“Clots” are Lipids & Proteins. Clathrin Clots.

5G technology does indeed impact the blood cause Rouleaux formation which in itself may cause clotting. Clathrin Nanotechnology as indicated in the Vitaliano patents causes the formation of a protein-lipid triskelion lattice or scaffold. Should pieces break off during lattice formation these “proteins-lipids” can lead to clot formation. Secondly, the primary chemical constituent of proteins is phosphorus. And finally, these protein-based structures are what are commonly referred to as “spike protein.” 1

“Proteins are rich in phosphorus so most of the scientific societies recommend reducing protein intake from early stages in patients with chronic renal failure, to reduce the input of phosphorus. One gram of protein has 13–15 mg of phosphorus.”

Jane Ruby worked with Mike Adams on this study of a “clot”, 2 3 providing results we would expect to see.

Additional research finding same results. 4

We asked Dr Ruby and Mike Adams and others on the side of truth, to please look at the research works of Dr Gordana D Vitaliano at Mclean hospital as regards nanotechnologies and brain imaging. Her studies looking at treatments for human brain illnesses and use of nano adapted heavy and light chain clathrin triskelia self assembling adaptor proteins for treatment delivery avoiding surgeries ( because they easily cross the blood brain barrier both via injectables and nasal entry for drug delivery and for binding to cells in synaptic transmission but are also used in nature as entry pathway proteins for pathogens. Its worth scientific analysis of the embalmer samples and vials, blood,human jabbed tissue to establish if these are in fact clathrin triskelia altered type of proteins are present and any coatings present, if they can be further stimulated to grow further using emf and other energy sources and over time using time lapse video microscopy sampling. 5

This is what we get…

Why not continue the research? Why not send this information to Mike Adams for verification? Proteins are HIGH in Phosphorus, ANYONE with a basic science degree knows this.

Clathrin is phosphorylated:

“CK2 is highly enriched in CCV preparations and phosphorylates the clathrin light chain in vitro [75]. As mentioned above, the clathrin light chain is also found to be phosphorylated in vivo” 6

Clathrin nanotechnology has been used in medicine for some time. If people were injured either through the vaccines or through the use of PCR swabs then a simple TEM study would determine if there is Clathin, GQD in those samples? I don’t understand why this has not been done? Better still let ME test with Sudan IV and Burets stain… I WILL CONFIRM THE PRESENCE OF PROTEIN AND LIPIDS ON THE SWAB!

Testing for GQD’s. Can you test for lipids and proteins?

Sudan lll will test for lipids. 7

Biuret tests for presence of proteins. 8

Clathrin GQD = lipids and proteins.

CIN has already CONFIRMED the presence of Graphene-like particles on the test swabs. 9 Why can’t we convince people with the proper equipment to investigate this further?

Do you understand how important this was? The GO lit up!

There has to be a lipid coat with GO.

Did Ruby ever talk about Luciferase on the swabs or vaccine? Because that too is proof of such a system! 10

Ruby talks about Luciferase but fails to talk about the mechanism. We outlined the mechanism from those that worked on Obama’s Brain Initiative and DARPA. The mechanism involves Clathrin Nanotechnology that absorbs GO into cells and a Luciferase power pack that fuels the entire process! Sure they are patents, but they are all patents designed by Obama’s lead Nantech developer! 11

CIN also did basic microscopy and showed there were nanoparticles on the COVID swabs that demonstrate the presence of GO!

And many others including Dr. Ruby have demonstrated the presence of Luciferase in both the swabs and the vaccine!

If Mike Adams has a TEM or access to a TEM he would have done the swab and vaccine by now…. but they did not… see the problem? I would have done it in 2020!!

All they have to do is look at the swab under a TEM. You will see its not a metalic nanobot. Ruby would not even pass this information to Mike Adams, ffs. Where is the integrity?

The point I am trying to make is that they are all pretending to be scientists.

We had more science in the swab article where we photographed the swabs themselves under a microscope to SHOW/PROVE there was something on them.

Here’s a message to all junior varsity scientist wannabes and your blood slides.  I can see you are not doing this properly.

1. Visuals out of focus.
2. Contamination on slides and cover slips.
3. Not using right magnification.
4. Lenses are dirty.
5. Light adjustments not being used properly.
6. You need oil immersion at 100X to look at slides of RBC.
7. No micrometer allowing for scale determination.

Please tell me how it’s possible to see nanotechnology, smaller than DNA, in your blood?

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