@ScheerMustGo IS Harper & Associates

The Conservative Party of Canada is entrenched in a civil war. The war is said to be between progressives and social conservatives, but it is far more simplistic than that.

originally published as “Dossier: @ScheerMustGo IS #PowerCorpAxis Cabal”

Long before the October 21, 2019 federal election, agents inside and outside of the Conservative Party of Canada started working towards replacing Andrew Scheer as leader. Inside sources told Civilian Intelligence as far back as early 2019 that a plan was in place to remove Scheer right after the election and replace his with Pidar Mackay.

March 10, 2019, One of many obscure articles with Stephen Harper himself claiming he could return to the party as leader, after all he founded it!


October 9, 2019, The Globe and Mail promotes Jason Kenney for CPC leadership. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/opinion/article-is-jason-kenney-destined-for-a-return-to-federal-politics/

October 10, 2019, 2 weeks before the election, the Globe and Mail reports that the CPC is looking for a new leader. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/politics/article-allies-of-former-conservative-minister-peter-mackay-mull-leadership/

“That’s according to a new report from the Globe And Mail, which cites several anonymous sources from within the Conservative Party saying that supporters of Peter Mackay, a former Conservative cabinet minister, will mount their own leadership campaign for him if Scheer loses. According to those anonymous sources, Scheer may not be able to hold onto his leadership position after the upcoming leadership review in 2020 if he can’t form a Conservative government. The Globe and Mail also reports that Peter Mackay has so far been unaware of the attempts to nominate him for a leadership bid. “No, I’m not [aware], and I’m doing everything I can to help Andrew and support him and his team. I’m not entertaining that at all,” Mackay said, according to the Globe” https://www.narcity.com/news/ca/andrew-scheer-reportedly-may-not-be-the-conservative-leader-anymore-if-he-loses

It is worth noting that Civilian Intelligence sources had been naming Mackay as a replacement as far back as January, 2019 and that plans were in motion to replace Scheer as soon as “Scheer lost the election”. Our sources told us that “Scheer would be burned to the ground, along with other social conservatives in the party, and the pissed upon”. Lovely bunch.

Many say it is a civil war within the party, a political civil war between Harper/Kenney far-right CP & Mulroney/Segal/MacKay/Barber old PCP! However, we feel there is a much simpler explanation.

Much of this is fueled by #NeverScheer Koch/Desmaris minions and Sun Media minions; the same people funding Quincy Institute in the USA that are trying to force an impeachment vote against Trump. It would be useful to draw that parallel.

October 11, 2019, Maclean’s promotes Peter Mackay “For the Tories, Peter Mackay is More Than Just A Face In the Crowd” https://www.macleans.ca/politics/for-the-tories-peter-mackay-is-more-than-just-a-face-in-the-crowd/

October 21, 2019, Election Day! Appears that Warren Kinsella yellow journalists Martin Patriquin and Alheli Picazo knew all about the plan to replace Andrew Scheer with Pidar Mackay.

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On October 21, 2019 “@andrewscheer accomplished something that the media hasn’t mentioned, and Conservatives haven’t noticed? @CPC_hq received 6,155,662 votes, the 2nd highest Conservative vote count in CANADIAN HISTORY – and only 123,000 less than Brian Mulroney’s historic 1984 landslide win.” https://twitter.com/CalloutCanada/status/1187976051357413376

October 24, 2019, Ezra Levant announces the Western Standard went back online only days after the election and focused solely on Wexit and Scheer Must Go.

(archive) http://archive.is/wip/oc6Ih

Western Standard promotes Western separation. https://www.westernstandardonline.com/2019/10/harper-cabinet-minister-calls-on-premiers-kenney-moe-to-hold-immediate-independence-votes/

October 25, 2019, Paul Wells for Maclean’s gets in his dig, ” He’s reduced the Conservatives to pariah status in the country’s big eastern cities, terrifying windswept concrete valleys of Laurentianism where gay people are prone to marry or parade without notice. He faces a leadership review vote at his party’s national convention next spring in—shudder—Toronto, and Conservatives are more or less openly discussing their options for a trade-in.” https://www.macleans.ca/politics/ottawa/advice-to-conservatives-think-twice/

