Rantidine inhibits Vitalinao’s cell lines that delivers the Clathrin nanobot.

Vitaliano’s Clathrin GQD neural interface 1 requires the NF-kB pathway, the immune system itself, utilizing HEK-293 cell lines that contain sv40. 2

Can we inhibit the cell line?


The FDA removed all Ranitidine products off the market in April 2022. 3 Why?

Ranitidine upregulates the NF-KB pathway improving the immune system specifically by INHIBITING TUMOR GROWTH.

[Oh, it cures Cancer?] 4

They took Ranitidine (Zantac) off the market and replaced it with Pepcid. Famotidine! 5

This is also involved with the inhibition of the LASP-1 gene that may be linked to the Clathrin Triskelion.

It INHIBITS the H2 receptor on the Cell lines they used, which means it probably inhibits the fucken Cell lines themselves!!! HEK293 cell lines that carry the SV40!!!

Famotidine doesn’t but Ranitidine does!!! 6

The Cell Lines they used to create the Clathrin Nanotechnology!

They cured COVID in Hamsters using Ranitidine Bismuth Citrate! So will everyone go running to this form of Ranitidine? I hope not because this form will only cause an INCREASE in GO to rGO Conversion! It will NOT work…. you need the old Ranitidine that was pulled from the market! 7

It doesn’t inhibit viral loads, it inhibits the actual HEK293 gene they inserted that grows their Clathrin and collects rGO/GO from circulation which is causing the inflammation in the first place!

Trump was taking Famotidine and it was better than the old Ranitidine? Total BS they controlled the narrative! 8

So they pushed Ranitidine Bismuth Citrate in Hamsters, all the while growing more carbon nanotubes. Honestly, it just gets worse and worse!

This NWO doctor promoted Ranitidine Bismuth Citrate; “its better than the old Ranitidine”! LMAO! 9

All retailers stopped selling Zantac, though the product is as good as recalled now and is no longer on the market. In 2021, Sanofi introduced a replacement for Zantac, and they called it Zantac 360…. wow…. doesn’t get any more nefarious than this!

But, if Ranitidine (original) inhibits the HEK293 cell lines in the Clathrin Nanotechnology…. you will need it for life till we can find a permanent blocker for these cell lines. We are open to suggestions?

You can still buy generic ranitidine? 10

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