The Aga Khan’s Stranglehold on Alberta

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Rachel Notley – Which fake hijab is your favourite?

In October 2018, Rachel Notley, along with the Aga Khan, University of Alberta, and Lt-Governor of Alberta Lois Mitchell, announced an extravagant project that had been recently completed (1). The project is called the “Garden of Life”, and its purpose is to continue to inject Islam into the fabric of Canada (2).

Built within the University of Alberta Botanic Garden (3), the idea of the garden was first announced in 2009, in a speech the Aga Khan gave at his graduation ceremony, when he received an honorary doctor of law degree (4). He also signed a new “agreement (5)” with the university and announced the creation of the Global Centre of Pluralism in Ottawa (6).


To understand the garden and the Aga Khan himself, it is necessary to know what pluralism is since this is the concept that he promotes the most.

According to Merriam-Webster, pluralism is “a state of society in which members of diverse ethnic, racial, religious, or social groups maintain and develop their traditional culture or special interest within the confines of a common civilization (7)”. That sounds great but the issue is that the Aga Khan is simply poised to promote and develop his own traditional culture more than other people can promote theirs.

In other words, most people simply don’t have the means to draw such massive crowds and build extravagant buildings to highlight their culture or beliefs. This sounds like a perfect way to actually promote and encourage the growth of one culture, while the others slowly disappear. The Aga Khan actually gets Canada to pay (8) for some of these projects, even his projects in other countries (9)!

Behind the idea of pluralism, it has become easier for the Aga Khan and his globalist friends to spread Islam and their other ideals, since people are still free to practice whatever they want and won’t put up a fight or feel threatened. However, since not everyone can create these huge monuments and buildings, other cultures will likely just quietly fade away in comparison. Maybe this is why even the Muslim Brotherhood (10) promotes pluralism (11)!

An article written in 2010 about Brooks, Alberta, sums up what may happen when we have new immigrants who don’t understand Canadian laws (12). It refers to Sudanese immigrants, but I’m sure it can apply to anyone:

The Sudanese community has had its problems because of a lack of understanding of what the law is. They saw the law as something else and they didn’t put themselves in it… (also) cocaine, which has been in the town for years, arrived suddenly in larger quantities and found a ready market among some immigrants.

Higher crime rate and more violent streets “arrived suddenly” at the same time as hundreds of immigrants! It seems that things have not gotten much better in Brooks, with some people now fearing that the city may become Canada’s first “no-go zone (13).”

The Garden

While it may fall under the umbrella of pluralism, the garden really is more like cultural programming (14). Principal architect for the project, Thomas Woltz said (15), “The message of this garden is one, I believe, of pluralism”. For now maybe, but the end goal is world domination (16). It is not surprising that Mohammad himself promoted pluralism, since non-Muslims became “the people of the dhimma” and had to pay a “jizya” tax (17)! We can be sure our regular Canadian taxes will still be in effect too! A dhimmi refers to a non-Muslim subject in conquered Muslim lands (18):

A non-Muslim subject of a state governed according to the shari’a who is granted the freedom to worship and is entitled to the protection of life and property by the state, although constrained to pay a special tax and not granted the full legal status accorded to Muslim subjects. The status of dhimmi was originally limited to Christians and Jews but has occasionally been extended to Hindus, Zoroastrians, and others.

In addition to that, the word is also used disparagingly towards non-Muslims who are acting in a “conciliatory manner.” And because the Aga Khan practices his own concept of Islam to create a “super state (19)”, it is difficult to say exactly what he has planned for his Dhimma. It looks like we may find out soon! Welcome to Dhimmanada!

At the inauguration of the garden on October 16, 2018, the Aga Khan said this about the project (20):

(The) Garden has its roots in very different times and places. The symbol of the Garden as a spiritual symbol goes back to the Holy Qur’an itself—where the Garden ideal is mentioned many times. Down through many centuries, Islamic culture has continued to see the Garden as a very special place, where the Human meets further proof of the Divine.

Speaking of divine, the garden even features “a skyline of rosy-white Portuguese limestone towers, atop an imposing podium of granite and limestone. This is the Talar — the Persian word for ‘throne’ (21) .” Exactly whose divine throne is in that garden? It certainly is not God’s (22)! Even if you’re okay with wandering around the throne of satan, there are other considerations that may come to mind.

First of all, when considering the role of the garden, the Aga Khan spoke of it being a “social space.. a place for learning, for sharing, for romance, for diplomacy, for reflection on the destiny of the human race (23).” This is HIS idea of the destiny of the human race! Have the people embrace Islam in every possible way!

