The United Nations: Aga Khan’s Throne (Part Two: Pluralism, Royals, and Banking)

Updated June 30, 2020

Aga Khan’s Throne Part One

Update: The Aga Khan’s grip on Alberta has been tightened! Salma Lakhani was just named Alberta’s lieutenant-governor, the first Ismaili in Canadian history to hold that role.

#Breaking: Salma Lakhani Becomes First Ismaili Muslim Lieutenant Governor of Alberta, Canada

The Aga Khan’s Mughal Canada

Original Article:

In 2005, the Aga Khan was named a Companion of the Order of Canada, the highest civilian honour, by former Governor General Adrienne Clarkson (1). She described him as having a “special relationship” with Canada, and that he is perhaps the only person in the world to whom everyone listens (2)(3). Clarkson also sits on the board of the Aga Khan’s Global Centre of Pluralism (4).

Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper granted honorary citizenship to the Aga Khan in 2010, making him the fifth person to have received the symbolic gesture (5). Harper lavished praise on the spiritual leader for his “pluralistic” view of the world. In 2014, the Aga Khan made an historical address to Parliament that highlighted Canada’s 30-year relationship with the AKDN (6). Following this address, he signed a Protocol of Understanding with Harper, solidifying his partnership between the federal government and his institutions (7). Throughout all of the prestigious commendations the Aga Khan has received all over the world, there is one topic that is brought up over and over: pluralism.

Pluralism and the New World Order

In 2007, under Harper, Canadians gave $30 Million to Aga Khan for the Global Center for Pluralism, along with a 99 year lease of an historic building that used to house Canada’s war museum (8). The center pays $1 a year in rent and then leases out the building at commercial rates to the Royal Canadian Mint, a Crown corporation! It is located in Canada’s first Dominion Archives building, which was built in 1905 as a symbol of Canada’s heritage and identity (9). Last year, it hosted an event acknowledging that there is rising discontent in Canada due in part to the relentless forcing of Islam upon us (10). Chrystia Freeland spoke at the event, which was called “The Rise of Popular Discontent and What We Can Do.”

PM Harper’s Speech: Signing of the funding agreement for the Global Centre for Pluralism in Ottawa

About the Centre

Pluralism and the Aga Khan

Pluralism is “a state of society in which members of diverse ethnic, racial, religious, or social groups maintain and develop their traditional culture or special interest within the confines of a common civilization (11)”. That sounds great but the issue is that the Aga Khan is simply poised to promote and develop his own traditional culture more than other people can promote theirs.

Why We Don’t Need an Islamic Art Museum

In other words, most people simply don’t have the means to draw such massive crowds and build extravagant buildings to highlight their culture or beliefs. This sounds like a perfect way to actually promote and encourage the growth of one culture, while the others slowly disappear, and the Canadian taxpayer pays for this (12)(13).

Behind the idea of pluralism, it has become easier for the Aga Khan and his globalist friends to spread Islam and their other ideals, since people are still free to practice whatever they want (for the time being) and won’t put up a fight or feel threatened. However, since not everyone can create these huge monuments and buildings, other cultures will likely just fade away and become assimilated. Maybe this is why even the Muslim Brotherhood promotes pluralism (14)(15)! The New World Order the Aga Khan wants is an Islamic global society! How exactly will that work if Islam is not compatible with the west (16)?

1965 Interview (16)

Maybe this is why he is building all of these extravagant Mughal and Islamic buildings everywhere (19)(20)! To transform the west?


What is religious pluralism?

Pluralism and it’s problems

Aga Khan Title and British Royals

While some believe that the title “Aga Khan” was granted in 1818 to the first Aga Khan by the shah of Iran (22), the Aga Khan III said himself that the term was not a title at all, but an “alias” that was given to the Aga Khan I when he was a young man, and now it is used as a hereditary title (23)(24). The “His Highness” title is not hereditary either and was granted to the current Aga Khan by Queen Elizabeth II in 1957 (25). Apparently the “royal” Aga Khan is not a royal at all. So why is he treated as one?

The Aga Khan with Prime Ministers Pierre Trudeau, Justin Trudeau, Brian Mulroney, and Stephen Harper.

Perhaps that question can be answered by looking at the history of the Aga Khan in India with the British Crown. When the Aga Khan I was forced to flee from Iran to India, he was well-received by both the Indian Ismailis and the British (26). Eventually, the Aga Khan III rose to power and further enhanced his relationship with the British in India, during a number of campaigns:


Glimpses from past and present: The Aga Khans and Queens Victoria and Elizabeth II

One Ismaili history site claims that during the Aga Khan’s first visit to Europe in 1898, he received very special treatment from Queen Victoria at Windsor Palace (82)(83). He sat at her right side during the banquet and “no ruling prince” from India had ever been treated with such respect and honour. He received the title of Knight Commander of the Indian Empire (K.C.I.E.) and met with future king Edward VII. What is particularly interesting is that the Queen had the Aga Khan sit on the “throne of their pope.” When her consuls asked why, she answered:

You are all wise, prudent and learned, and you know better than I the reason of this. In short, I must tell you that we have never seen our religious leader Jesus Christ, and without doubt, the Aga Khan is our same leader, and considering this, I have made him sit on our Pope’s Throne.

