Vaccinated, swabbed or infected, the dark overlords of the NWO have introduced the final endgame called Graphene Quantum Dots. GQD have been quietly been inserted in vaccines, COVID swabs and potentially other medications that will result in the transmission of SARS-COV-2.

This fact is acknowledged in this NIH Paper:


However, these Quantum Dots are self assembling proteins and lipids with AI capacity. There is a patent that includes the LIPID NANOPARTICLES constructed using Polyethylene Glycol 3350 which contains GRAPHENEN OXIDE. Yes a living transmissible NANOBOT covered with GRAPHENE OXIDE OUTERCOAT.

My understanding is that we’re dealing with carbon nanotubes, quantum dots & graphene oxide. Graphene is the carbon and this is synthetic biology mixed and powered by Nano routers, heat & Wi-Fi. Intelligent hydrogels that use AI. We’re being hacked and overtaken from within.

They have the capacity to enter cells where they self-replicate, assemble and can be released by cells. They are powered by Magnetic Fields from 5G Towers, Satellites and Power lines. Here is the Patent:


Again, these NANOBOTS are self-replicating and assembled by MAGNETIC FIELDS FROM 5G TOWERS, SATELLITES & POWER GRID!





CORONA: The COVID-19 & Electromagnetic Frequencies Story

Can they be deactivated? These are intelligent AI-driven NANOBOTS and that are ACTIVATED BY MAGNETIC FIELDS which includes MRI and EMPs! Which means the circuit has to be deactivated.


Huzzah! A Scalar Wave Field Generator, or Torus, will Decouple your Brain from the Clathrin mRNA Neural Interface.

A Scalar Wave Field Generator, or Torus, will Decouple your Brain from the Clathrin mRNA Neural Interface.

So where exactly is the Graphene oxide? The authors of the patent indicate that they used Polyethylene Glycol 3350 in the production of these protein-lipid based nanobots. The very same PEG 3350 used to manufacture the lipid nanoparticles in the vaccine that was financed by the Trudeau Foundation… aka… THE TRUDEAU CRIME FAMILY.

MITACS/Canada Inc. The Trudeau Foundation’s Quiet War Command Center.

Those lipid nanoparticles act to deliver the mRNA into cells. In doing so they stick to the actual cell membrane carrying with it the PEG-Graphene Oxide. When exposed to electromagnetic fields the Graphene Oxide stimulates SPIKE PROTEIN production.


Reduced Graphene Oxide: The Real Problem Behind 5G

How do we know this? The inventor of these living NANOBOTS, FRANCO VITALIANO, led the development of this new nanoplatform that could cross the blood-brain barrier and deliver drugs and diagnostic agents to the brain.

Graphene Quantum Dots are the Living Neural Interface “chip” for NWO AI

He served as an expert in bio-nanotechnology on the US President’s Innovation and Technology Advisory Committee (PITAC, The White House, Obama), on which he advised US policy for the NANOTECH industry.

mRNA Developer, Obama “Brain Interface” Tzar, Directly Connected to Fauci & AI Transhumanist COVID Agenda


Don’t believe me yet? Here is a paper on this new NANOTECH that allows these NANOBOT to deliver drugs into your body….AND… they are using INTRANASAL, INTRAVENOUS, INTRAPERITONEAL (rectum) methods! Hence the nose and rectal swabs! They use a protein called Clathrin which is found everywhere in your body that has been reconstructed with lipid nanoparticles with GRAPHENE OXIDE in the membrane.


The new one dose vaccines will ensure the delivery of ferritin nanoparticles to the brain directly. The SAME ferritin nanoparticles have been used to make Magneto 2.0 that have been used to control the “brain” in zebrafish.

New Bivalent Vaccine, Another Nail In the Coffin

You see the Clathrin Nanobots cannot transmit messages remotely (and my guess is that it has to do with EMF transmission at greater distances). When working with a ferromagnet like ferritin, neural control would be possible.

Clathrin nanotechnology can also take up Ferritin directly into brain cells! Basically they have built the Graphene Oxide circuit and NOW THEY NEED TO CONTROL IT! This is how they will control the BRAINS of the stupid sheeple who will take the ONE TIME VACCINE DOSES THAT HAS BEEN RELEASED!


The other major lipid nanoparticle is the gp120/hiv spike protein we have covered extensively here:

Gain-of-Function Experiments: The SARS-CoV-2/HIV-1 Story

What we do know from Franco Vitaliano work (not indicated in his patent) is that these Clathrin protein-based nanobots operate in the weak microwave range (1 -1000 GHz) that are similar to high EMF frequencies coming from Cell Towers, Cell Phones, Routers etc. They are not ELFs but the entire mechanism is dependent on Graphene Oxide as the bran interphase which is being monitored remotely and is capable of sending smaller electromagnetic frequencies ELFs directly to nerve cells of the brain.

There are research articles indicating that this Clathrin protein can be used for remote monitoring using the Internet of Things (IoT). And although they have the capacity to monitor the brain at HIGH EMF frequencies, smaller electromagnetic frequencies, such as a table lamp, can activate them.

What does this mean? They can be activated with smaller ELF frequencies and your brain cells can be controlled… BUT you still require HIGHER EMFs to send the messages back remotely!! Without HIGH EMFs they cannot monitor you and your brain functions!


