman family and even Pierre Elliot Trudeau. FYI: Pierre Trudeau knew about these electromagnetic frequencies as early as 1977 and we suspect even earlier!


Here is a reading list for Dr. Elizabeth Rauscher and Dr. William Van Bise. They took the ELF research one step further and were able to predict earth quakes and volcanic eruptions. Both were involved in the development of HAARP; weather modification. Elizabeth Rauscher presented research to the UN on Population control:



Cure Frequencies: Elizabeth Rauscher and her husband Bill Van Bise also did the ground work for “brain control” as is presented in this patent. They include frequencies that target the “pain” and the “brain-gut” axis or the Vagus nerve that controls cardiac and gut function. The frequencies they use are summarized in tables in the patent and include 7.6 Hz, 70.25 Hz, 71.25 Hz, 3040 Hz; muscle pain, mood, osteoporosis, cardiac function, hypothalamus/pituitary axis (also called the master gland), brain, neurons. Those that have a RIFE Machine or a Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy Machines may benefit from using these settings. Incidentally, Rothschild’s Reuters is doing “fact checking” on RIFE Machines… so there may be validity in this!


Plant life is also affected by EMFs and soon you will see more and more crop failures globally and famine all being blamed on climate change!

Weather modification, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are also influenced by ELFs:


Future generations need to know the history of our civilization. It must be accurately documented and remembered for what it is what; the annihilation of mankind by the elitists, their corporations & foundations, their religious leaders and scientists, their doctors, their offspring, paid political puppets, trolls and lackeys! The “Book of Revelations” is literally being used to manufacture your demise!

None of this was naturally occurring; not the Pandemic, not the weather events, earthquakes, or volcanic eruptions. Climate change is their new narrative being used to enslave mankind. Governments are a sham imposed on humanity since the beginning of time! The elites have always been in power.

Go on Sheeple. Go quietly into the goodnight for you’ve all been given the “blue pill” and soon many of you will perish when you get locked into their MATRIX.


The architects of the MATRIX also determined that the collective “Power of Positive Thinking” whether it be through prayer, meditation, joyful singing and dancing, the love of family and friends was essential to the elimination of ELF Frequencies from the body.

The NWO has managed to strip us of the love that comes from family and community; our children are glued to the TV, videogames and their cellphones.

Families no longer pray together or attend church. Our youth are suffering from anxiety, mental health disorders or taking recreational drugs. The pandemic only added to this isolation of families and the body bags piled up as many decided to take their own lives. Please build community, eliminate technology from your daily lives and install a land line. You’re your children and keep your friends close by. You’re going to need everyone!


Your heart generates an electromagnetic field that reaches several feet outside your physical body. People can feel you.⁣⁣ Science has shown that our hearts have a measurable magnetic field and an intelligence.⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣

This Aura or magnetic field can be felt by the ‘hearts and brains` of others and is constantly affecting our environment. Its often called our ‘inner voice`.⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ The heart generates the largest electromagnetic field in the body.