ImmunaZin and Enzoimmune Active! COVID/HIV/Cancer Prophylactic/Therapeutic Exists!… But we need a chemist…

Did you think the NWO would release a bioweapon without a prophylactic or a cure? Well here is the “prophylactic” that will boost your immune system against COVID-19, HIV and cancer! The problem is the ingredients list has been blacked out but the principle components are described.

The company manufacturing is in Cantech Pharma Inc, formerly Immunotech Laboratories Inc. Immunotech holds the licensing rights of the Irreversible Pepsin Fraction (IPF) peptide molecule for the specific treatment and preventing of the HIV/AIDS. IPF is a peptide molecule that has an affinity to irreversibly bind with the HIV virus’ peptide components identified as gp41 and gp120 antigens, rendering them useless, and taking away from them their stealthiness and their capability to destroy the immune system. The very same antigens that are causing the COVID-19 infection!

Irreversible Pepsin Fraction (IPF) is a highly purified pepsin protein extract. IPF has been extensively studied for its safety as well as for its immune modulation characteristics both in animals and human subjects. These immune modulation characteristics of IPF as well as its ability to treat HIV/AIDS patients has demonstrated the unique characteristics of IPF, in being a very highly purified single Pepsin protein extract which has very high Immune modulating characteristics. HIV/AIDS patients treated with IPF demonstrate a rapid modulation of the patients immune system, in a very short period of time (4 – 8 weeks), and does not require extensive administration of IPF.

How do these Pepsin Fragments work? We don’t know the mechanism of binding and viral inactivation, but we believe that these “Pepsin fragments” bind to the “furin cleavage binding site” on the viral spike proteins thus blocking the furin protein on the body cells from binding to the spike protein which activates viral entry. Why? Pepsin is a protease and is similar in structure and function to furin protein. On an aside: Anyone promoting the use of antacids such as Famotidine which block production of pepsin are intentionally harming you!

On January 30, 2009 Immunotech Laboratories Inc. entered into a licensing agreement with Ara Ghanime and Harry Zhabilov wherein the Company received a license from the Zhabilov Trust for use of the patents underlying use of IPF in treatment of HIV/AIDS.  The original patent holder of the IPF (Inactivated Pepsin Fragments) patent was Harry Zhabilov that bind to GP120/Gp41 and will in 4-8 weeks cure patients of HIV and will work on both COVID-19 and Cancer. These patents were filed in 2004:

Here is the prophylactic called ImmunaZin an FDA approved immune booster that can no longer be found on the market. Immunotech did allow online orders in December 2020 before the vaccines were introduced.

ImmunaZin is also Enzoimmune Active. Although it’s FDA approved it is only available in Europe. And the company behind it is Enzolytics!

Take a look at their logos!

Rosetta Lifecare Bulgaria Ltd. produces Enzoimmune Active for the European market, however their primary distribution is to Islamic nations. We contacted Rosetta to find out if they were part of the Enzolytics corporation, however they claimed they are a private company producing under license. Their logo says otherwise?

Seems that Rosetta is delivering prophylactic only to the Islamic State? One look at their board members confirms the Chabad-Khan-UN Islamic State Axis! The EU will fall soon!

Harry Zhabilov is the Executive Vice President of Immunotech and Chief Scientific Officer and founder of Enzolytics the makers of ITV-1 the only known cure for all HIV Variants, all COVID-19 variants and cancer. ITV-1 is a suspension of Inactivated Pepsin Fragments (IPF).


Here is all we know about the ingredients from the packaging labels:


We have also obtained the 2012 “Pepsin Extraction Process from Swine Wastes” article by E. Jurado that was used to extract the pepsin cited in the FDA submission along with other articles that were cited:

“Pepsin Extraction Process from Swine Wastes”

“Inactivated pepsin inhibits neutrophil activation by Fcgamma-receptor-dependent and independent stimuli”

Sigma Aldrich Pepsin Powder

US patent Document 7479538

This is the recommended daily intake schedule of ImmunaZin:

CIN has the FDA Dietary Ingredient Notification Safety Information for ImmunaZin. The ingredients and manufacturing process are missing but a good Chemist can figure out the basic protocol and ingredients that may be similar to this prophylactic. We ask CIN readers to share this far and wide… and let’s work together is driving this NWO scum off the planet! For our families, for our children… for mankind!

At this rate, Rothschild is getting the Europe he wants, and Canada and USA is to be replaced my migrant slaves. The west will have the highest kill ratio. G7 nations are fucked, replaced by Islamists with pockets full of ITV-1.


Following is the response from the FDA:

Are Enzoimmune Active and ImmunaZin the same? Here is Rosetta’s write up indicating the same patent number and that it is FDA approved:

This is taken directly from their site:

And here is ImmunaZin product with the exact same patent number and statement it cleared FDA approval in 2012. So why are they delaying the rollout in the USA of this IPF compound that should be beneficial for treating not only HIV but also COVID and Cancer? My guess is the NWO wants a high death toll in the USA, the heart of the “free world” on the planet!

Note the website in this graphic… Cannaworx…. owned by Zabilov Trust. And Harry Zhabilov of Enzolytics was primary owner of Cannaworx.

Here is the 2018 document that shows it is the same substance:

Page 21 of the document clearly shows that the IPF pepsin fragments were already approved by the FDA!

The FDA verifies the identity of NDI 1083…ITV-1.

On page 9 and 10 on the file the FDA, identifies this NDI in basically four documents, the fourth document is the patent:

The fourth document referring to the extract or amino acid chain Inactivated Pepsin Fragment that is listed under US Patent Number: US 7479538 Document Kind: B2 Patent Title: Irreversibly-inactivated pepsinogen fragment Named Inventors: ZHABILOV HARRY H Applicants (Assignees): ZHABILOV TRUST Agents: Cislo & Thomas, LLP Filing Date: 7/11/2005 Issue/Pub Date: 1/20/2009 Patent Termination: Expires: 7/11/2025

Here are the three patent documents that were filed:

1. Patent US 7479538 B2 filed July 11, 2005

2. Here is the second updated patent US 8066982 B2 filed January 16, 2009

3. And here is the current patent US 8309072 B2 Filed on June 18, 2009 which is a continuation of the previous patent.

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  1. Thanks for the intel and yes they suppress the good medicine and give us shitsandwiches which is unfortunate but not unexpected by a death cult that wants to depopulate the planet of all the ‘useless eaters’… they definitely don’t want us to have good health and access to products that are affordable and natural – check out http://clc.healthcare site too

  2. (2019) ‘Samsung BioLogics destroyed evidence to hide accounting fraud for months’ https://www.koreabiomed.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=6510
    (2009) AGREEMENT RE CONSIDERATION FOR LICENSING OF PATENT “This agreement is irrevocable and can not be reversed or changed without the strict written agreement of both Harry H. Zhabilov and Ara A. Ghanime. Furthermore this agreement will be rendered void and all licensing rights will be reversed and terminated if any of this agreement’s conditions are not met.” https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1137117/000109690609000212/immb8k121208ex10-1.htm (2008) HIV, AIDS Therapy Developer Heads to Court in Company Feud https://labusinessjournal.com/news/2008/oct/20/hiv-aids-therapy-developer-heads-to-court-in/

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