August 29, 2019

Thanks to Marilyn Taylor

@andrewscheer accomplished something that the media hasn’t mentioned, and Conservatives haven’t noticed? CPC_hq received 6,155,662 votes, the 2nd highest Conservative vote count in CANADIAN HISTORY – and only 123,000 less than Brian Mulroney’s historic 1984 landslide win.” @CalloutCanada

Andrew Scheer and the Conservative Party of Canada have an excellent platform! To date, he has released the following relative to his platform:

-will continue campaign for UN Security Council seat, however, will not sell out Canada to do so (ref)

-will cut foreign aid by 25%, will not make the UN Security Council seat a priority (ref), will cut aid to dictators (ref)

-will enshrine Property Rights in the Constitution (ref)

-will remove foreign organization funding, like TIDES and CLINTON, from approval process in major Canadian projects (ref)

-will not bow down to the UN and the climate hysteria (ref)

-will kill UNDRIP as team Scheer does not believe the UN has authority over Canada (ref)

-will build the pipelines (ref) (ref)

-will remove the GST off home energy including heating oil, electricity, natural gas, propane, wood pellets (ref)

-will reduce small business taxes and federal taxes (ref)

-will have a $1,000.00 tax credit for home-schooled children (ref) (ref) [note: Scheer has dropped his pledge of private school deduction (ref)]

-will keep the tax-free Canada Child Benefit, seniors benefits (ref)

-will increase transfers to provinces for healthcare and social services by at least, 3% a year (ref)

-will implement a New Parents Act that will give maternity, parental benefits, employment Insurance benefits tax-free (ref)

-will give incentives to retirees who want to re-enter the work force in order to help alleviate labour shortages (ref)

-will balance the budget in five years not by cuts : “any new spending not already budgeted will be paid for from savings within the government” (ref)

-will rework the ‘mortgage stress test’ to facilitate home buyers (ref)

-will increase the supply of housing and reduce regulations on new home builds (ref)

-will have the CBC refocus on national stories (ref)

-will deny funding and research money to universities that don’t allow full freedom of speech (ref)

-will recommit Canadian fighters to the battle against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ref) (ref)

-will not reopen the debate on abortion (ref)

-will recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and move the Canadian Embassy to Jerusalem (ref)

-will join a U.S.-led global missile-defense coalition (ref)

-will spend at least 2% of Canada’s GDP on national defence (ref)

-will renegotiate the Safe Third Country Agreement to cover the entire border (ref)

-will expedite the removal of failed asylum seekers (ref) (ref)

-will set immigration levels on an annual basis based on Canada’s best interests (ref) (ref)

-will increase private sponsorship of refugees to reduce the number of refugees reliant on taxpayers (ref) (ref)

-will bring in more economic immigrants and fewer immigrants under family reunification (ref)

-will provide temporary workers a path to residency, ensure wages are fair, stop the abuse of workers (ref)

-will improve language training (ref)

-will improve credential recognition to allow newcomers to practice their professions and trades (ref) (ref)

-will set up better provincial programs to ensure that immigration meets labour needs and doesn’t strain social programs (ref)

-will establish a mechanism to oversee the immigration consultant profession to better prevent fraud (ref)

-will end birthright citizenship for anyone who doesn’t have a Canadian parent or a parent with permanent residency (ref)

-will immediately pull Canada out of the U.N. Global Compact on Migration (ref) (ref)

-will let Quebecers file a single tax return to be overseen by the Quebec government (ref)

-will have returning terrorists prosecuted to the full extent of the law (ref)

-will reinstate Harper’s legislation to deport dual citizens guilty of terrorism (ref)

-will list Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist entity (ref)

-will make full use of the Magnitsky Law to punish Iran’s worst human rights offenders (ref)

-will stop Statistics Canada from collecting our personal banking and credit information (ref)

-will replace Bill C-71 with a law that targets criminals, protects Canadians and respects farmers and law-abiding firearms owners (ref)

– doesn’t support a gun ban but tougher penalties (ref)

-will end automatic bail for gang members, identify gangs in the criminal code, revoke parole for gang members, toughen sentences for ordering gang crime and create new sentences for violent gang crime (ref) (ref)

-will have tougher sentences for those who knowingly possess smuggled guns, a lifetime gun ownership ban on any lawful gun owner found to be selling guns to people prohibited from possessing them or to the black market and a lifetime gun ownership ban for anyone convicted of violent crime or gang-related activity (ref)

-will seize guns from people detained for mental health-related issues and create a special task force to keep guns from being smuggled in from the U.S. (ref) (ref)

-will create a firearms ombudsman to advocate for gun owners and have the RCMP no longer having the power to reclassify guns (ref) (ref)

-will rule out free trade with China as the U.S., Australia and New Zealand has done -supports the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union (ref)

-will ban Huawei from Canada’s 5G network (ref)

