Eric Clapton’s COVID19 Vaccine Testimony.


“The vaccine took my immune system and just shook it around again … and that’s still going on.”

Some thing are worth losing a career over. Clapton speaking out against the stakeholders precious vaccines is one of them.

Among other things, Clapton exposes here the blatant carelessness with which medical personnel warns about risks and handles the adverse effects in the NIH, a trait that sadly is shared by health systems around the world.

“You get caught in a trap: can you believe what your heart tells you is right, or is it going against the narrative?”

Entire interview… https://odysee.com/@TruthPills:5/eric-clapton-speaks-out:b.


2 thoughts on “Eric Clapton’s COVID19 Vaccine Testimony.

  1. Interesting he took the second jab even though he knew it was a risk…. he’s speaking out for Oracle Films which is a great place to promote the gatekeepers like David Icke… but it is still helpful he is saying something now when it matters.

  2. Eric born 30 March 1945 is almost exactly the same age as my Mum who herself refuses covid jabs and any flu shots YET she happily stood by while my Dad got nailed with them non-stop for five years before he finally died.. just shy of their 55th wedding anniversary.. life is weird.
    I don’t understand much about these boomers… how they think is beyond me… befuddling.
    Thanks for the article but this man is pretty much out to lunch to take the vaxx – both shot!
    Celebrities are not our friends.. just like politicians… the way this is released thru Oracle Films is also suspect… subversion everywhere.. in Canada we have Max Bernier and Tim Moen actively promoting vaxx — these are our vanguard leadership material men? I don’t fucking think so.

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