Chlorpromazine may inhibit Clathrin endocytosis preventing Graphene Oxide uptake

This segment is part of the larger story about how Transhumanists are bringing about their Singularity utilizing 5G, Graphene Oxide, mRNA technology.. and your FEAR. I encourage you to take “GQD Particle: The Transhumanist Quantum Agenda” from the top. SPM

In this article we will try to summarize some protocols we feel will help you recover from the effects of the Bioweapon and keep its hold on you at bay. The main purpose of the protocols are to reduce and/or eliminate the uptake of Graphene Oxide so your body could detox it by inhibiting the Clathrin component of the bioweapon which should then eliminate the GO as fuel for the Luciferase enzyme. Secondly, protection from UV light, Blue/Green light and IR light that act to stimulate the Bacteriorhodopsin operating system and the reduction of GO into its electrical form rGO should also be mitigated. Although we are not 100% certain that the Bioweapon will be eliminated from your body, it’s impact on you should diminish but probably not entirely:

  1. Chlorpromazine:

Why are we talking about Chlorpromazine? Because Franco Vitaliano made it clear in his Clathrin Nanotechnology patent that this bioweapon could be reversed! We believe that this may be the answer to reversing the Clathrin Nanotechnology which allows for the accumulation of the “GQD Particle” 1 into cells.

Here is a comment found in one of the Vitaliano Patents.

“For example, some psychotropic drugs disrupt the clathrin endocytosis process, like the drug chlorpromazine (thorazine) that inhibits clathrin-dependent endocytosis. Chlorpromazine is a cationic amphiphilic drug, which prevents the recycling of clathrin and thus prevents endocytosis by clathrin-dependent mechanisms. Chlorpromazine, induces a redistribution of a clathrin-coated pit component, AP-2, to endosomes. Some studies show that chlorpromazine reduces transferrin, but not cytokine interleukin 2 (IL2) internalization. Thus, unexpectedly, this cytokine and its receptors can still be rapidly endocytosed in the absence of functional clathrin-coated structures. A new model for receptor-mediated endocytosis is therefore needed, and which requirement is fulfilled in one illustrative SBN embodiment that accounts for such results as well as published data”. 2

Chlorpromazine is an antipsychotic drug used to treat Schizophrenia. It is also a Clathrin inhibitor. 3 4  Whether or not it will inhibit the modified Clathrin used in the development of the “Molecular Electronic Device” 5 is uncertain, But the fact that it was mentioned in the patent as a reversal/inhibitor mechanism for Clathrin recycling merits interest as a possible therapeutic?

Chlorpromazine is also used to block heat stress on the Autonomic nervous system 6 which we believe to be the main nervous system component being affected by this Nanotechnology. 7

This drug was discontinued in the US in December 2023? Coincidence?

For our readers, there is a homeopathic remedy of Chlorpromazine; “SBL Chlorpromazine is a homeopathic formulation that helps to manage allergies and may reduce anxiety and the symptoms of dry mouth. It does not have any side effects.” 8

There has been a mini study in France that tested the drug. It is even on Wikipedia in French: 9

“During the COVID-19 pandemic in France, a hospital department specializing in psychiatry noted that its caregivers were more contaminated by Covid-19 than its patients (often treated with chlorpromazine). In May 2020, a pilot study on 40 patients, coordinated by Doctor Marion Plaze, tested the antiviral properties of chlorpromazine against the COVID-19 virus. This molecule had been identified by two scientific articles (in 2014 and 2018) as having effects (in vitro) against the infection of cell cultures by the coronaviruses responsible for the two previous epidemics by SARS (in 2002) and MERS (in 2012).

“This molecule was found, during work carried out by the Pasteur Institute, to slow down the in vitro viral duplication of SARS-CoV-2 both on animal and human cells, and seems to reduce the severity of symptoms in certain patients “at risk” (obesity, cardiovascular disorders), in the early and late stages of SARS-CoV-2 infection.”

Well, that is worth noting, “anti-viral” = “anti-clathrin endocytosis”! No wonder they took it off market.

2. UV/IR/Blue/Green Light Protection:

There are three components in this bioweapon that are impacted by light: Bacteriorhodopsin is impacted by UV Light and Blue/Green Light, Luciferase is impacted by Blue/Green Light and Graphene Oxide and its reduction is impacted by near and far infrared.

We have already addressed the issue of Blue/Green and IR Light exposure and mitigation using glasses called “Reflectables”. 10

To this protocol you will have to add UV400 Blocking glasses preferably those with a reflective mirror (not polarized) as this will help mitigate not just UV light but sunlight (blue/green light) and some IR as well. If you have Blue/Green mitigating glassware, adding a UV400 lens with polarized lens clip may help. Alternatively you can purchase laser safety glasses that protect from all wavelengths from 200 nm to 2000nm. 11 You can also purchase full face UV400 sunglasses with a mirror (some motorcycle helmets have this type of shielding).  Keep in mind however, that UV light and IR light can penetrate the skin. If going outside wear reflective white bagging clothing and cover up your face with a white scarf s white will reflect most types of light.

By eliminating the uptake of Graphene Oxide with these two protocols listed here, you should reduce the amount of GO in your system and eventually the bioluminescence of the Graphene Quantum Dot GQD Particle by Luciferase should stop? It’s important to note, however, that Luciferase cannot work in the dark.

Will you be in pain? Probably as your body has to readjust to the old nanotech you…but you will be human.  We believe since nerve impulses are being regenerated that you should expect neuropathy (burning pain), muscle spasticity, muscle and joint pain until your nerves return to normal.  ECIWO Acupuncture might help reestablish your neurons once again. The protocol was given in this article. 12 Regardless, you will have to do some physical rehab to recover from the damage caused by this Bioweapon.

For our protocols on deactivating the nano technology, see; “Deactivating the Graphene Quantum Dots & Decoupling your Brain from the Clathrin mRNA Neural Interface”, and remember, NO FEAR.

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