Dr. Ana Mihalcea: Qoco LoQo

Dr. Ana once offered to confirm some of our analysis clinically. Her initial email.

March 23, 2023

“Dear Dr Rotatore,

“I am excited to see you work and the similarities of conclusions, I will look at the articles this weekend in detail.

“I would love to chat and join forces if we can in some way. I am always looking for scientists/ doctors who come to similar conclusions… in the US I am a bit of a lone voice… My colleagues are scattered around the world…. But there is strength in numbers.

However, changed her tune dramatically and would not continue working with us, one reason being we did not have enough clinical data. She did not even take the weekend to review our site as she said. This is the email:

March 24, 2023

“I disagree with much on the website. The research and patents are certainly interesting, but the conclusions are incorrect.”

We at CIN have a wealth of research and conclusions, albeit theoretical. It was through Dr. Ana’s expertise and equipment we hoped to see some clinical evidence.

“There is no discussion of Hydrogel, which is what we really find in the blood. Clinically I have proven that high dose electron donors – antioxidants –  with EDTA clear the blood and do not worsen it. I have reversed most severe symptoms. The statements about front line doctors are false and really does harm to the people seeking care.

First of all, she clearly did not read much of the site as there are hundreds of references to hydrogels. This article “ENDGAME: LUCIFERASE, REDUCED GRAPHENE OXIDE AND THE RISE OF THE CLATHRIN NANOBOT” 1 is all about hydrogels. However, hydrogel is a generic term. We prefer the specific term Clathrin Graphene Quantum Dot. 2

Claiming to clear blood with EDTA is wild. She may have reduced inflammation, but she most certainly did not reverse anything. She did the opposite, Dr. Ana is accelerating the neural lace. 3 My concerns about health professionals all pushing the universal Front Line Protocols are legitimate.

“Some information is interesting, but others clinically not validated, and assuming what I have not found to be true.

Yes, we were going to have our work validated or not by her independent analysis of our theories. There is no scientific integrity in this statement. She is dismissing us with prejudice.

“While one can debate points above, I tend to side with clinical evidence. This is not a clinician writing this, but someone who is assuming from literature how something works without validating it.

Dr. Rotatore, who conducts her own research, and verifies mine, has over 30 years of clinical experience. She hold a PhD in Biochemistry with specialization in Physiology. She received a Post-Doctoral Fellowship from NATO/ Research Council of Canada and nominee for the Anette P. Nelson Award by the Royal Society of Canada. She is also a certified Health Sciences Teacher and developed the Healthcare Curriculum for the Ministry Of Education and the Personal Support Worker Curriculum for the Ministry Of Education in Ontario. She was a research associate at several universities and taught Science and Medical  Biosciences for several University and College Nursing Programs.

Dr. Ana knew this. Wanted to work with us. But shut the door in our face. Hmm.

“I have not seen Scalar technology clear the blood either. Many frequency bands make the Hydrogel grow. I have done live blood analysis on people using scalar technology – blood remains contaminated.

I’m going to have to go ahead and call bullshit on this. Firstly, she misrepresents scalar waves. They are not frequency based, they are scalar. That is the point of scalar, to mitigate the frequencies so that nanotechnology does not multiply. 4

“I find the situation much more complex then what is portrayed. It is not just GO + 5G.”

Yes, the situation is far more complex. It’s not just GO + 5G. There is also the mRNA. We explicitly state mRNA + GO + 5G is the binary weapons system required for the neural interface to work. 5

It is clear to me she did not read the context of the site, and most certainly did not spend any time reviewing the endless hours of citations. The lack of scientific integrity is enormous, but we at CIN have seen this over and over and over again. It seems every time we contact a Front Line Doc or an e-celebrity truther with our research, only negative things happen.

The fact that Dr. Ana went from happy to work with us, to refusing to work with us with prejudice, I can only assume she is not working alone. Did you believe there would be the release of a universal neural interface and that they’d not have a way to keep both “sides” in line? Did you not realize the Rockefeller’s took over Allopathic Medicine, but also Naturopathic and Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well? 6 7

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