October 28, 2019, The Globe and Mail continues pushing for Peter Mackay. “Former Conservative MP joins group saying Andrew Scheer must go, hopes Peter MacKay will enter leadership race” https://www.theglobeandmail.com/politics/article-former-conservative-mp-joins-group-saying-andrew-scheer-must-go-hopes/

October 29, 2019, Harper & Associate lead policy adviser, Rachel Curran continues false narrative that Andrew Scheer used party funds for personal gain. Even though Stephen Harper used to use party funds for vanity https://www.ctvnews.ca/stephen-harper-s-stylist-no-longer-on-public-payroll-1.513467. Rachel also fails to mention that she is a Harper Associate.

October 30, 2019, Peter Mackay drops a bomb on Scheer, “Scheer’s Conservatives missed scoring ‘on an open net,’ Peter MacKay says as leadership talk heats up” https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/mackay-scheer-conservative-leadership-1.5341633

November 1,


@PeterMacKay interview: “[My comments were aimed at] the collective, the party, the election. It was not aimed at Andrew Scheer….Andrew Scheer is the leader. I supported him during the campaign. I continue to support him.”

“I worked my tail off away from my job and my family to do everything in my power to help [Andrew Scheer] become the PM of Canada and I would do it again.”

For some of the group ousting Scheer, it was all about gay “bigotry” in the party. It was all about Scheer’s “failure to march in pride parades”. On November 3, 2019 Emrys Graefe, associate with Teneyke at Rubicon Solutions, Nation Builder developer/architect and long time Bernier accomplice posted this.


Stephen Harper was the original politician to weaponize identity politics. He courted the lgbtory community to be his lieutenants, to do his bidding. The group is known as the Purple Mafia. “In January, The Huffington Post acknowledged that Stephen Harper’s Conservative government has emerged as a global leader in gay rights.” http://www.poletical.com/gay-conservatives-the-gay-word.php

November 3rd also saw fellow @ScheerMustGo Jason Lietaer on CTV news explaining his case.


Continuing the coordinated attacks on Scheer on November 3rd, Kory Teneyke also took to the airwaves.


Of course, CTV News obliged these traitors, and included the article “Scheer’s position on same-sex marriage ‘could be fatal’ Conservative insiders say” written November 1, 2019. https://www.ctvnews.ca/politics/scheer-s-position-on-same-sex-marriage-could-be-fatal-conservative-insiders-say-1.4666444

November 8, 2019, Ontario MPP Roman Baber posts a link to https://www.modernconservative.ca/ . https://twitter.com/Roman_Baber/status/1192920223583756290 . A website he created after the election to drive the CPC left.

Roman knows there is power in becoming a member and becoming a delegate. Encourages his leftist supporters to join the party.

November 23, 2019, Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer has fired two top aides in his office as the party deals with the fallout of an election loss. Chief of staff Marc-André Leclerc and communications director Brock Harrison. https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/scheer-fires-2-top-staff-after-election-loss-1.5371007

November 25, 2019, MSM/ScheerMustGo sweetheart Kory Teneyke takes to the airwaves to nothing less than demand that Scheer step down.

Also on November 25, Kory Teneyke’s long time friend Clinton Desveaux, former Peoples Party of Canada National Director, wrote a “prediction” for the Western Standard that Harper would return to the CPC once Andrew Scheer was removed from the party. He went on to explain that in that case, Maxime Bernier would fold the PPC and return to the CPC.

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(archive) http://archive.is/PNhlo

November 26, 2019, CBC continues to spread false narratives, this time how Quebec conservatives are revolting against Andrew Scheer.

November 27, 2019 Post Millenial publishes a list of the main quarterbacks in what became knows as @ScheerMustGo. “The group has been named Conservative Victory, and it has been established by Kory Teneycke, Doug Ford’s top election advisor, Jeff Ballingall, the founder of the Proud Network and the Chief Marketing Officer at The Post Millennial, and John Reynolds, who co-chaired the Stephen Harper’s 2006 election campaign.” https://www.thepostmillennial.com/breaking-conservative-non-profit-established-to-oust-andrew-scheer/ Interesting to note that Post Millenial reporter Jason Unrah was sniffing around what Civilian Intelligence Network was working on at the time.

