DISINFO ALERT: Len Ber’s Fren Robert Duncan Is NOT A Scientist

This BONUS ARTICLE is not a segment or even part of the larger story about how Transhumanists are bringing about their Singularity utilizing 5G, Graphene Oxide, mRNA technology.. and your FEAR. I encourage you to take “GQD Particle: The Transhumanism Agenda” from the top. This is just part of a mini-series entitled “Fren’s of CIA Dupe Len Ber” SPM

Len Ber’s Fren Robert Duncan claims in his own bio that he “is a renaissance educated man from Harvard & M.I.T with a focus on medical sciences, engineering, computer science and more specifically genetic algorithm optimizations of neural networks. He has worked on projects for DARPA, the CIA, the Navy, and Army.” 1

Here again, they are introducing him as a HARVARD SCIENTIST! 2

This is a LIE! Robert Duncan is NOT a scientist. Robert Duncan received an Associate in Arts degree from Amarillo Community College in 1959 and a Bachelor of Arts (History) and a Master of Arts (Political Science) from Texas Technological College in 1961 and 1964, respectively. He was awarded a Doctor of Philosophy (Public Policy) from George Mason University in 1995. That’s right, “Doctor” of Public Policy. 3

Robert served as an Intelligence Officer in the United States Air Force from 1963-1967 with stateside tours in Colorado, Florida, and Ohio, and overseas tours in Vietnam and the Philippines.

He joined the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) as a Career Trainee in 1968. During 26 years with the CIA, Robert served as an analyst, instructor, first-line supervisor, staff officer, and manager in three of the Agency’s four Directorates—Intelligence, Science and Technology, and Administration. He has 12 years experience as a trainer and instructor with the CIA and is a certified instructor in the Myers-Briggs Temperament Indicator.

This has been deleted from the web! You must read this! 4 Robert Duncan “relished the opportunity to abuse”!

  1. Dr Duncan confirmed that Dr Horton was in “the program” that aimed to break her down including financially, mentally and her social supports.
  2. It follows that Dr Duncan has direct knowledge of the criminal operation being conducted against victims, and therefore he knows that crimes against humanity are being committed.
  3. Dr Duncan has possibly also access to the victim list itself, given that he did not term it “a program of this type” or some other broader reference, but referred specifically to “the program”.
  4. Dr Duncan refused to assist Dr Horton but relished the opportunity to abuse her, even though he knows that she is a victim of on-going crimes against humanity.
  5. Dr Duncan openly admitted in writing to conducting “Experiments on psychological warfare by DARPA” on Dr. Horton.
  6. Dr Duncan appears to work with Bryan Tew and Todd Giffen.

Bryan Tew is supposedly another CIA targeted individual. 5 His actions in suggest he is more into electronic torture and extortion:

On 26 Mar 2019, the most shocking message from Bryan Tew was sent to a group of victims and investigators without including Dr. Horton herself in that message. In this email Bryan Tew stated

I made certain to hand over the digital voice imprint, facial recognition and other electronic identification of Matthew Arnegard, Sean Andrews Katherine Horton and Ella to the Russians and Chinese as I last interacted with them which the American Government ALREADY knows for two years.

At least three of them are now probably in some degree of danger. Have fun on your next International Vacation Ella, Katherine, Matthew and Sean. The hunters have become the hunted. 6

Todd Giffen also has ties to Military Intelligence is also a close “associate”… or should I say “fren.” Here he describes exactly how this Nanotechnology works on his victims. 7

“Todd Giffen’s very first email to Dr Horton already started with sexual harassment. He wrote to her stating that “it makes [his] pussy wet” (!) that Dr Horton is an Oxford/CERN physicist and that he “would love to cuddle up” with her in a “superconducting magnet coffin”. He sent the same email three times, adding the variation that he wanted to “hook up with [Dr Horton’s] brains to see if [they]’re a match to make it happen”.”

” I feel so many millions of beams creating the sensation of sucking on my dick the perfect invisible hologram. […] It feels like the most perfected quantum manipulation”.

Here is an entire reddit page devoted to the evils of Robert Duncan. 8

Now, I’ll leave you with some Words and Wisdoms of (Len Ber’s Fren) Robert Duncan: 9

  1. HOW DO YOU CONTROL THE BRAIN? Most people don’t believe that. Well, YOU CAN’T CONTROL ME, I have my own freewill. There’s NO WAY YOU CAN GET TO MY SOUL. But sorry, this is NOT TRUE.” – Dr. Robert Duncan, Author of Project: Soul Catcher
  2. SYNTHETIC TELEPATHY (HEARING VOICES) is a COMMUNICATION between a COMPUTER and the HUMAN BRAIN. It allows the Communication of THOUGHTS between any given INDIVIDUAL (TARGETED INDIVIDUALS or TIs) and the OPERATOR (so-called HANDLER, WATCHER, SCANNER, MIND-CONTROLLER, MIND-HACKER, THOUGHT-PUSHER, PUPPET MASTER, PEOPLE-COOKER (Microwaver), SOUL-CATCHER, COVERT-HARASSER, DESTROYER, and many other names) of the COMPUTER SYSTEMS with DISTANCE being NO BARRIER.” – Dr. Robert Duncan, Author of Project: Soul Catcher – Secrets of Cyber And Cybernetic Warfare Revealed
  3. “It can all be done WIRELESSLY now so you can insert MAXIMUM PAIN into a human being.” – Dr. Robert Duncan on Lecture-1 Intelligence Systems of Control
  4. “They’re trying to use called a MINDHACKING… They try TO DISRUPT THE SOCIAL NETWORKS SO YOU HAVE “NO” FAMILY & FRIENDS. It’s a BACK & FORTH GAME that they’re trying to find-out the MAXIMUM PROBABILITY OF DEATH. And example that you use where you’ll commit suicide or you’ll harm somebody, become MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE or something like that. So it’s huge, huge data base, probabilities across all the VARIATIONS of mind.” – Dr. Robert Duncan on Lecture-2 Intelligence Systems of Control
  5. “How do you FOOL somebody on the PHONE? And in fact, this was used in the Gulf War. They called-up. The Generals use VOICE-TRANSFORMATION so it SOUNDED LIKE their other Generals giving orders to the Commanders in the field and THEY FOOLED THEM where to go.” – Dr. Robert Duncan on Lecture-1 Intelligence Systems of Control

Don’t be a victim of 5G and Graphene Oxide Nanotechnology, protect yourself with Scalar Wave Technology with  Blushield EMF Protection, and remember, NO FEAR.

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