Luciferase fuels mRNA Clathrin Nanobot

The downside to all this is that these Clathrin protein carriers also act to move GRAPHENE OXIDE into cells which is highly problematic especially for the gut lining exposed to external GRAPHENE which when stimulated with EMFs will result in the burning of the gut lining. We suspect GO is found in your foods, medicine, dairy, pharmaceuticals and chemtrails.


This CLATHRIN PROTEIN has been shown to act as the carrier for both the SARS-CoV-1 infection of 2004 and the more recent SARS-CoV-2 infection of 2019. The NWO just figured out a way to weaponize this protein and have inserted its mRNA code into the vaccine and COVID swab.

Furthermore, we believe that this genetic sequence was intended to produce a lethal virus using our body cells as factories for production and which in turn also act as nanobots able to control humans. They have achieved what scientist never thought was possible; the synthesis of a live virus by human beings.


What we do know is that the NWO has introduced AI into the body of billions of unsuspecting people who took the vaccine or swabbed and those who were INFECTED as well. They are AIRBORNE and they are produced based on FREQUENCY when the NWO decides to introduce a wave they call COVID.

These Quantum Dots have AI capacity and can understand your thoughts, actions and behaviour. They can terminate your life. Once exposed you will have considerable pain especially during the “COVID wave”…aka…”Magnetic Field waves”. Each wave pushing you closer and closer into being “locked into” their MATRIX where you will be fooled into believing you are in good health while your body rots from within. For those of you unvaccinated, unswabbed and uninfected you are mankind’s last hope.


Yuval Noah Harari, advisor to WEF & Klaus Schwab: “total biometric surveillance”… “we need not just to monitor people, we need to monitor what is happening under their skin”… “corporations and governments are collecting data where we go, who we meet ”…

According to Elon Musk…. These NANOBOTS may have the capacity to dispose of our bodies as well. I guess it’s hard to bury 8 BILLION PEOPLE?


Not that Musk actually cares.

X! The JASON/DARPA, Elon Musk and the Hunter Droid Apocalypse Story

These are the sources of MAGNETIC FIELDS empowering this nanotechnology. Again, we believe that the Graphene Oxide was deliver with lipid nanoparticles and is attached to the cell membrane itself, which is separate from the actual Nanobot, but is required to activate its production.

CoVFeFe. Trump’s Other Silent Genocide.

MAGNETIC FIELDS will also cause endothelial tissue damage with extreme inflammation; people will experience stomach aches, acid reflux, dehydration, conjunctivitis, thrush, runny nose, allergic reactions, tinitus, …


Damage will be done by both high Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) and Low Electromagnetic Fields (ELFs). You will see EMF poisoning of endothelial cells (mouth, eye, stomach, intestines, heart, brain) and suppression of the immune system. There is no humanity.

We suspect that the COVID wave coming out of China will soon be upon us in 2-3 months. (5G Towers were installed in China on October 13, 2019 and here in Canada in January of 2020). The “White Lung” syndrome coming out of China is not a new COVID variant…. it is MAGNETIC FIELD POISONING!



THE NWO CONTROLS THE FREQUENCY!!! The NANOBOTS will continue to multiply and grow in your body and CONTROL your brain and organs until you are their complying slave. YOU will do NOTHING…. YOU will have NOTHING…. YOU will be HAPPY… and YOU will DIE IN THEIR MATRIX!

To simplify things, the NWO used both the vaccine and the swabs as delivery systems for their mRNA that is the genetic information for producing the spike protein and this protein based nanobot (Clathrin). We suspect the spike protein and the nanobot are one and the same. The reason we say this is because this type of nanobot protein (Clathrin) has the capacity to move in and out of the cell with ease and is able to cross the blood-brain barrier; it moves into the cells delivering the genetic material mRNA which then codes for these nanobots.

The Graphene Quantum Dots are excreted within 24 hours from the body…. but because RNA was introduced the body will keep on producing them if TWO conditions prevail: first that there be a high EMF frequency signal and that there be a supply of Graphene oxide coming into the body.

In essence these nanobots are equivalent to a biologically active virus. When it moves out of the cell it carries with it the genetic material to code itself in other cells. The nanobots spread in the body infecting other cells. The MOST important factor in this mechanism is the GRAPHENE OXIDE that is required as the antenna interface to absorb electromagnetic frequencies and activate the production of these proteins.

Graphene Oxide is found in our foods, Chemtrails and many of the vitamins the NWO American Frontline Doctors are pushing on social media. They are encouraging you to saturate your body in nutraceuticals that are either laced with Graphene Oxide or promote its absorption (i.e. Ivermectin, Vitamin D3, Magnesium Citrate etc.).

Warp Speed Neuralink, Front Line Doctors with the Assist

If we can’t figure out how to deactivate the Clathrin Nanobot or deactivate Graphene or stop the EMF pulses…. then a lot of people will die. This is a SLO CULL. The Vaccinated, the swabbed and those infected WILL DIE.

They are growing their NEURAL LACE using the Clathrin Protein Nanocarriers to accumulate the Graphene into the body and the main power source fueling this is the conversion of GO to rGO that is activated by the EMF pulses coming from the Cell Phone Towers, the Satellites and the Power Grid!

Why are the elites not affected? Notice WHEN they make their public appearance? It usually happens OUTSIDE of a COVID-Peak. The peaks themselves are not normal pandemic peaks; they are being manufactured by the elites themselves that control the MAGNETIC FREQUENCIES being emitted from Cell Towers, Satellites and Power Grids! YOU ARE SLOWLY BEING POISONED!




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