Jeff Ballingall runs Canada Proud… https://nationalpost.com/news/ontario-prouds-arrival-on-federal-scene-renews-fears-about-third-party-collusion

The “conservative non-profit think tank” they had set up was called, Conservative Victory.

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November 29, 2019, Andrew Scheer gives a strong speech in what was billed as a tough crowd who did not want to hear from him. During the speech, he called out the naysayers, he called out the Laurentians, he called out the insiders causing division. For some, we thought he was fighting on.

During the UCPAGM speech, Keean Bexte had claimed they were told there would be a audience wide walk out during Scheer’s speech. They hyped the claim so much, you’d think they were the progenitors of the lie. Keean Bexte is more of a PR firm than a news outlet.


December 1, 2019. A word from Warren Kinsella. He knows who is behind all this.


And Lorrie Goldstein knows too.


Early December, 2019, Frank Magazine reported that Hamish Marshall returned to his One Persuades PR firm, that he is partners with Terrence Oakey. We learned that “clients” of One Persuades hired the firm to execute the @ScheerMustGo campaign, which financed Kory Teneyke, Jeff Ballingal and John Reynold’s Conservative Victory mission.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is SiN1dctG.png
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Interesting article about how Hamish Marshall likes to use “psychological data” to profile the voters. https://www.straight.com/news/1048791/press-progress-andrew-scheers-campaign-manager-says-he-builds-creepy-psychological

December 2, 2019, Laura Stone reports; Toronto-area Conservative volunteer Larry Ziefman says he’s a big fan of Scheer, says his critics are “mostly liberals who are trying to create trouble within the party and I don’t think it’s real…there’s still people who are still fighting the leadership race.”


While many Conservative insiders were actively working to remove Scheer, insider the party, volunteers and members were being told it was a Liberal Party conspiracy.

December 8, 2019. Bernier sues Kinsella.

December 9, saw this scathing piece come out from the Hill Times. https://www.hilltimes.com/2019/12/09/competence-of-scheer-in-doubt-says-ex-tory-senator-segal-while-progressive-conservatives-eye-the-future/227478

“Mr. Scheer has failed to demonstrate “competence” at the task of distinguishing his personal views on issues like religion & abortion from the way he would govern as a prime minister, as other successful Catholic politicians have done before, said Segal.”

“Ontario Progressive Conservative MPP Roman Baber is organizing a campaign to oust Mr. Scheer in the April leadership review, and reshape the party as one more friendly to “Millennial, Women, LGBTQ and Urban Voters.”

“The most public effort to oust Mr. Scheer so far has come from Conservative Victory, a branded and well-funded effort led by a group of Conservatives boasting connections to other factions of the party, including Libertarians tied to Maxime Bernier (PPC)….”

“and reformers tied to former prime minister Stephen Harper. They include Kory Teneycke, John Reynolds, and Jeff Ballingall, who founded the Canada Proud online organization.” This is a political civil war b/w Harper/Kenney far-right CP & Mulroney/Segal/MacKay/Barber old PCP!


December 11, 2019, Jason Unrah reports on who will replace Andrew Scheer. From the look of the title “O’Toole? Ambrose? MacKay? Who will lead the Conservative Party of Canada” https://www.thepostmillennial.com/otoole-ambrose-mackay-who-will-lead-the-conservative-party-of-canada/ , seems like a whole lot of Harper. Interesting here that Jeff Ballingall, Harper loyalist, uses his Canada Proud Twitter account to promote his Post Millenial mouthpiece, promoting Harper alligned candidates.

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December 12, 2019. The National Council votes against remaining neutral in regards to Andrew Scheer’s future. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/politics/article-conservative-party-executive-defeats-motion-to-remain-neutral-in/

Andrew Scheer resigns.

During the applause after Scheer’s resignation, self-important Harperite, Michelle Rempel, decides to text, and toss her purse over her shoulder ready to head to.