It appears that that the current Aga Khan has continued to nurture the special relationship between his family and the British Royals. They definitely seem to have bonded greatly over their love for racing horses, a tradition that has been passed down over generations of their families (27)(28). Race horses are, after all, the ultimate status symbol.


Ismaili History:

The Aga Khan claims to be directly related to Muhammad through his cousin and son-in-law, Ali, the first Imam, and Muhammad’s wife Fatima (30)(31). Muhammad is said to have been in the direct line of Ishmael through Ishmael’s second son Kedar or Qedar, father of the Qedarites (32)(33). This is disputed (34)(35).

We do know from the Bible that Ishmael was Abraham’s first-born son and Isaac’s older brother. God chose Isaac to inherit His covenant rather than Ishmael (36). Isaac’s descendants became Israelites and Christians, and Ishmael had 12 sons who would become a “great nation (37).”


What Muslims tell us:


What the Bible tells us:


The Nizari Ismailis

The Aga Khan is the Iman of a branch of Shia Islam known as the Nizari Ismailis Shias (41):


The Nizari Ismailis have been historically linked to the “Order of the Assassins”, yet reports vary as far as the details of this affiliation. One author claims that they were among the first Muslim terrorists, and another claims most reports were uninformed (43). Either way, there does not seem to be a lot of evidence of any pluralistic views.


Who are the Ismailis?

The Assassins

A Brief History of Ismaili Muslims

Aga Khan Controversies

Despite all of the effort to trace the Aga Khan back to Muhammad, some controversy remains about this and the Ismailis in general. Some people claim that the Aga Khan is not related to Muhammad at all, and is instead a product of an illegitimate birth between his mother and her previous husband. She remarried only days after her divorce, and Karim was born about 7 months later (45)(46)(47). He is said to be one-quarter Persian, one-quarter Italian and half English (48).

Another issue seems to be that the Ismailis were converted from Hinduism, which is evidenced by their adherence to reciting devotional poems and hymns called “Ginans.” To an Ismaili, the Ginans are as important as the Quran (49). The Quran actually mentions Hinduism and states that Hindus are part of a group known as the Sabians, which do not follow Abrahamic religion (50). Why are the Ginans still revered more than Allah’s words? One Ginan even apparently calls the Aga Khan an incarnation of the Hindu god Vishnu (51)! Another is said to have predicted research related to the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) (52). This is Islam?

The Truth About Ismaili Ginans: Inspiration from Quran or from Vedas?

There is a fair amount of criticism and controversy surrounding the Aga Khan’s Ismailis (53)(54). They appear to have some practices aren’t based on the Quran at all, such as how simply catching a glimpse of AK can lead to being transformed into a spiritual being (55). This makes them infidels in the eyes of other Muslims (56). They practice the pillars of Islam in their own unique way (57). The thing is, since the Aga Khan considers himself to be a god, the Quran is not as important as his words.

Another controversial aspect of the Ismailis is that they are extremely rich and powerful around the world, and hold many leadership positions. In Canada, they have been extremely successful and are among Canada’s wealthiest and most prominent people (58)(59). Mossadiq Umedaly, a successful Ismaili in Burnaby, calls his silver Porsche Turbo his primary mosque! Shenaz Ladak, an Ismaili from Brampton, stated in 2010 that Ismailis are “born taken care of (60).” The Aga Khan’s Ismailis always come out on top (61).

A Brief History of the Ismailis in Canada

Driving past the Ismaili Jamatkhana and Centre on Canada Way, you’d never guess this Burnaby site was designated by the Aga Khan as one of only three “high-profile” jamatkhanas in the world… The structure was largely dug below ground and “hidden deliberately… very much assimilated into the community.” Hidden deliberately. This jamatkhana could be a metaphor for the local Ismaili community, whose low profile belies its tremendous impact on the B.C. economy



It appears that the Aga Khan is disobeying Allah and Muhammad in his endeavors in venture capitalism, insurance, and banking. Usury is forbidden in Islam (62). Allah, in some of the best Quranic passages, was very clear about how charging people interest would lead to “painful punishment” and that they will become “residents of the fire.” Muhammad also said in his last sermon that he abolished usury. It is becoming more and more clear that whatever god the Aga Khan professes to be is not even Allah, or that Allah has changed his mind (63). Could it be a different god? Moloch perhaps? Vishnu? Whatever the pope worships?

