How Blushield EMF Protection Works

“You can’t see Blushield, but you can experience Blushield.”

Scalar Wave Fields will Protect You from Magnetic Field Poisoning & Help You Heal.

Did you know that NASA initially developed a small Schumann resonance device, which generated a 7.8 hertz magnetic field?

This was done to help astronauts that would experience symptoms of nausea, changes in energy levels, immune system issues, aggressive behavior, etc. when they were outside of the Earth’s magnetic field.

Being outside the Earth’s natural frequencies caused major problems. Today, we’re bombarded with unnatural frequencies all the time, which makes it harder for the cells of the body to tune into the frequencies of nature we have evolved with and adapted to. This, too, can lead to issues.

When people start using Blushield devices, what do they often report?

  • More relaxed and “chill”.
  • Better able to focus.
  • Able to spend more time in front of a computer.
  • Less tired, zapped eyes.
  • Greater energy.
  • Better quality sleep.

How does it do this? The fact is that EMF’s are not bad for the body, not by themselves. It really depends on how they occur and how often.

Blushield devices do not heal anything. Instead, they allow your body to work more like it’s supposed to.

The healing power that is naturally there as your birthright.

When it’s not fighting the stress of negative EMF’s 24/7, it can clean house. The body heals itself. In fact, that’s the only way healing ever happens. Blushield devices help to create the right environment for your body to heal. More energy is made available. Nutrients are delivered into the cells where they are needed, and toxins can be removed from the cells more efficiently.

NOW the body can do what it is supposed to do.

Blushield devices utilize a highly complex algorithmic code that is based on natural laws and principles, such as the Phi ratio. The microprocessing technology balances randomization with coherent energy. It’s far beyond just the Schumann frequency. This is important, because with all technology, we tend to find out down the road that those devices that are not built according to natural laws have negative effects that aren’t always apparent right away, even when they are believed to be within a “beneficial range”.

The fact is that you’re surrounded by natural frequencies all the time.

It’s easiest to think in terms of sound frequencies, but this applies to all kinds of other frequencies, as well.

At the beach, you hear the ebb and flow of waves crashing on the shore. The waves are not a constant sound. There are millions of different frequencies and harmonics happening all the time.

Or think about the wind rustling through trees. Each leaf shaking against another is generating a unique frequency of sound with a randomized, changing amplitudes.

None of these frequencies are constant. If they were, like the Wi-Fi signal, it would aggravate your body and cells. Natural frequencies all tend to come and go and change. Blushield devices replicate this by having millions of different intermittent frequencies within the human responsive range occurring every 30 seconds. These are both random in one sense (meaning your body is never stimulated by the same combination of frequencies twice) yet the energy is coherent with many layers of code and multiple waveforms that essentially send signals that the body entrains with.

Spontaneous frequencies are positive to the body. Constant, repetitive frequencies are not.

In addition, Blushield devices have a scalar component to them that is five times as powerful as the EMF’s. These work in tandem to help your cells work even better.

What this all accomplishes is that your body is better able to operate as it should be able to, without the interference that negative EMF’s bring. Blushield doesn’t BLOCK negative EMF’s, instead it provides a STRONGER signal, one that is based on natural principles, that your body wants to tune into.

I like to use the analogy of the dial on on those old school televisions. If you rotate the dial to channel 9, the TV is tuned to pick up the information in the energy waves flying through the air to create sound and light frequencies that make up a coherent picture that is your television show. Just because you are tuned into channel 9 doesn’t mean that channel 12 frequencies aren’t bouncing around in the same room. It just means the TV is tuned to a different frequency range.

Likewise, Blushield sends signals to the cells in a specific way to where the body no longer perceives the EMF as a threat. Since the body is used to mounting an immune response to fight these unnatural, repetitive frequencies, the body is able to reallocate immune power to balancing the body, which can cause a detox effect in some people.

The more time you spend in the field generated by Blushield, the better off you’ll be.

This is essential, especially when you’re traveling. You’re under added stress already from new microbes, new people, changes in food, and the radiation that comes from flying in airplanes. If you’re in any city, just take a look at your smartphone and all the different Wi-Fi signals it can pick up!

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Scalar Wave Fields will Protect & Heal You from Magnetic Field Poisoning.