Reduced Graphene Oxide: The Real Problem Behind 5G

Our body consists primarily of carbon. It is the building block of fats, lipids, carbohydrates and DNA. The body obtains it’s carbon from the foods we eat. In nature carbon exists in many forms such as diamond or graphene but the majority is carbon.

For the most part Graphene Oxide GO is a non-conductive metal that can be excreted from the body. However, even though graphene oxide is made with the same atoms as our organs, tissues and cells, its bi-dimensional nature causes unique interactions with blood proteins and biological membranes and can lead to severe effects like clotting and immune cell activation.


With respect to human health, the problems we are now facing as a society are not the growing concerns of Graphene Oxide GO and its effects on the body, but more so the effects of it’s evil twin the reduced form of Graphene Oxide called Reduced Graphe Oxide rGO.

You see, Graphene Oxide GO can be reduced when exposed to high frequencies SPECIFICALLY 5G frequencies in the Giga Hz range. When exposed to these high frequencies Graphene Oxide is reduced to rGO:

Graphene Oxide(GO) —————-> reduced Graphene Oxide (rGO)

Any chemical that undergoes reduction “gains electrons” in the process. So what was formerly a non-electrical compound has now become electrically active! Reduced Graphene Oxide (rGO) is electrically active and as such can cause serious damage to the body including inflammation, clotting, nerve damage etc… Furthermore in the process of becomming “reduced” the rGO uses up a lot of oxygen that is intended for the body!

So what Electromagnetic Frequencies cause the reduction of Graphene Oxide (GO) to (rGO)? Frequencies in the Giga Hz range! Previously 4G Towers operated in the Mega Hz range…. we have now multiplied those frequency exposures by 1000 X by introducing 5G!


Prior to 5G we did not have the serious health effects we are seeing today. COVID itself caused a lot of serious health effects on the human body which can all be accounted for by the introduction of 5G; Hypoxia, inflammation, infection, autoimmune disease, MS etc.

Now we are seeing people facing challenges with “Long Covid” and pretty soon… “Cancer” will rear its ugly face. These are all conditions that are tied to inflammation and low oxygen levels in the blood. The pandemic was after all introduced at the very same time the 5G rollout started and one has to question this coincidence? Regardless we are asking you print out this page and inform your friends and family, MPs, MPPs, clergymen of the effects of Reduced Graphene Oxide (rGO) on the body!

Some “Long COVID” patients even talk about a burning sensation they are having internally! One reader has suggested using a grounding mat grounded directly to the earth outside instead of the ground wire in your home to drive out the rGO electrons and help decrease inflammation and drinking 1 liter of distilled water to wash away the electrons produced by the rGO away!


Come on Sheeple…. a virus will not do this… but EMF Poisoning will!


Reduced Graphene Oxide only existed in the body AFTER 5G was introduced!

CORONA: The COVID-19 & Electromagnetic Frequencies Story

Since Graphene Oxide GO is found all around us, in our fruits, vegetables, meat products, pharmaceuticals, vitamins, neutraceuticals… humans consume Graphene Oxide GO…. but now because of the 5G Giga Hz frequencies it is being converted to the reduced form rGO!And in this electrically active form is causing serious health effects on the body!

Microwaves operate in the electromagnetic frequency range of 300 Mega Hz. Your body is now being exposed to electromagnetic frequencies of 25-32 Giga Hz with 5G. You are literally being nuked from within and you don’t even realize that!

Do you understand how important this is? It confirms GO is indeed electrically active in the Giga Hz range! Unlike 4G that used Mega Hz frequency bandwidth 5G uses the Giga Hz range! This is how they are building their neuralink!

This paper was published November 8, 2010 in a Physics Journal. How could they not know that GO is not electrically conductive at high Giga Hz Frequency?

Here is the actual publication:


Here is a diagram showing the differences between Graphite, Graphene Oxide and Reduced Graphene Oxide (rGO). Can you see the Carbon: Oxygen ratios when they are in solution? See how much higher the C:O ratio is for rGO? Do you understand now why people that are sick with COVID are becoming Hypoxic (low Oxygen)?


With 5G technology Oxygen is being removed from the blood at “Warp Speed Cancer”!

Now people may be presenting with chronic headaches, insomnia, sinusitis, Gastrointestinal disturbances, leaky gut, infections, allergies, runny nose dizzy spells, conjunctivitis, inflammation, night sweats and even cancer… here is the culprit! Reduced Graphene Oxide (rGO) causing excess electrons to be in your body that should not be there!


See the problem? Graphene Oxide GO is reduced to rGO in the GigaHz range (0.5-40 Giga Hz present in 5G) but it is also reduced to rGO in the Tera Hz range which is the range in 6G! The whole point of Luciferase is to act as a power pack for 6G networks!


We ask our followers to contact their MPs., MPPs, government officials, CRTC, Media, Academics, Professors so that this can be investigated thoroughly and that 5G Towers be adjusted to a frequency range not harmful to human life. Do not take matters into your own hands. Communication is vital for our everyday functioning; 9-11, EMS, hospital services, educational services, police and fire services and this would harm everyone in the long run.

You see… we don’t know what will happen to the body once you suddenly turn off these 5G frequencies? Graphene oxide will revert to its non-conductive form. Will nerve cells be damaged? Should the frequencies be lowered gradually to prevent biological harm? What you really need here is a team of MIT Scientists to help resolve the problem they created!

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