ALKALINE is wrong. ACID is the way to go.

Alkaline Water & Alkaline Diets: Alkaline pH acts to disperse the Graphene Oxide in your foods. Alkaline Water and alkaline foods only act to disperse the GO in your stomach making the GO a lot more absorbable at the stomach level and circulated quickly into your blood. Whereas maintaining a strong acidic pH of the stomach and drinking acidic liquids will act to clump up the Graphene so it can be excreted by your gastrointestinal tract! How? Graphene Oxides can bind with Hydrogen (H+) in water making it unavailable to become reduced to rGO!

See for yourselves: Alkaline pH will disperse the Graphene Oxide in your stomach making it more absorbable whereas acid pH causes the Graphene Oxide to clump and stay in your gut till you excrete it!!


How does this work? Let’s look at the structure of Graphene Oxide itself. It has Hydroxyl free ends (OH-) and Carboxyl (COOH-) free ends. These free ends will attract Hydrogen atoms that are in solution (H+). The atoms bid to the Graphene Oxide causing it to clump and NEUTRALIZE IT!

This will prevent the conversion of Graphene Oxide (GO) into the electrically active reduced Graphene Oxide (RGO) causing damage to your body cells!

Reduced Graphene Oxide: The Real Problem Behind 5G

Remember… no Proton Pump Inhibitors or H2 blockers or acid blockers! You need the acid in your gut to clump up the Graphene Oxide in order to poop it out! The American Front Line Doctors … Nazi Whitecoats are lying to you!

Are Front Line Doctors Nothing Less Than NWO Nazi Whitecoats?