MetaQor tm Shortening The Drug Discovery Pipeline

This segment is part of the larger story about how Transhumanists are bringing about their Singularity utilizing 5G, Graphene Oxide, mRNA technology.. and your FEAR. I encourage you to take “GQD Particle: The Transhumanist Quantum Agenda” from the top. SPM

MetaQor, subdivision of Franco Vitaliano’s ExQor Technologies, is the central holding company of the Pharmaceutical industry that distributes Clathrin mRNA neural interface technology down to the stakeholders. Pharmaceutical technologies that have enabled 8 billion people to get “chipped” without their knowledge.

Franco Vitaliano controls this flow under the guise of “HIV Drug Pipeline” that supplies all the neural link tech to subsidiary military and corporate organizations.

Moderna, Exqor, Pfizer BioNtech, Gilead, all the pharmaceutical companies and stakeholders are all working in the pipeline to develop drugs under the guise of finding a cure for HIV. This “pipeline” means exchange and synthesis of systems. It means consolidation of key technologies at the top, and the ability to disseminate the technology down, unbeknownst to most. 1

Coincidently HIV protein gp120 was inserted in the mRNA also, was it inserted as cover? Since they were all working on the HIV pipeline. The HIV pipeline is how they exchange and synthesize the systems, all under DARPA and highly secretive. 2

Brilliantly evil technology courtesy of Franco & Gordana Vitaliano. 3

Have you seen these from Franco? These were found in the Obama White House file and the supporting email documents confirm the use of ExQor/MetaQor/ExQoria technology. The document also includes a list of all participants and it confirms Vitaliano had an important role. 4

Looks like MetaQor was collecting and sequencing DNA GENOMES, but the DNA harvesting was not being done in a lab! 5

Fri 12/2/2011 8:52 AM Re: National Bioeconomy Blueprint/DNA Sequencing

“Hi Tom,

“If you didn’t see it, attached is yesterday’s NYT article about the DNA sequence data glut. Basically, doing DNA analysis is now like drinking water out of a fire hose –

“The result is that the ability to determine DNA sequences is starting to outrun the ability of researchers to store, transmit and especially to analyze the data”. “Data handling is now the bottleneck.” … “It costs more to analyze a genome than to sequence a genome.”…”It’s not at all clear what you do with (all) that data,” …. “Doing a comprehensive analysis of it is essentially impossible at the moment.”

“Clearly, this DNA deficit adversely affects the National Bioeconomy in many different ways.

“Originally, we were thinking about doing data discovery with our planned new software product, see attached. We branded this product MetaQor and it uses cloud computing. However, our new system is also a superb tool for very high throughput DNA data sequencing and analysis.

“The MetaQor Cloud for DNA data sequencing and analysis could be made available to all Internet users at no or minimal cost, providing a key infrastructure element in the National Bioeconomy–IF we can solve the energy requirements to run the system. Large scale server plants consume huge amounts of electricity and adversely affect the economics. Researching and developing ways to economically solve this problem using alternative energy could make for an interesting, high payoff DOE grant. Would your office or OST have contacts at the DOE with whom I could speak to about this?

“Many thanks, Franco”


“Franco Vitaliano President & CEO ExQor Technologies, Inc”

He then provides the following attachment:

“ExQor has developed a unique new model of human cognition based on the brain’s dynamic biological and developmental processes, from infancy to adulthood. It is not AI, nor a neural net. It is something totally new in cognitive science. The product name is MetaQor tm and it uses a cloud computing architecture.” 6

Basically, if you’ve been vaccinated, swabbed or infected… they have your entire GENOME!

This is MetaQor’s purpose, as laid out in the Obama White House Archives under the Obama Brain Interface Initiative. Self-aware cognitive clouds. 7

mRNA Developer, Obama “Brain Interface” Tzar, Directly Connected to Fauci & AI Transhumanist COVID Agenda

There are two fundamentals people are missing:

  1. Without 5G, there is NO functioning vaccine.
  2. With 5G, anything imaginable becomes fuel for the vaccine.

There are no “sides”, there are only “chips” and Quantum Enslavement. Use your own mind or die inside their hive.

Blushield EMF Protection: CIN 

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