Many Faces of Franco Vitaliano

This segment is part of the larger story about how Transhumanists are bringing about their Singularity utilizing 5G, Graphene Oxide, mRNA technology.. and your FEAR. I encourage you to take “GQD Particle: The Transhumanist Quantum Agenda” from the top. SPM

FRANCO VITALIANO is the man behind the men behind The Antichrist. 1 But who is FRANCO? Google does not offer much insight. We’ve attempted to return information about this man to the internet that has been deleted over the years. Both FRANCO and his wife GORDANA are incredibly secretive. 2

Look at this: here is a site that cites FRANCO VITALIANO on a paper called “Why Firewire is hot! hot! Hot!”, but when you click on the link his name is now FRANCIS VALE. 3   It’s a VXM.com article but VXM is his site. Why FRANCIS VALE? An alias? 4

Here is FRANCIS VALE’s background on FRANCO VITALIANO’S own VXM site: 5

“Francis Vale has been a contributing columnist and analyst for Digital News & Review, Computerworld, Client Server Today, Backoffice, Open magazine, and Electronic House and Home Automation magazines. He has also written for the high-end audio press, including The Absolute Sound, Fi, as well as for the Robb Report. In 1995, Vale launched “21st,” 6 an Internet/Web zine. 21st covers technology convergence, from molecular computing, to computers and the Internet, to audio/video, and to research in human consciousness and the human energy field. Since its launch, 21st has won numerous awards for Web site excellence, including being picked by The Boston Globe Newspaper as one of the best Internet sites.” 7

Even on this site they refer to the article as written by FRANCO VITALIANO but when you click on the link the name changes to FRANCIS VALE. 8

I found a FRANCIS VITAGLIANO in Boston who claims to be a visiting lecturer. 9

William B O’Neil is from Harvard Law school and he endorses VITAGLIANO. This O’Neal guy has done work before the Congress!

“Bill O’Neil’s career success spans 37 years of leadership experience in both public and private sectors which enable him to proactively & effectively represent his clients before the Congress & Administration. In addition to federal government action on insurance & healthcare reform, his highly-regarded work as a leader among senior Congressional staff and as Director of Legislative Affairs for an international law firm working on defense, foreign relations, trade & intelligence matters, are due to his knowledge, skills, & abilities on Capitol Hill as a Legislative Director, some of which required Top Secret Clearance (TSC).

“With more than 24 years as a lobbyist representing Fortune 100 corporations & financial institutions, Mr. O’Neil utilizes his experience on the formerly entitled House Committee on Banking to advise clients on developing financial regulations & legislation. He has represented one of the largest Medicare contractors in America & the largest TRICARE subcontractor in the world. As federal representative for BCBSSC, he served for 10 years as a Congressional Relations Coordinator, working with sister plans across the nation, in conjunction with the BlueCross BlueShield Association.” This is too funny! 10

I think FRANCIS VITAGLIANO is FRANCO VITALIANO! Here is VITAGLIANO’S CV. He has top secret security clearance, NSA intelligence analyst, Boston Latin school (where all the NWO children go). 11

FRANCO’S identity is indeed confirmed from FRANCO VITAGLIANO’S mothers obituary; “Rose A. Vitagliano of Norwood (died) on October 26, 2011. Wife of the late Ernest A. Vitagliano, devoted mother of FRANCO VITAGLIANO and his wife GORDANA VITAGLIANO of Boston MA”. 12


FRANCIS VITAGLIANO interview in Washington Post; “A Card to Borrow Your Future”, he was 55 in 2004. 13   READ THE ARTICLE.

FRANCIS VITAGLIANO changed his name to FRANCO VITALIANO. I got this from Calvin Mooers papers; “His name is FRANCO VITALIANO. Initially it was VITAGLIANO, but then he omitted the “g” later.” 14

“Command Technologies was co-founded in 1978 by Franco Vitaliano and Calvin Mooers to market products that melded Vitaliano’s knowledge of neurology with inventions made by Mooers. Mooers’ history dates back to 1945. when he worked at the US Navy’s lab with luminary Jon von Neuman.” 

“The first release of Command Technologies Virtual Extended Memory (VXM) architecture, includes hardware and software that enable systems based on AT&T, Microsoft Corp’s MS-DOS operating systems.” 15

Command Technologies then became VXM Technologies which later became Exqor Technologies; the infamous NWO corporate shuffling shell game!

FRANCIS VITAGLIANO has other patents too;  pension backed credit, electronic funds transfer, system for identity authentication… 16 ING Bank backed his patents.

This was deleted from net:

“Francis Vitagliano: Francis Vitagliano, a research consultant, entered the pension and retirement industry in 1974. Since then, he has worked in many aspects of retirement plans, including DB, DC and ESOPs, specializing in the design of retirement plans and their compliance with regulations. For over 20 years, Vitagliano worked closely with Nobel Laureate Prof. Franco Modigliani and is a co-inventor and patent holder with Modigliani for a unique and enhanced method of retirement loan processing. Together they developed novel approaches to retirement plan administration. Before entering the retirement field, Vitagliano was a Chinese linguist and analyst for the National Security Agency in Washington, DC. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Boston University, a degree in Chinese Mandarin from the Defense Language Institute, and a diploma from the University of Salamanca .” 17

FRANCIS VITAGLIANO worked with Franco Modigliani at MIT for 15 years. 18 Here is Modigliani’s autobiography background: 19

FRANCIS VITAGLIANO has a patent with Franco Modigliano, who won a Nobel Peace Prize. And he’s publishing a patent with Franco Modigliano who he worked with. 20

~ Modigliani, by age 20, was a well published fascist wunderkind, having received in 1936 an award for economics writing from the hand of Benito Mussolini himself. Further, in 1947, at age 29, Modigliani published a 75-page article whose title in English translation would be “The Organization and Direction of Production in a Socialist Economy” (COMMUNISM)

~Franco Modigliani was born in Rome to a family of Jewish heritage. His mother was a voluntary social worker and his father a prominent pediatrician.

~when he moved to France and then the United States in 1939 (see Szenberg and Ramrattan 2008, 5-8), he would hide his fascist past, and then go on hiding it.  

With Franco having a Chabad Jew 21 mentor, it’s no wonder he had such designs on the Antichrist and Armageddon. 22

For our protocols on deactivating the nano technology, see; “Deactivating the Graphene Quantum Dots & Decoupling your Brain from the Clathrin mRNA Neural Interface”, and remember, NO FEAR.

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