VIDEO: AstraZeneca Developer Blasts Canada’s Vaccine Approach, Wants His Vax “whack[ed] in arms” immediately.

Sir John Bell, the Oxford University Regius Professor of Medicine, has made quite a splash in Canada this last week when he appeared on Evan Solomon’s ‘CTV Question Period’. In this clip going around social media, Bell stated the “whole Canadian approach to vaccines generally … is acting on a lot of hearsay not facts”.

However, listening to the entire interview, there are many items worth noting…

Bell begins the interview by saying it is not his place to comment on Canada’s vaccine rollout, but spends 8 minutes doing just that. He claims Canada has left itself open disaster, says that the Indian strain will “rip through” the country.

The most shocking thing Bell said they’ve studied combining all the vaccines in a large study at Oxford, and the reactions are severe. “not viable””reactogenicity is very severe”. This is currently the only study on the subject of combining vaccines and the results are disastrous. Interesting none of the nations suggesting combining vaccines is viable have not mentioned this study. A step Canadian health officials are strongly suggesting.

Bell claims the AstraZeneca vaccine is a viral vax, while Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer and Moderna are producing mRNA vax. But don’t worry, Bell says those competing vaccines are “great”.

But in the end, Bell really makes the case for his AstraZeneca vaccine. “if [Canada] have 75 million doses of AZ kicking around, and you can quickly whack them into arms, do it. like, come on.” “if you have a third dose of AZ, it’s best immunity available”

John Bell has been on a roll recently, letting lots of beans spill. Of course, these folks never really slip up, it is the lesser majick of their secret societies to reveal themselves like this. There are no accidents.

Who Is Sir John Bell?

Eugenicist Sir John Bell studied medicine on a Rhodes Scholarship. That speaks volumes. Rhodes Scholars are Rothschild protege’s.

SIR John Irving Bell got his knighthood in 2008 for his service in medicine. Yes, knight of the science table.

Professor Sir John Irving Bell has been made the first Canadian Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the British Empire.

Bell was one of the founders of the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics at Oxford University, where he is Regis Professor of Medicine. It was founded by the Wellcome Trust.

They create the crisis then provide the solution.

“It has been reported that the Wellcome Trust has billions of investments on companies which contribute to the problems the philanthropy wants to solve. Also in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been revealed that the trust has investments with pharmaceutical companies, which means it should gain financially from the pandemic.”

“Wellcome didn’t invest directly in Varo. But according to a trove of confidential documents known as the Paradise Papers, many of them leaked from a law firm that helped manage such deals, Wellcome committed $50 million to an offshore investment fund, Carlyle International Energy Partners, based in the Cayman Islands. That fund, in turn, owns a stake in the energy firm. (Wellcome declined to give details on its offshore holdings.)”

Private research funders court controversy with billions in secretive investments

Wellcome Trust is one of the larges research investment foundations in the world right up there with Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Wellcome was included in the paradise Papers, an elaborate money laundering scheme!

“Wellcome committed more than $926 million of its holdings to at least 57 tax haven funds, documents from the Paradise Papers indicate. Other offshore investments were shown in the foundation’s tax returns. (Totals could not be determined but in 2007, Wellcome’s offshore holdings were so extensive that Appleby ranked the foundation as its 14th largest client.) In a statement to Science, Wellcome officials declined to discuss the size or placement of its assets in offshore accounts, saying they “do not collect or keep” data relating to tax domicile.”

Sir John is a paid lackey for biggest pharma.

“An increasingly clear feature of the covid-19 pandemic is that the public health response is being driven not only by governments and multilateral institutions, such as the World Health Organization, but also by a welter of public-private partnerships involving drug companies and private foundations. One leading voice to emerge is the Wellcome Trust, one of the world’s top funders of health research, whose sprawling charitable activities in the pandemic include co-leading a WHO programme to support new covid-19 therapeutics.” And Wellcome Trust stands to gain financially as well.

Covid-19, trust, and Wellcome: how charity’s pharma investments overlap with its research efforts

Bell is a board member of the UK Biobank Ltd where they are collecting human genetics. This is interesting since they deleted his bio that contained this information.

Bell is a trustee with Rhodes Trust.

“GeneWatch UK, a pressure group that claims to promote the responsible use of genetic information, asserted that the complexity of the programme could result in the finding of “false links between genes and disease”, and expressed concern that the genetic information from patients could be patented for commercial purposes.”

Wellcome Trust involved in development of AstraZeneca.

AstraZeneca to develop, manufacture Oxford University’s COVID-19 vaccine

Wellcome Trust was also involved in funding.

Wellcome Trust complains to chancellor over possible AstraZeneca deal

Wellcome declined to comment on any presumed shareholding in AstraZeneca.

Wellcome Trust Foundations basically funds Wellcome Trust Research! There is no bias there…. not at all!!!

Both Gates Foundation and Wellcome Trust are heavily invested in oil, oh the irony there! The foundations that campaign for sustainability and “let’s end global warming” invest IN oil & gas!

Bell’s lab came under fire for misusing African DNA. The thing with Wellcome and the African DNA data, Thermofisher Scientific provided funding. Owned by Rothschild.

Here we learn he chairs the Global Health Scientific advisory board of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, he is a Trustee of the Rhodes Trust, and he attended the 2013 Bilderberg Group conference.

Bell is chairman of Immunocore, where Bill & Melinda Gates foundation are investors.


Bell also has shares in Roche that did the covid testing in the UK.

Investigation: MP’s and SAGE heavily invested in Vaccine industry.

Bell is DIRECTOR of a company called Genentech Inc, largely owned by Roche Pharmaceticals.


Bell serves on the Genentech Board in San Francisco, and formerly served on the scientific advisory board of AstraZeneca (1997–2000). He was on AstraZeneca board, but he is director of Genentec which is owned by Roche, and Roche is partnered with MODERNA!

Roche partners with Moderna to include SARS-CoV-2 antibody test in ongoing COVID-19 vaccine trials
Moderna, Roche team up to track duration of Covid-19 protection after vaccination

Bell has his hands in every pot really. He is invested in Roche and was on the Scientific Advisory Board for AstraZeneca from 1997 to 2000 and is a non-executive director of Roche AG (since 2001) and of Genentech (since 2009).


Bell is the complete package, and he was only trashing Canada because we are costing him. He was already dealing with EU punishing AZ as retaliation for leaving.

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  1. Bell has zero cred. He is in a conflict of interest with a financial gain from the sale of vaxx.. just like most politicians and lobbyist at this point… its a complete shitshow.
    Anyone else ready for the new King John III to be crowned? I am.
    The longer this drags out the more tiresome it is becoming to witness the level of corruption.
    FUBAR fucked up beyond all repair. . . “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars” must be stopped.

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