Faraday Cloth Testimonial. Confirmation of bodies heightened Magnetic Field

A reader who found us recently has been contacting me about her own experiences and how when she began equating our research to her experiences and symptoms.

“I am writing this because I wanted everyone to know about my experience with what your website calls “Clathrin Nanobots”.

“To start I would like to tell your readers that I was neither infected with COVID nor did I take the vaccine. However, for medical reasons I did take the PCR Test two years ago. Since then I have been suffering with headaches, joint pain, runny nose, full-body burning sensations, runny nose.

“I have never tested positive for COVID nor has my blood work every tested positive for the COVID antibody. I have not had any colds or flu in the last three years and have been away from people living at our family cottage. We do have Cell Towers in our area.

“In the last couple of days, especially during storms, I have been experiencing intense burning inside my gut and inside my brain with intense over heating to the point I had to cover myself with ice-packs in order to reduce the over-heating sensations. After reading your article “Endgame” I thought I could take matters into my own hands and stop the EMF frequencies from entering my body.

“Boy was I wrong!

“We started by deactivating all appliances, routers, cell phones and Wifi. Then we turned off the electricity altogether. Our home was free of all EMF, Magnetic Field and Electrical Field frequencies. The burning still did not subside.

We assumed then that EMF signals were still coming into my body because of all the accumulated Graphene Oxide. We thought perhaps the Titanium plate I had in my knee from a previous sports injury may have been the source of EMF frequency coming into my body, so we built a “Faraday Cloth” wrapper around the knee. Within one hour the burning intensified and my knee was literally on fire! We had to use more ice bags to help subside the burning!

“My husband is an electrician, and he decided to use an electrical meter on me. We then tested the electric field within my body which registered at 2,200 millivolts but we looked it up, the body should only be at -70 millivolts.

“I have now spent the last 8 hours covered in ice because the burning has not subsided. It feels like my insides are literally on fire! What does this all mean?”

The symptoms our reader is experiencing is now becoming all too common. Although it is being referred to as Long Covid, it is really Magnetic Field Poisoning.


We at CIN believe that this Nanotechnology is intelligent. It will not allow you to cut off communication with its host! We believe that our bodies are now indeed electrical due to the reduced Graphene Oxide (rGO) because there was no other source of electricity around to heat up the Faraday cloth.

Graphene Quantum Dots are the Living Neural Interface “chip” for NWO AI

We believe that it doesn’t matter where you run, if there is a cell signal around then you are being zapped with or without a phone!

Reduced Graphene Oxide: The Real Problem Behind 5G

Huzzah, you can defend yourself from Magnetic Field Poisoning with a Scalar Wave Field Generator!

Scalar Wave Fields will Protect & Heal You from Magnetic Field Poisoning.

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