Moments later, Kory Teneyke takes to the airwaves to begin the Smear Scheer campaign.

Mercedes Stephenson was also very quick to run with the allegations that Scheer misused party funds.


Continuing on December 12, The Tyee publishes the article “Harper’s Comeback” and they lay it all out:

“Consider the people who wanted Scheer to walk the plank before the party’s leadership review in April. Almost all of them are one-time acolytes of Harper:

“Kory Teneycke, Harper’s former director of communications, who now heads Conservative Victory, a group that was dedicated to dumping Scheer; Jenni Byrne, Harper’s former deputy-campaign manager and long-time loyalist; Sara MacIntyre, Harper’s former press secretary, who is now spokesperson for Conservative Victory; and former member of the Harper administration Jeff Ballingall, the co-founder of the Ontario Proud and Canada Proud websites — the “king of Canadian Conservative Shitposting” according to Canadaland.

“Other disses of Scheer’s leadership have been offered by former Harper cabinet ministers. Former trade minister Ed Fast turned down a post in Scheer’s shadow cabinet. Former MP and one-time Harper campaign manager John Reynolds joined Conservative Victory to force out Scheer. And Peter MacKay famously referred to Scheer’s social conservative values as a “stinking albatross” that the Liberals adeptly hung around his neck.

“And who was doing the assessment of Scheer’s unsuccessful campaign to unseat Trudeau? None other than former Harper cabinet minister John Baird. You may rest assured that Baird’s assessment would have been unflattering, from Scheer’s sneakiness about his dual citizenship to the hiring of Warren Kinsella to “seek and destroy” the People’s Party of Canada led by Maxime Bernier.” https://thetyee.ca/Analysis/2019/12/12/Harper-Comeback/


Dustin van Vugt, Executive Director of the Conservative Party of Canada released a statement clearing Andrew Scheer of any wrongdoing.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is IMG_20191213_131754.jpg

December 12, 2019, Maxime Bernier continues to shovel his own narrative in regards to the CPC. He claims that Scheer was just too liberal for the party, and that is why he was ousted. Even the CTV talking head laughed at Max saying that every single person from the CPC who had appeared on his show that day said that Scheer was far too “socially” conservative.

Kinsella knew the truth.

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December 13, 2019, Mercedes returns to Twitter, claiming sources say Dustin van Vugt, the party director who took responsibility for having the party pay the private school tuition fees, was told he could no longer hold the top job.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is IMG_20191213_175126.jpg

Initially, those claims were reported as being false. Yet, members of the Conservative Fund, which includes former prime minister Stephen Harper, held a conference call Friday morning and discussions were also held with the members of the party’s National Council. Sources say Dustin van Vugt, the party director who took responsibility for having the party pay the private school tuition fees, was told he could no longer hold the top job. Harper conveniently chair of the Conservative Fund. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/amp/politics/article-conservative-party-fires-executive-director-launches-internal-review/

Mercedes continues reporting from Global Calgary, listing and interviewing all the loud and proud CPC candidates as they look to anoint a new leader. Disappointing rhetoric from the likes of Michelle Rempel, who follows the Harper & Associates memo, and does not defend Scheer.

December 13 also saw a report come out in an independent journal, including interviews with former PPC executives. The former executives, including Clinton Desveaux and Shannon Kewley reported that they knew early on that Maxime Bernier was not interested in making the Peoples Party of Canada a success, it was formed to weaken Scheer. The PPC was formed out of spite, to get revenge. https://spokeonline.com/2019/12/analysis-the-ppc-was-never-meant-to-win-a-seat-just-to-destroy-scheer/


December 14, 2019, Yaroslav Baran, Strategic communications & crisis advisor. Parliamentologist. Media trainer. Writer. Editor.


December 16, 2019, Veteren reporter Lorrie Goldstein breaks down the extreme nature of the CPC civil war. https://twitter.com/sunlorrie/status/1206752086706274306

” Oh, for heaven’s sake. There’s a civil war going on in the Conservative party and both sides are spinning like mad. A director of the Conservative Fund says proper procedures weren’t followed? Where were they when the money was being handed out FFS? C’mon.

