Nova Scotia’s “Doctor” Strang Is An Unscientific Servant Of World Health Organization Stakeholders.

Over and over Civilian Intelligence Network has been proven correct. Why? Because we analyse the facts. We do not go into our research with preconceived notions. We allow ourselves to be continually shocked.

BECAUSE the fact is, by the globalists own words, as found in the documents of the Rockefeller Foundation, the United Nations, the World Health Organization WE ARE CORRECT!!!

“the group who is most likely to purposefully choose to not vaccinate are highly educated” “who have read the primary literature themselves, and they’re correctly interpreting it, so it’s not a misunderstanding.”

Global “Public Relations” Fountainhead of COVID19 Propaganda.

As we work our way through the one world pharmacological order, we find Nova Scotia’s “top doctor” Robert Strang. Who like myself, has never actually practiced “medicine”.

Tale of Two Strang’s

In 2019, Flu was no big deal for Strang. There were 66 Flu deaths in 2019. In August, 42 were registered and Strang was under fire from health officials provincially and federally for not doing anything.


Then in 2020, there were 65 “COVID” deaths. Yet a state of emergency was declared, when one of the worlds largest psychological campaigns rebranded the flu as COVID-19. We can conclude those “COVID” deaths were flu deaths, since no flu deaths were registered at all.


2021 has seen 20 “COVID” and “COVID related” deaths at the time of this article, and we at Civilian Intelligence Network are about ready to call an end to this “pandemic”…

Nova Scotia Health Won’t Report Vaccine Injuries. Counts Adverse Reactions As COVID.

Anyways, when it comes to Strang listening to local health officials. He’s silent. When it comes to the decrees of Strang’s WHO overlords, it’s pure obedience.

Public Health Serves World Health Organization Stakeholders.

Fact, EVERY government “health official” serves the same master. They repeat universal talking points.

Public Health Ontario December 2020
Dr. Yaffe: “I just say whatever they write down for me.”
Dr. Williams: “Yeah, same.”

Strang is participating in one of the worlds largest Eugenics experiments ever seen. Their goal is to get the jab in every single arm. That’s right, Eugenics.

The Globalists Want The COVID Jab In Every Single Human Being!

Who is he doing it for? “Stakeholders”

Stakeholders is a euphemism for communism as defined by World Economic Forum. Commonly known as the Great Reset. That’s right, Communism.

The Great Reset: Prepare for De-Industrialization

Nova Scotia has a history of implementing eugenics through “opportunities” like the Halifax explosion.

I will defer to Stormhaven Media for his analysis on the history of Public Health in Canada.


New experiment seems on the horizon as Atlantic Provinces are looking to build back better!


The premier of Newfoundland is proposing it in his vision for Atlantic Canada, The Big Reset.


11 thoughts on “Nova Scotia’s “Doctor” Strang Is An Unscientific Servant Of World Health Organization Stakeholders.

  1. Communism or communitarianism? There is a difference.
    I think the radical third way will be less brutal than communism.. that’s how they evolve out of ” isms ” they keep trying new ones out on us all .. globally we live under communitarian law, not communism law .. so until you start saying that word more .. people won’t grasp how prevalent ‘community’ lingo is to these stooges and their stakeholders… ‘community’ is their word for the global village — don’t think of it as anything but misguided utopians for the most part. I try to keep it real.. I just got off the phone with the newly elected mayor to insist he take this town to ‘mask free’ status away from the ‘community mask’ regime the previous mayor pushed for… like an idiot… we need to try to convince people that ‘community’ is not what they think it is… read this one: https://sackville.com/2020/08/letter-from-the-mayor-to-dr-jennifer-russel-about-community-masks/

  2. Its carnage… that’s how a deeply concerned Dr. Patrick Phillips of Englehart Ontario emerg dept of their hospital described what is going on to me on the phone recently. I was trying to confirm the Moderna jab death of my relative. Tragic. Unnecessary… makes you realize how many people are living in fear of this ‘killer covid’…. the world went insane in 2020. He is recommending people share and sign on at http://canadianphysicians.org Strang, like all these minions for ‘public health’ in each province across Canada was carefullyl selected to be the fall guy / propagandist. God help them all… Bonnie Henry, Jennifer Russell, Heather Morrison, Deena Hinshaw, etc. etc.

  3. Ask yourself; Why is a man who spent years specializing in a very particular field of medicine ” neurosurgery” sitting at a desk struggling with epidemiology? I drive a car it does not make me a car mechanic.
    This man has dropped a specialty it took years to achieve, because he was no good at it he is now doing the ” medical equivilent ” of the janitors job with no training. (Janitor is a specialtiy on its own.) He is out to make money that is all, he has made medical statements that as a lowly RN I am scratching my head, because they are total nonsense. We did our recent lockdown for 2 deaths from the flu, yes it was influenza A. It is okay to give grandma the flu but not the insignificant almost harmless CV19 ( if it actually exists). This bonkers and all involved need to be executed or confined to a mental institution for life.

  4. Premier Tim Houston doesn’t like at all that protestors were at Strang’s home… check out Houston’s messaging on Instagram about how Strang is keeping Nova Scotian’s safe… just more gaslighting from the coviet frauds in Nova Scotia… listen to Houston’s admonishment of protestors at this bitchute link: https://www.bitchute.com/video/3EBpu4QLGDxr/

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