In this disturbing article (24), it is openly admitted that the garden is there to change the culture and society of Canada to presumably turn it into a Muslim culture:

Edmonton joins other cities including Bamako, Cairo, Delhi, Kabul, and Toronto in hosting parks and gardens that were conceived or rehabilitated by the AKTC as catalysts for positive economic, social, and cultural change…

The Mughal Empire and people are emphasized many times in news coverage as far as the inspiration behind that garden and its message (25). Rachel Notley even goes so far as to say that is not just Mughal architecture, but “traditions” as well (26). These traditions prove that pluralism is actually pacification:

The Mughal Empire did not try to intervene in native societies during most of its existence, rather co-opting and pacifying them through conciliatory administrative practices and a syncretic, inclusive ruling elite, leading to more systematic, centralized and uniform rule.

The garden only drastically promotes one type of culture and one type of religion, for the purpose of further spreading the ideas of Islam into the Canadian population. In fact, the addition of the Aga Khan Garden is going to drastically increase the number of people who visit the University of Alberta campus (27). Considering the motto of the garden, that “no one leaves unchanged (28)”, it looks like bacon will be off the shelves in Alberta in no time!

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The “Talar”

Rachel Notley and the Aga Khan’s Culture Bomb

On May 10th, 2018, Notley and the Aga Khan met for a discussion about the “Agreement of Cooperation” in place since 2012 between the Government of Alberta and the Ismaili Imamat (29)”. She said that is was a time to “reflect on Alberta’s longstanding relationship with the Ismaili Imamat, and the many values we share, including the importance of cultivating pluralism in a diverse society…”, and by pluralism she means Islam! She also expressed her gratitude and stated that “diversity makes us stronger.” Where have we heard that before?

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Rachel Notley and Aga Khan – The view from the “throne”

When Notley said that the garden was influenced by Mughal traditions, did she even understand the meaning of that? Has she seen the above quote about the traditions of the Mughal Empire? Do the rest of the politicians in Canada know what it means? Either they are ignorant or complacent. The Khan and his followers are here to attempt to usher in a new global era!

Rachel Notley and Canada’s Indigenous People

The Aga Khan has a good friend in Rachel Notley (30). She’s not alone as far as being someone involved in his network. After all, it seems hard to resist him. However, one of the first things that Notley and Mitchell mention right away in their speeches is that the land belongs to Treaty 6 Indigenous peoples (31)! What a slap in the face! At the time of truth and reconciliation, let’s drop a huge Islamic garden in their backyard! Kids in Ontario have to learn Ojibwe in school, and meanwhile they are stamping out First Nations in Alberta? There is not even a feather in the K’s garden for them.

There is a tiny Indigenous Garden (32) located within the larger Botanic Garden that was created in 1980. From the look of the pictures, not a thing has been done to the place since! At least the page for the Indigenous Garden includes some berries and most of a plaque about pine trees!

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Aga Khan Garden versus the Indigenous Garden

In her first paragraph of her speech at the inauguration of the garden, Notley says:

I’d like to begin by joining President Turpin and Her Honour, by acknowledging that we are all here on the traditional territory of Treaty Six and also to recognize the Métis people of Alberta who share a very deep connection with Islam that we are very, very, effectively celebrating here today.

Is the connection so deep that their culture is barely represented in that garden? Yes, very effective indeed! A spiritual space that has nothing to do with our very spiritual Aboriginal Canadians? They must know that when Islam comes, it will stamp their culture out just like it did in this garden. The blatant lack of respect here is astounding. They both mentioned that they are on Treaty 6 land just to say that they did, then proceeded to insult the people. The following map (33) shows that Islam and even the Japanese are represented more in that garden than our First Nations are. Perhaps this is representative of where the university gets its money from?

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Map of the Botanic Garden

Yet, in spite of all of this, Notley was recently awarded a Blackfoot name and headdress at a ceremony in Lethbridge, Alberta (34). She was praised for “accomplishing a lot” and “taking over the government.” The ceremony drew criticism on social media, and Dee Brown is quoted in the article as saying:

Who was consulted about this decision?… I’m pretty sure the general consensus of the population strongly disagrees about honouring a politician who has forsaken so many of our people.

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Although the organizers of this event likely meant well, there does seem to be a need to educate people about the kind of agreements that are happening in Alberta and the rest of Canada with the Aga Khan. He may seem harmless and many of the things he does actually improve lives. No one is objecting to building new hospitals or ensuring access to clean drinking water. The issue is that the focus is on specifically assisting his Ismaili subjects first, then getting local governments to pay for it (35).

Meanwhile in Canada, the only change that the Khan wants is cultural change. He is not improving life for vulnerable Canadian people. They put a huge Islamic garden full of running water on Treaty 6 territory, while there are 38 short-term drinking water advisories in our First Nations. Six of those communities are in Alberta (36)! So to honour Notley means that you honour our government and you honour the Aga Khan.


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