Adam Smith’s Devaccinator is pure torture.

I don’t have much to say about this device, this “technique”, other than it’s dangerous. I think Adam’s own words and videos should be enough to make someone skeptical.

This is Dr.Love’s statement about Adam Smith’s Devaccinator.


My response to Dr. Love is missing, but Adam covers the jist of it in his response: Yes, Adam confirms his electrocucian device will activate nano technology, however, because he is using magnets he is yanking that nano out of the body. That is insane.

First of all, Clathrin is a protein, and Graphene Oxide is carbon. and yeah, they are magnetic, but not in the sense it can be yanked out of a body.

And second, yanking shit out of bodies? Clathrin and Graphene Oxide are replacing neurons and cells. Is he yanking neurons out of peoples brains? This is complete madness.

Third, graphene inside the body is clear. It is technically Graphene Hydroxide, ffs.

I have Adam’s own words here, and then we respond at the end. Total lunatic.

Adam Smith, Derr Vaccinator’s response to me.


Adam Smith, Dr. Love and Dr. Robert Young are part of a strange speudo scientific cult spreading all sorts of disinformation about nanotechnology and vaccines. I used to think these kinds of mistakes were innocent errors, but after engaging with these people I know they are intentional and eggregious lies.


Dr. Love is a total loser. Here is the hit piece she asked me to write about her.

“Doctor” Ariana Love protomotes protocols enhancing warp speed neural interface

Honestly, these people are too much. How desperate are people to put their faith in people so desperate?












Then Adam spammed way too many slides. You can visit the Telegram room. It’s all there.

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