Satan’s Matrix EQORIA caught harvesting minds… in 2014!

This segment is part of the larger story about how Transhumanists are bringing about their Singularity utilizing 5G, Graphene Oxide, mRNA technology.. and your FEAR. I encourage you to take “GQD Particle: The Transhumanist Quantum Agenda” from the top. SPM

This is a straight up EQORIA 1 bombshell from Turkey in 2014, 2 which expanded into the Middle and Far East. The Clathrin GQD and EQORIA Matrix are already platforms. EQORIA has nothing to do about being a responsible earth citizen and caring for the earth, it is and always was about mind control and brain uploading. 3

What I see as problematic is that this is already in play since 2014 and includes the Middle east and Far East, BRICS nations, too. Most countries opposing the West are already primed to concede to EQORIA. See the problem, it’s already India, China, Middle East, Russia…. No wonder Turkey’s Erdoğan was so vocal and threatening jihad in Europe. He’s the middleman. People are pathogenically primed with a living neural interface, and sent off on “migrant invasions”. 4

This is their smart city architect, look at what she writes; “I am interested in graphene”. 5

Gosh, just read the translation below; they are absorbing every detail about you so, everything you provide, an EQORIA digital twin that then in the cloud can simply replace you and your physical form, blood. Organs, brain, neurons, dendrites and in neuromorphic computing form?

Oh look, it’s Guray Cemberci aka James Qor Angelo aka Ray Yagubyan aka Ray Akkanson himselves!  Alive and well in Turkey in 2014 implementing the Matrix.


Eqoria in Izmir for the First Time Eqoria Vision, whose first application in Turkey will be carried out in Izmir, will save time and save money with its digital platform and network system.

You can become an Eqoria citizen with the digital screens that will be placed at various points in the city or with the application that will be installed on your smartphones. Eqoria will offer services specific to the interests and tastes of its citizens. This system, which will allow us to perform all kinds of services interactively and quickly, such as shopping, communication, information acquisition, money transfer, bill payment, will be implemented in Izmir for the first time in Turkey. Following discussions with local governments, concrete steps are expected to be taken in 2015. The screens, which will be placed in the central points of the city in the first stage, will realize your personality definition and provide you with the most appropriate service in line with your needs.

IT MAKES MONEY” Eqoria wayfinding kiosks will save time and provide services at more affordable costs in all areas of business and social life, such as emergency alerts, digital advertising, employee communication, airport communication, shopping, local information, retail. While doing these, you will be paid for every hour you spend in the system. Even just actively using the system without spending anything will save citizens money. With its advanced software system, Eqoria is a candidate to be a part of your daily life. It aims to make our lives easier in all areas and to enable us to easily manage our increasingly complex daily lives from a single source. The internet we surf

Eqoria, which has information about our pages, the food we order, the music we listen to or our clothing style, is a system that can offer us the most suitable of the options in front of us by providing personalized service.

DISCOVER YOURSELF” Eqoria Vision General Manager Gürcan Çemberci, who expressed great excitement about the project being implemented for the first time in Izmir, said: “In short, we can say this… If you want to discover yourself, join Eqoria Vision. Because your freedom will expand and you will be able to know yourself better with our support. The screen tells him, He will say “You might like this more” among the chaos, and from that chaos, he will distinguish what is special to him and what might interest him on the screen. For example, we eat for 30 days, with exceptions. We order from the screen for at least 20 days. The machine already records these and gives them to you. It analyzes your preferences and chooses the one that suits you best.

It brings to our attention many things that remain in our subconscious and that we are not aware of because of the mess. We do not enter input, the system recognizes you through your preferences. Again, we eliminate many costs or intermediaries that we are forced to pay. We ensure that it goes directly into your pocket without ever making a profit on it. You can think of this in many areas. Eqoria never has limits. Once you join us, you will not give up on us. I’m absolutely sure of this. Because I do not exploit anyone, on the contrary, I offer them more favorable conditions. “Moreover, I pay them for every hour they actively use Eqoria,” he said.

FIRST TIME IN IZMIR Following the meetings with Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and Izmir municipalities, action will be taken and the first screens will be placed in central places. The project, which is planned to be implemented first in Izmir in Turkey, will be implemented throughout Turkey after Izmir. In addition, thanks to this technology, municipalities will be able to easily deliver their promotions and announcements to the public. The project will not be limited only to Turkey, but will be present in many countries, especially the Far East and the Middle East.

IT WILL CHANGE LIFE” Chairman of the Board of Directors Güray Çemberci stated that they advocate a service that is primarily for the benefit of the society without any profit, and said: “The shoemaker who will advertise in the area where our screen is located will be informed about the number of men and women, their styles and interests of the 100 people there. We will be able to advertise as a. We will be able to choose the customer base of the advertisement and predict the effect it will have. We will be able to direct the shoes of the type that the person who wants to buy shoes would want.

In fact, we will bring people together in line with their needs and expectations. We will both increase efficiency and save time. We should not think of this as just advertising or shopping. We are so ambitious that Eqoria will enter our lives and change it from start to finish. By creating Eqoria citizenship, personalized service will be provided to those who join the Eqoria family, with special analyzes based on their interests, personalities and tastes. You will be able to target the target audience with appropriate information and leave a lasting impression. It offers advertising opportunities with wide reach and mutual interaction, with appropriate content personalized for each audience of the target audience.

It offers advertising opportunities with wide reach and mutual interaction, with appropriate content personalized for each audience of the target audience. Again, Eqoria shares the earnings from these advertisements with its citizens, that is, its users. Eqoria will review your recommended display environment and decide on the right mix of hardware, software, content and support your digital signage network requires. It will also help you find products and services that meet your needs today and will meet your needs tomorrow as your business grows. There are lots of options available. Projectors, LCD displays, LED displays, mounts, embedded operating systems, remote configuration and storage options. Depending on your needs, the ideal digital signage network is created for you.

The next step is to get your digital signage application up and running, and then make sure it stays that way. On-site technicians will manage and test the installation of selected hardware and software to ensure it works exactly as intended.

PERSONALIZED SERVICE The services do not end with the successful placement of the project into the plan. Once your display network is up and running smoothly, the Eqoria Vision Network Operations Center (NOC) can remotely monitor your displays and report back to you on maintenance needs before you even realize there might be a problem. As NOC central technical telephone support; It provides a 24/7 help desk service. They can also come to your location for repair, parts and maintenance needs.

There are two fundamentals people are missing:

  1. Without 5G, there is NO functioning vaccine.
  2. With 5G, anything imaginable becomes fuel for the vaccine.

There are no “Sides” there are only “chips” and Quantum Enslavement. Use your own mind or die inside their hive.

Blushield EMF Protection: CIN 

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