How to Remove Nanotechnology From the Body

[January 15, 2023. We will leave this article up for the record, but we don’t stand by these protocols any longer. The nanobucket will only INCREASE Clathrin Nanotech function. see: ENDGAME]

Social media is on fire with many seeking treatment for the removal of nanotechnology from the body. Many speculating that nanotechnology is found in both the mRNA vaccine and the COVID swabs. Here is a good summary of how the vaccine and nasal swabs are being used to implant nanobots into the body:

Since nanotechnology is electromagnetic, like graphene they can be deactivated and/or removed from circulation using a small electromagnetic field. CIN wrote an article on how to make an electromagnetic coil nano bucket that would deplete the body from circulating graphene oxide. The same principles can be applied to nanobots.

Treatment for the Elimination of Graphene Oxide From the Body: The Nano Bucket

Others also claim that  a small EMP or an MRI could be used to deactivate the nanobots. Both techniques induce an electromagnetic field, corrupting the memory and shorting out the circuitry of any electronic device within range.


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