Vitaliano Clathrin GQD Neural Interface Technology Consolidated Globally Under Obama Brain Initiative

This segment is part of the larger story about how Transhumanists are bringing about their Singularity utilizing 5G, Graphene Oxide, mRNA technology.. and your FEAR. I encourage you to take “GQD Particle: The Transhumanist Quantum Agenda” from the top. SPM

The Obama Brain Initiative is Manhattan Project 2.0, the nuclear bombing of your neurons.  1

“The BRAIN Initiative is jointly led by NIH, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency of the U.S. Department of Defense, National Science Foundation, and Food and Drug Administration. Private organizations are also committed to ensuring success through investment in the initiative. The White House will hold an event later this year to feature the role of additional organizations in achieving the President’s bold vision.” Obama White House press release. 2

Clathrin mRNA GQD inventor Franco Vitaliano was lead scientist for the Obama White House “Brain (Interface) Initiative”. 3

As the head of PITAC, which oversees IARPA, the private DARPA set up before Obama’s Brain Initiative, Franco has the ultimate power in spreading the NWO’s “brain chip” under the guise of health and well-being. 4

Among the working group members: It includes The DIRECTOR OF NIH FRANCIS COLLINS…. AND…. the BILL & MELINDA GATES FOUNDATION, BlackRock, Glaxo/Smith/Kline, FDA. 5  (DELETED FROM THE WEB)

Anthony Fauci was responsible for the funding of “the Brain Initiative” under the NIH umbrella. 6  Financed by Collins and Fauci at NIH. 7

The Brain Initiative was similar to the Human Genome Project. Francis Collins led BOTH! 8

The following is a conversation with Francis Collins, director of the NIH, the National Institutes of Health, appointed and reappointed to the role by three presidents, Obama, Trump and Biden. He oversees 27 separate institutes and centers, including NIAID, which makes him Anthony Fauci’s boss.

At the NIH, Francis helped launch and led a huge number of projects that pushed the frontiers of science, health, and medicine, including one of my favorites, the BRAIN Initiative, that seeks to implement “cognitively disruptive” technologies against people under the guise of mapping the human brain and understanding how the function arises from the neural circuitry. 9

Before the NIH, Francis led the Human Genome Project, one of the largest and most ambitious efforts in the history of science.  You have been mapped, and now they are implementing the technology to interface and harvest you.

All developed under Francis Collins, and Donald Trump kept Collins on as NIH Director. 10  Look at his timeline!

This completely ties all the protein research to the neural research. 11

Francis Collins’ mentor was Sherman Weissman! SV40 guy himself!  

Under Weissman “at Yale, Collins worked under the direction of Sherman Weissman, and in 1984 the two published a paper, “Directional cloning of DNA fragments at a large distance from an initial probe: a circularization method”. The method described was named chromosome jumping, to emphasize the contrast with an older and much more time-consuming method of copying DNA fragments called chromosome walking.” 12

Interestingly, those genes were introduced when building the Clathrin Nanobots. Vitaliano used cell lines with the sv40 antigen. 13

In the Obama Whitehouse archive, Franco Vitaliano confirms the importance of Clathrin GQD nanotechnology. The use of the Clathrin bio‐nanoplatform is presented under three very different guises; drug delivery, quantum computing, and as a bio‐nanolaser.

He also confirms their applications are for DARPA. DARPA and the Brain Initiative. 14

Vitaliano also confirms that his nanotechnology was for Obama’s National Brain Initiative which would come with “large payoff.” I am guessing NIH Funding, approved by Collins and Fauci. 15

ExQor received 6 Billion dollars in funding in 2017, funded directly by NIH. 16

Gordana was the one that coordinated the funding with NIH. 17 Dr. Gordana Vitaliano not only was a recipient of funding from NIH, but sits on the panel that gave out money from NIH for Brain research.  

The Vitaliano’s sat at the head of the technology flow, and the financial flow.  They only give money to people using their technology in the pipeline.  All sponsored by Collins NIH and Fauci’s Fort Detrick. 18

NIH had unlimited funding, they were funding ExQor.

