Scalar Waves or Tesla Telaforce

What is scalar energy? What is a scalar field? We get these questions A LOT. These are important questions if you are serious about protecting yourself from EMF.

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Many electronically powered devices that we have seen being promoted as “scalar” energy systems still utilize high voltage radio frequency or magnetic fields, which can produce scalar fields if done correctly, yet they still produce measurable electromagnetic fields that are repetitive and cause harm, long term.

So how do you use electricity to create pure scalar informational fields with lower power usage and no magnetic fields? That is exactly what Blushield has pioneered and innovated over the last 30 years, utilizing microprocessing and crystal photonics. Our technology is the only one on the market that uses 100% pure scalar output as the carrier signal, delivering the frequency information at the cell level.

Since very few understand scalar energy, Brandon Amalani of Blushield USA will expand on this in his following articles.

In this Scalar 101 article, you will learn what scalar is, as well as:

  • The history of scalar energy in science and electromagnetics
  • How scalar isn’t inherently good or bad
  • How Blushield uses scalar carrier waves
Scalar Energy, Biology and Consciousness
Scalar Energy and EMF

Learn about Blushield’s one of a kind technology:

Tesla Coils, Copper Toxicity, and Blushield’s Revolutionary Scalar Microprocessors

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Also enjoy this “dumbed down” video about Scalar Wave, or more specifically Tesla Teleforce.

TESLA’S Secret TECH: Tesla Teleforce or Scalar ‘waves’. What they are.

HOW TO: BLOCK 5G thru signal attenuation in a room. 5G avoidance.

Tesla’s Scalar & Wireless Power System.

Buying Blushield EMF Protection

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