frequency vs scalar (oversimplified)

Dr. Len Ber posed this question; “I was under impression scalar (waves) is synonymous with longitudinal (waves). It sounds to me that you assigning another meaning to “scalar”. Care to elaborate? I am asking with 100% sincerity. I noticed others do the same thing, but they can never put it in words…” 1

To which I replied;

As far as frequencies go, you have electromagnetism which covers frequencies 0Hz through GHz. Then you have photons which is light and in the Terrahertz range. Then beyond that there is phonons which is sound.

Longitudal waves tend to involve phonos/sound, which can be measured, like emfs/electricity and photons/light; Signals. Directed. Begtinning and end. Source to destination. Typically man made.

Scalar is the information that is communicated within all living things. This “information” is oscillating in nature that communicates with every living thing, through every living thing. Infinite. Without end. Natural. True scalar cannot be measured. Toroidal. 2

Scalar cannot be measured, only living things can measure scalar. Our health is the direct measurement. 3 Which is an experience, not science. 4

Now, 5G is delivering single pulses, modulated into magnetic fields. This is like Chinese water torture on the cells. Prevents our cells from receiving those energetic waves which damages the human body at the cellular level. 5

In regards to clathrin GQD neural interface; 6 Electrons fuel nano system and keep us in low energy states. 7

SPOILER ALERT: Photons transmit information between neurons and quantum cloud. 8 And phonons harvest conciousness. 9 Oh, and phonons and photons quantum entagle you. 10

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