Flagyl (Metronidazol) will leach Graphene Oxide from the Brain

Humanity has a neuralace problem. Yes, it’s time to come to terms with the fact that we have already been chipped and hacked. Flagyl may be one of the keys in breaking the Clathrin neuralace power source, the reduced graphene oxide circuit.

Graphene Quantum Dots are the Living Neural Interface “chip” for NWO AI

There is just one warning I will add, if you take Flagyl outside of a torus, you may experience seizures.

A Scalar Wave Field Generator, or Torus, will Decouple your Brain from the Clathrin mRNA Neural Interface.

HSP70 is a heat shock protein that is required for the Clathrin feeding or uptake of GO. It is required for building the Clathrin scaffold or neuralace. It is released by cells during infections like COVID. It is required for the folding of the Luciferase enzyme which activates Luciferase.

Luciferase fuels mRNA Clathrin Nanobot

Flagyl inhibits the HSP70 protein that allows for Clathrin entry (Nanobot entry) into cells. It inhibits Luciferase. It also strengthened INNATE IMMUNITY.


Imidazole is related to the Apoptazole inhibitor and Vitaliano uses it.


Flagyl is also thought to work at the HSP70 protein the causes Clathrin activation!


Also works on HYPOXIC tumors!


This means COVID-19 must produce the Clathrin NANO!

Ironic? No. Paper says more studies are needed…. but where are they?

Furthermore, the drug could decrease neutrophil-generated reactive oxygen species during inflammation. Metronidazole could counteract majority of the immunopathological manifestations of the COVID-19 infection. Therefore, studies with a large sample size are required to determine the efficacy of metronidazole in the treatment of COVID-19 infection.


Flagyl will absorb both GO and rGO…. it will disrupt the circuit. Flagyl crosses the Blood Brain Barrier and will leach the GO from the brain.


Flagyl binds directly to BOTH GO and rGO, that’s how they trap Flagyl in the environment. It will do the same thing in the body (plus it inhibits Clathrin).

It will definitely destroy the Clathrin nanobots that are there…. but if they introduced the Clathrin genes or luciferase genes you would have to take more later on.

Some of you may want to try this, again, I strongly suggest doing so inside a scalar wave field. If you are not able to get a prescription, some choose to buy the version made for fish.