– will eliminate trade barriers among the provinces and set up a formal free-trade deal with the provinces (ref)

-will separate the roles of Minister of Justice and Attorney-General (ref)

-will take back the 256 million Trudeau has deposited in the Asia Infrastructure Bank and cancel any further contributions to that bank : believes that Trudeau shouldn’t be spending our tax dollars building infrastructure in other countries when we have infrastructure needs in Canada (ref)

-will scrap Trudeau’s 35 billion Canada Infrastructure Bank (ref)

-will upgrade the Royal Canadian Navy’s submarine capability to better protect our national waters (ref)

-will take politics out of our military procurement process (ref)

-will upgrade our submarines and fighter jets (ref)

-will reverse Trudeau’s changes to the Senate and return to the practice of appointing party members to the Senate (ref)

-will build a fleet of icebreakers to cement Canada’s Arctic sovereignty (ref)

-will scrap Trudeau’s forced carbon tax, repeal Trudeau’s pipeline and oil shipping laws, cancel Trudeau’s levies on carbon, repeal Trudeau’s Bill C-69 to overhaul energy project reviews, establish clear timelines for regulatory approvals, assert federal jurisdiction when necessary with the government’s declaratory power under the Constitution (ref)

-will make Canada oil independent within 10 years by creating a single corridor of energy infrastructure across the country that will simplify the construction of new pipelines and create hundreds of thousands of new jobs (ref)

-will lift the ban on tanker traffic along the B.C. coast (ref)

-will end government handouts or corporate welfare for companies like Bombardier (ref)

-will change the Criminal Code to make it easier to convict people accused of human trafficking, end automatic bail for those charged with trafficking, make those convicted serve consecutive sentences for each victim rather than concurrent terms (ref)

– will also fund police, survivor services and public awareness to fight human trafficking (ref)

-will pay more attention to the Arctic than Trudeau has done (ref)

-will establish closer relations with India and Japan (ref) (ref)

-will stand up to Russian aggression (ref)

-will stand up to terrorists (ref)

-will keep marijuana legal and grant pardons (ref)

-will have another review of Canada’s Food Guide as the latest guide is the result of a flawed and biased process (ref)

-will abandon Trudeau’s plan for front-of-package nutrition labeling (ref)

-will cut Trudeau’s funding of the UN’s Relief and Works Agency which is a Palestinian group listed as a terrorist organization in Canada (ref)

-is opposed to the the Social Economy (ref)

-will focus on technology to deal with climate change and drop needless taxes (ref)

11 thoughts on “#Scheer4PM

  1. The real danger to Canadian sovereignty and the future of our country is UN Agenda 2030 and all of the NGOs being funded by our tax dollars to implement it at every level of government. It was adopted by Harper in 2015. It’s the beast lurking in the shadows that none of the mainstream parties will even mention.

    1. Its older than Harper …. read Niki Raapana & Nordica Friedrich’s book about communtiarianism .. who is behind this agenda of global governance and communitarian law .. its a big idea .. nord.twu.net/acl/ebookdownload/2020_ebook.pdf .. ACL Books, Alaska, USA .. an important book… its cute when Stephen Garvey pretends he doesn’t know about my work here in New Brunswick.

  2. Excellent platform! I was unsure which party to vote for, Conservative or PPC, but this helps tremendously with my decision. I will be voting for Andrew Scheer in the October election. It can’t come soon enough!

  3. All political parties have been infiltrated by globalists.
    Since 2011, both Conservatives and Liberals blocked, at enormous taxpayer expense, a federal court case to reinstate the Bank of Canada. http://www.comer.org/content/COMER_CourtCaseFiling.pdf
    Today, colossal debt is due to government borrowing from private banks at compounded interest instead of interest free money from the Bank of Canada. http://www.debtclock.ca/
    History of the Bank of Canada http://prudentpress.com/finance/history-bank-of-canada

  4. At Tantramar Landowners we promote Nationalist ideas and also have duly noted that Canadians have a difficult time using their discernment due to programming at universities and CBC and pressure coming from their ‘community leaders’ .. its for all of us to create spaces where the discussions taking place are outside the acceptable arena.. in that way we advocate more citizen landowner associations across Canada.. I have met Stephen Garvey and he is completely unelectable. I would not donate a penny to him. Look into Travis Patron instead of NCA .. http://nationalist.ca – the youngster is half Garvey’s age and more dignified by a mile. Garvey has been a trainwreck here in the Maritimes.

  5. Let’s talk about Rona Ambrose shall we? “Member, Trilateral Commission”… etc… https://ronaambrose.com/ .. Rona is now using her Twitter page to pressure Scheer to do the right thing and “March in Pride Parades” !! Wow! What a shill! She is a lousy childless careerist bully and useful UN idiot with all that pro-women pwer nonsense – not buying it

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