NIH tied to Los Alamos, NIH was the financial pipeline.

Gordana sat on as an expert in NIH review panels, granting and getting money, and authorizing who’s programs moved forward, and who did not.

This is more Rothschild Chinese Pharmaceutical Circle Jerks out of their rebuilt IG Farben labs in Wuhan China. Consistently the same players. 19

August 2022, ExQor started treating the disease they helped to create, “Long COVID”. 20

In a hilarious case of irony, ExQor once used the phrase “carbon nanotubes”, the very rGO that causes the damage 21, in their “Safety First” message!

“ExQor’s safe and environment-friendly nanoscale bio-structures are the best choice for numerous applications, such as consumer electronics, industrial and process control, and national security. The technology is also cooperative and complementary with other technologies including semiconductors, as well as with many different types of nanotechnologies. ExQor’s “green” bio-nanotechnology makes other nanotechnologies such as carbon nanotubes and Fullerenes more capable, environmentally cleaner, and safer for people.” 22

Carbon Nanotubes = Graphene Oxide (GO) 23

Vitaliano’s company ExQor is partnered with pharmaceutical and Tech companies, they license out the technology. BlackRock, Musk’s Neuralink, … all these companies are not developing brain chip technology, they are developing applications of Vitaliano’s brain chip technology.

This, in keeping with Vitaliano’s commitment to creating a global, universal neural interface, all global Brain Initiatives were set up under the same umbrella.  All brain initiatives worked as one. 24

The Obama BRAIN Initiative is part of the International Brain Initiative, an international collaboration to catalyze and advance neuroscience research through sharing knowledge, uniting diverse ambitions, and disseminating discoveries for the benefit of humanity. 25

THE INTERNATIONAL BRAIN INITIATIVE: International Brain Initiative  INCLUDES: China Brain Project and Korean Brain INITIATIVE. 26  Korea Brain Initiative, and who is the lead investigator there…. None other than alt-COVID e-celebrity truther, KEVIN McCAIRN. 27

News reports said the research would map the dynamics of neuron activity in mice and other animals and eventually the tens of billions of neurons in the human brain.

In a 2012 scientific commentary outlining experimental plans for a more limited project, Alivisatos et al. outlined a variety of specific experimental techniques that might be used to achieve what they termed a “functional connectome”, as well as new technologies that will have to be developed in the course of the project. They indicated that initial studies might be done in Caenorhabditis elegans, followed by Drosophila, because of their comparatively simple neural circuits. Mid-term studies could be done in zebrafish, mice, and the Etruscan shrew, with studies ultimately to be done in primates and humans. They proposed the development of nanoparticles that could be used as voltage sensors that would detect individual action potentials, as well as nanoprobes that could serve as electrophysiological multielectrode arrays. In particular, they called for the use of wireless, noninvasive methods of neuronal activity detection, either utilizing microelectronic very-large-scale integration, or based on synthetic biology rather than microelectronics. In one such proposed method, enzymatically produced DNA would serve as a “ticker tape record” of neuronal activity, based on calcium ion-induced errors in coding by DNA polymerase. Data would be analyzed and modeled by large scale computation. A related technique proposed the use of high-throughput DNA sequencing for rapidly mapping neural connectivity. 28

The timeline proposed by the Working Group in 2014 is: 29

2016–2020: technology development and validation
2020–2025: application of those technologies in an integrated fashion to make fundamental new discoveries about the brain

2025?  So most of the neurons have been grown already within the body?

Franco Vitaliano is aka Joseph Mengale; Mengele with the entire planet as his laboratory!

There are two fundamentals people are missing:

  1. Without 5G, there is NO functioning vaccine.
  2. With 5G, anything imaginable becomes fuel for the vaccine.

There are no “sides”, there are only “chips” and Quantum Enslavement. Use your own mind or die inside their hive.

Blushield EMF Protection: CIN 

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