EQORIA Wants Your Children

This segment is part of the larger story about how Transhumanists are bringing about their Singularity utilizing 5G, Graphene Oxide, mRNA technology.. and your FEAR. I encourage you to take “GQD Particle: The Transhumanist Quantum Agenda” from the top. SPM

EQORIA is the Planetary Singularity, the Quantum Cloud 1 the Clathrin GQD neuralink 2 interfaces, brought to you by the Rothschild’s. 3

In the 2016 Vision Statement we learn EQORIA is; “first and only reliable border-less global governance system”, “holds the collective energy of every being on the Planet Earth”, “realizes current world issues and offers itself as the solution” and “QORA is the name of Eqoria Collective Energy created by infinite and harmonious activities of Every Eqoria Citizen” 4

On April 12, 2020, the Charter was released, where we further learn; “We will begin our work with EQORIA Earth Consortium members who are visioneers, scientists, engineers, artists, and all other conscious experts to build the planetarian singularity infrastructure which includes the network of 1110 EQORIA CITIES beginning December 12, 2024. But until that time we will plan, grow, and optimize our collective energy.” 5

While the 2016 statement says EQORIA exists only IN the internet, the 2020 charter states that cities will be built to start housing citizens in 2024.  Curious.

In 2021, the full Constitution came out.  Let me summarize for you, “Harvesting the Collective for the benefit of the Collective”. 6

EQORIA emphasizes Empirical knowledge, completely opposed to human Divine knowledge; “Experiencing Knowledge includes activities that will allow citizens to consume the empirical knowledge of Earth Resources and Earth Citizens.”

Franco Vitaliano stated at the Obama Brain Initiative conference that they should be centering their work (in education) around those born in 2007 and after. 7

Yes, many will join EQORIA especially after the bank collapse and they will be paid to work on building their 1110 cities to house the elite but those people will be assimilated.

They want engineers, teachers, tradesmen, they are building their infrastructure. Once they are through with you, you will be assimilated.

Vitaliano also said that this technology could be applied to power or energy cells, similar to a battery. We are now batteries.

EQORIA says that it will be made up of citizens born in 2007 and after. It’s the children they want while adults are assimilated.

Tell me, have your governments made initiatives to build daycares? Here in Canada they have to be implemented in 2025.

The children will live while we get assimilated/harvested. But the children, YOUR CHILDREN, will be the slave labour force they want in the CHILDREN PARADISE. 8

“Children play an important role in our future as they are the next adult generation to experience harmony with the Planetarian Singularity.”  They are indoctrinating the first generation of humanity 2.0, the first citizens of the Quantum Hell.

“Children are the Earth Citizens who will become True Humans by realizing their own identity.”  But if we have to know nothing to know everything inside EQORIA, who’s identity is it?  The ONE?

“Children will be able to obtain planetarian level consciousness through immersive experiences, education, and play.”  So, earthbound consciousness?  Collective consciousness?  The ONE?

You see, They have been spraying our environment with carbon-nanotubes since 2005. This carbon is already assimilated into their life form. Vitaliano specifically said that this technology would have a far bigger impact on those born after 2007. My guess is, our children are already GQD forms and closer to the Singularity they desire.

Family bonds will not exist.  Human connection will not exist.

Only the ONE.

EQORIA!  Coming to a neuron near you December 12, 2024!

There are two fundamentals people are missing:

  1. Without 5G, there is NO functioning vaccine.
  2. With 5G, anything imaginable becomes fuel for the vaccine.

There are no “Sides” there are only “chips” and Quantum Enslavement. Use your own mind or die inside their hive.

Blushield EMF Protection: CIN 

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