Len Ber knows!  Which means, Len Ber Lies!

We at CIN have done one of the deepest dives into the mRNA Graphene Quantum Dot neural interface technologies. For our full thesis I encourage you to take “GQD Particle: The Transhumanism Agenda” from the top. This article is part of a mini-series entitled “Fren’s of CIA Dupe Len Ber” SPM

While I was a recent guest on Len Ber’s show, I anticipated some of this World Exclusive research would be discussed. Instead, we talked about Len Ber, while he attempted to influence me with classic Neural Linguistic Progamming techniques through images and voice.

The fact is, Len has the background and understanding required to discuss this technology, but he chose not to. Let’s explore why.

Len worked as VP for Immudyne Inc. 1

But this lawsuit says he was  Chief Operating Officer. 2

This is their Immudyne’s webpage. 3

Apparently Dr Len Ber knows a lot about Endocytosis so he would understand the Clathrin mechanism quite well. 4  He knows quite a bit on how vaccines work using ADJUVANT. I found a deleted archive paper titled; “Yeast Derived Beta-1,3-D-Glucan: An Adjuvant Concept by Leonid Ber, MD”5

Here is what Dr. Len Ber states in his article: 

“According to the Webster Medical Dictionary, “adjuvant (from Latin ad-juvo, to give aid to) is a substance added to a drug product formulation which affects the action of the active ingredient in a predictable way. This term has been widely utilized in immunology, where it means a vehicle used to enhance antigenicity of vaccines. Much broader utilization of this term can be applied today to some naturally derived substances. This adjuvant concept closely relates to what is today referred to as a complementary/alternative modality.

Adjuvants are used in vaccines, pharmaceuticals and supplements to “enhance” delivery of the drug or substance. Therefore, Dr. Len Ber would have an excellent understanding of how Polyethylene Glycol bound to Graphene Oxide (PEG-GO) adjuvants have been used in vaccines for decades! And he would most definitely be aware that PEG-GO adjuvants are also found in the vast majority of pharmaceuticals and supplements! 6

Len’s lack of understanding that he portrayed in our interview about graphene oxide remains shocking to me. His portrayal of confusion when I explained that many supplements contain graphene oxide was pure theatre. I specifically said that graphene oxide is added to vitamin D to help it cross the blood brain barrier. Textbook adjuvant action which he dismissed. 7

What makes things worse, Dr. Leonid Ber is a supplements SCIENTIST! I am certain he knows Graphene Oxide well!:

“Dr. Leonid Ber, MD, has joined NOW Foods as senior medical scientist in the company’s technical department. He will assist in product innovation and help strengthen science-based initiatives. Dr. Ber’s supplement industry experience includes scientific positions with Garden of Life, Immudyne, Marlyn Nutraceuticals and Himalaya USA.” 8

Perhaps he could have focused a little less on himself and a little more about our paradigm shifting research.

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