World Bank/International Finance Corporation (IFC)

The Aga Khan works closely with the World Bank on a number of initiatives. The Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development (AKFED) has been involved with the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation (IFC) for over 40 years (64). One example that has come from that relationship is India’s Housing Development Finance Corporation (HDFC), a pioneer in that country’s home-loan market (65)(66).

The HDFC owns 30.5% of shares in HDFC Bank, where there have been reports of corruption, deception, high interest rates, and even bribery (67). It also has a presence in banking, life and general insurance, asset management, venture capital, realty, education, deposits, and education loans (68). Their total assets are valued at $93 billion dollars. Yet, the Aga Khan Foundation still needs hundreds of millions of dollars from Canadian taxpayers (69).


Additionally, AKFED runs a number of other banks and insurance companies in many countries (71). One of them is Habib Bank (HBL), Pakistan’s largest bank and the first bank opened in newly-formed Pakistan in 1947 (72)(73). The bank played an important role in mobilizing funds from the Muslim community to finance the All-India Muslim League’s campaign for the establishment of Pakistan. HBL has been embroiled in money laundering scandals for years across multiple countries (13)(74). The bank also allegedly cleared transactions to a cybercriminal wanted by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation and a Chinese weapons manufacturer that was subject to US sanctions (75). It seems that the Aga Khan is a big fan of usury, after all.

International Finance Corporation (IFC) and Aga Khan Sign Agreement to Finance Housing in Afghanistan

IFC History

In 1978, IFC’s CEO Moeen Qureshi’s wrote what appears to be a letter of recommendation to Robert McNamara, president of the World Bank. In the letter, Qureshi mentions that the AK had participated in the creation of HDFC with IFC backing, along with a tourism project in East Africa. That was just the beginning of a long and prosperous history between the World Bank and the Aga Khan.

If IFC just does it right at the beginning, then points the way for other in the market and gives the right signals, the market in a developing country will take care of the rest.

IFC’s investment officer on the original HDFC transaction, Promodh Molhotra (76)

The letter then goes on to praise how well-connected AK is throughout the world with all of his ties and friendships with the leaders in many countries. Qureshi then urged McNamara to ask for AK’s views on “developments in South Asia and Iran.”

Declassified World Bank document from 1978 praising the Aga Khan and his early World Bank investments (77). It seems he was already well-connected throughout the world, courtesy of his grandfather.

How many of Aga Khan’s “views” have led to the decades of exploitation that the World Bank has thrust upon poverty-stricken communities in South Asia and Iran? How about Myanmar? Five star hotels? The World Bank probably consulted the Aga Khan on development matters in those areas!

How The World Bank Broke Its Promise To Protect The Poor

The World Bank Is Supposed to Help the Poor. So Why Is it Bankrolling Oligarchs?

Can You Fight Poverty With a Five-Star Hotel?

The World Bank, IFC, and Aga Khan Timeline

1956 – International Finance Corporation (IFC) was launched as the private-sector arm of the World Bank Group (76).

1968 – Robert McNamara became the 5th President of the World Bank (78). He promptly asked Lester B. Pearson, former Prime Minister of Canada, to head a commission which was to be independent of the Bank but would work in close proximity to McNamara.

1969 – Pearson’s commission concluded that “IFC has done some useful work in this area, but it is in a position to do very much more. (76)”

1971 – Heeding Pearson’s call, in 1971 IFC created the Capital Markets Department to help build a wide range of local financial institutions including banks, stock markets, insurance companies, and many others. The work has continued ever since. Today, the financial sector represents the largest industry component of IFC’s $52 billion global investment portfolio.

1977 – The Capital Markers Department led to the Aga Khan’s Housing Development Finance Corporation (HDFC), which was set up with IFC support, to build the housing-finance industry in various countries across Asia, Africa, and Eastern Europe.

It’s been 64 years since the creation of the IFC! Where is this poverty reduction that it was supposed to achieve (79)(80)? How has there been six decades of experience, yet there is still widespread poverty across the world? All they have done is increase third world debt. The “poverty reduction strategies” of the IFC and the World Bank are at the very least ineffective and incompetent, and at worst, deeply corrupt and malicious.

World Bank failed to protect the poor, research shows

How The IMF-World Bank and Structural Adjustment Program(SAP) Destroyed Africa

When The World Bank Does More Harm Than Good


The Aga Khan’s concept of pluralism is nothing more than pacification. While it feels good now, and looks good on paper, it is a means to an end. If we are all united under the flag of Islam, with Jesus Christ, the Son of God stamped out, then things will appear “peaceful.” This is the vision of the Mahdi, which will be explored in part three. Everything is being set into place, with Mughal Canada being shaped before our eyes (81). Considering the Aga Khan and his family have had their hands in every pot for thousands of years, there is still much more to tell.

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