Scalar Wave Fields will Protect You from Magnetic Field Poisoning & Help You Heal.

Electromagnetic frequencies are being released from 5G Towers, 4G Towers retrofitted with 5G, Satellites, and the Power Grid itself. These frequencies include both high EMFs and low EMFs called ELFs (Extremely Low Frequencies).

The high EMFs are implicated in cancer, autoimmune disease, inflammation by activating the cytokine storm, reactivating dormant virus.

While the low ELFs cause body system malfunction: Heart attacks, epileptic seizures, mental health disorders, hallucinations, anxiety, behavior modification and brain control.

Both wave frequencies are harmful, but the NWO is using MODULATING waves to combine both HIGH and LOW frequencies to trigger inflammation. INFLAMMATION is the root of all evil in the body and can trigger everything from chronic disease (autoimmune disease) to Cancer.

CORONA: The COVID-19 & Electromagnetic Frequencies Story

5G Solenoids create Magnetic Fields

If you are concerned about harmful EMF’s, you can test your environment yourself.

Measuring Magnetic Field’s

We have shown how these frequencies are directly related to the symptoms incorrectly being attributed to Long COVID.


There is a solution!

Blushield devices emit a multi wave scalar field designed and proven to create an energetic faraday within atomic structures. This enables the biological and atomic processes of the body to remain in cohesion thus preventing cellular and atomic manipulation by EMF.

Blushield provides protection at the cell level from frequencies from the geopathic up to thermal levels (once you are into directed energy weapons frequencies all bets are off!).”

Clive Ord, Blushield Canada

How Blushield EMF Protection Works

We at CIN believe the best unit for home or office use is the C1 Ultimate Cube. With the modulating frequencies and pulsing, there is no reason to cheap out. We have tested the Premium Ultra and the C1 Cube, and the C1 Cube is remarkably more effective.

(Canada) (USA)

For portable use, we believe the T1 Ultimate Portable is the way to go. Comparable strength devices include X1 Ultimate Pendant and W1 Ultimate Watch.

(Canada) (USA)

Blushield Canada currently has a bundle deal for these two devices.


We also encourage consuming distilled water as part of your EMF radiation detox.

Distilled Water (dH2O) Vital in EMF/GO Detoxification

For information about Blushield, Scalar related technology, and precious discount codes please visit the link below.

Buying Blushield EMF Protection


For in depth research on the harms of Magnetic Fields, we defer to the work of Martin L Pall.


The use of scalar waves in electromagnetic shielding has been around successfully since the 1980’s.


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