“Cesium in the vaccine” is more alt-COVID disinformation

Brand new hub bub in the social media circles, “cesium is in the vaccine”. I guess it’s up to me again to verify this information that everyone else is rushing to echo.

I first saw it posted in on Substack. https://substack.com/profile/149877040-rufns/note/c-41197619?r=24lc3h

Brought to us by everyone’s favourite October 4 Y2K FEAR monger, Todd Callender https://twitter.com/kmedeir3136027/status/1707438804041093355

Todd Callender is pushing ultimate FEAR propaganda in the form of October 4 5G activated Marburg Zombie Apocalypse. I tear that lie a new one in this article… Project Sanguine: Project Kill Switch? Project Great Reset.

It’s being pushed by the usual suspects selling wellness products like Dr Zelenko protocols also Stew Media and Dr. Jane Ruby.

But there is an immediate issue with working with Cesium:

“Cesium metal is highly reactive and pyrophoric. It ignites spontaneously in air, and reacts explosively with water even at low temperatures, more so than the other alkali metals. It reacts with ice at temperatures as low as −116 °C (−177 °F). Because of this high reactivity, cesium metal is classified as a hazardous material. It is stored and shipped in dry, saturated hydrocarbons such as mineral oil. It can be handled only under inert gas, such as argon. However, a cesium-water explosion is often less powerful than a sodium-water explosion with a similar amount of sodium. This is because cesium explodes instantly upon contact with water, leaving little time for hydrogen to accumulate. Cesium can be stored in vacuum-sealed borosilicate glass ampoules. In quantities of more than about 100 grams (3.5 oz), cesium is shipped in hermetically sealed, stainless steel containers.” Caesium – Wikipedia

In short, it’s impossible to work with cesium as a pharmaceutical. Unstable and incompatible.

Besides, the price of Cesium is $5000/kg, and extremely hard to come by. That would make it the most expensive vaccine ingredient ever, and surely the cost would not cover it’s inclusion. Cesium

Now, while Cesium is not an ingredient in the vaccine, it is vital for the 5G systems operation:

One of its most important uses is in the ‘cesium clock’ (atomic clock). These clocks are a vital part of the internet and mobile phone networks, as well as Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites. They give the standard measure of time: the electron resonance frequency of the cesium atom is 9,192,631,770 cycles per second. Some cesium clocks are accurate to 1 second in 15 million years. The Platform for 3D Geospatial

It would act to MONITOR the frequency of atoms, Cesium cannot be inside the person but is inside the technology delivering and monitoring frequencies.

An atomic clock is a clock that measures time by monitoring the resonant frequency of atoms. It is based on atoms having different energy levels. Electron states in an atom are associated with different energy levels, and in transitions between such states they interact with a very specific frequency of electromagnetic radiation. This phenomenon serves as the basis for the International System of Units’ (SI) definition of a second:   What is a “cesium atomic clock”?

Sure its probably used with 5G technology BUT to monitor and control frequencies that they are delivering to GO!!!!!

The 5G towers had solenoids. Remember this:

Here is the 5G Patent itself filed May 7, 2019 and approved on October 29, 2019 just a few days before the infamous Trump “CoVeFeFe” tweet! It describes the placement of 5G Towers on 2G, 3G and 4G Towers as well as light poles, buildings, EV cars, GPS, solar gateways etc. Additionally it describes how there are “built in” “microprocessors” which help to regulate and emit both high EMFs and low ELFs required in “modulating waves”.

HERE: word search “microprocessor” Patent No . : US 10 , 461 , 421 B1

Cesium is used primarily in ground control systems and satellites. The most common everyday use for cesium is with the GPS on your cell phone. (does not have to be inside the person) Monitors time and frequency. Cesium frequency references are widely deployed as the primary source of time and frequency in a broad range of applications, including timing and metrology, defense, Position Navigation and Time (PNT) systems, telecommunications, data centers and critical infrastructure.


Cesium is used in photoelectric cells used to convert sunlight into electricity. The electrons in cesium atoms are stimulated by direct sunlight, and in photoelectric cells, these electrons flow to create an electric current. Cesium is an ideal catalyst for this photoelectric process.

This is hilarious, Graphene Oxide removes Cesium. Effective removal of cesium by pristine graphene oxide: performance, characterizations and mechanisms – RSC Advances (RSC Publishing)

The treatment for cesium toxicity is Prussian blue Prussian blue incidentally, cyanide was a byproduct of Prussian blue production. Because its prepared from cyanide salts. Prussian blue (medical use) – Wikipedia

Prussian Blue and Apple Pectin are Cesium chelators. Comparison of Prussian blue and apple-pectin efficacy on 137Cs decorporation in rats – PubMed (nih.gov)

Prussian blue binds to rGO making it an excellent battery! Prussian blue coated with reduced graphene oxide as high-performance cathode for lithium–Sulfur batteries – RSC Advances (RSC Publishing)

Apple pectin when combined with GO builds a scaffolding-like material (PDF) Development of Arabinoxylan-Reinforced Apple Pectin/Graphene Oxide/Nano-Hydroxyapatite Based Nanocomposite Scaffolds with Controlled Release of Drug for Bone Tissue Engineering: In-Vitro Evaluation of Biocompatibility and Cytotoxicity against MC3T3-E1 (researchgate.net) The Arabinoxylan reinforced the cell wall. Apple pectin was used after Chernobyl to extract radioactive waste from victims. Other benefits of natural pectin include protecting against hypertension, gallstones, cholesterol damage, ulcers, colitis, constipation, diarrhea, and diabetes damage…but I believe in this case it is being used to build a GO scaffold with bone cells.

Apple Pectin forms a lattice with carbon nanotubules. Physicochemical and mechanical properties of pectin-carbon nanotubes films produced by chemical bonding – ScienceDirect

Although Apple Pectin (as you know) is being promoted as an EMF blocker. And for decreasing internal cesium level…. But my guess it’s the carbon nanotubules they want to grow.

Let’s see what the alt-covid e-celebrity echo chambers are promoting.

Apple Pectin is making waves on TikTok!

Apple pectin is great for reducing ionized radiation in the body. Take… | TikTok

And Substack!!! LMAO!

Apples: a cure for EMF radiation sickness? (substack.com)

“Protection from 5G along with Zeolites”

Protection From 5G – Agent Nateur   Addition of Zeolite, Bentonite Clay, and Apple Pectin may absorb and remove radiation pollution from the body naturally.

How about a little less trusting, and a little more verifying, sheeple. The only Zombie Apocalypse I see is the e-celebrity truther echo chambers and there gross mischaracterization of Clathrin mRNA QGD 5G binary technology.

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