“And who hired the now (apparently) fired Justin Van Vugt, executive director of the party now at the centre of this storm? Oh, look! Conservatives turn to Dustin Van Vugt to replace Dimitri Soudas https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/conservatives-turn-to-dustin-van-vugt-to-replace-dimitri-soudas-1.2695409

“In a letter to the Conservative national council, party president John Walsh said Prime Minister Stephen Harper was eager to have Van Vugt appointed “to the team.” Obviously that’s no longer the case, eh? In this kind of situation, best to be skeptical about both sides.

“And from the Ottawa Citizen: “Conservatives welcome well liked campaign veteran to key post – Conservative MPs and party veterans are welcoming the incoming executive director of the Conservative party”:

“Van Vugt is a trusted foot soldier to Stephen Harper and one-half of a couple loyal to the prime minister: his wife, Andrea, has worked for years as a policy adviser in the Prime Minister’s Office.”

“Apparently, according to numerous reports, he isn’t being held in that high esteem now, but it’s relevant to keep in mind how he got there as the story unfolds.”

Please refer to this December 18, 2019 article from Press Progress entitled “The Powerful Elites Who Control the Conservative Party’s Money”, Harper & Associates. https://pressprogress.ca/meet-the-powerful-elites-who-control-the-conservative-partys-money/

“Stephen Harper and other directors of the Conservative Fund dismissed the party’s executive director over the payment of private school tuition fees for Andrew Scheer’s children to avoid a backlash from donors and grassroots Conservatives, according to a source close to the former prime minister.” https://www.theglobeandmail.com/politics/article-conservative-party-senior-staffer-dismissed-to-avoid-backlash-over/


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is sun92nzn.png

December 17, 2019, Susan P Riley appears on CBC News to discuss bluntly, the internal CPC take down of Andrew Scheer.

December 18, 2019, Mercedes gets at it again leaking that the now Harper & Associates National Council leaks the story that Andrew Scheer spent $700k more than would have been expected. The second major Scheer smear.


A story Mercedes did not mind spreading.

December 19, 2019, Amy MacPherson insinuates the funds missing from the party were used to fund Kinsella’s daisy group. https://globalnews.ca/news/6309296/andrew-scheer-office-expenses/


December 20, 2019, Harper Associates Jeff Ballingall and Sara Macintyre gloat on MSM declaring mission accomplished on national television.


December 21, 2019 Maclean’s published a scathing report on “The Takedown of Andrew Scheer. Not suprisingly, many conservatives skipped the read on the grounds that it is MSM. While I agree the MSM is biased towards globalism, it is unwise to outright ignore the reporting. After all, they still hire researchers. Here is what was reported:

“My only ask to my fellow Conservatives is this: let’s stay united,” Scheer said near the closing of his remarks in the House.

“It was the fifth time he’d used the word “united” in his speech. But it was already far too late for that plea to be heeded.

“Ultimately, Scheer’s exit might have wrapped around family, but his final weeks in the job had been marred by partisan warfare, ruthless tactics and friendly fire—all aimed at him.

“As you know, submarine warfare during the Cold War was never in the headlines because it’s totally below the surface. No one could see it except the people involved in it,” the source observed. “A leadership review campaign is the same.”

“They pointed to the “declaration of war” on CBC’s election broadcast the previous night from Kory Teneycke, who served as Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s director of communications and ran Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s 2018 campaign. “Doug Ford has been more popular than Andrew Scheer throughout the entire election campaign in Ontario,” Teneycke said on air, also arguing that because he’d lost the election, Scheer should run again for the leadership to ensure he had a fresh mandate.

“The senior Tory found this “odd.” The whole point of submarine warfare is stealth and surprise,” they said. “Why would you telegraph your submarine plans?”

“The same day Scheer told his advisor of his decision—a Wednesday—longtime Tory MP Peter Kent filmed a video intended to shore up support for Scheer in response to the “street justice” he believed rival leadership campaigns and figures from the Harper government were trying to dole out.

“A clutch of self-serving consultants and lobbyists, looking for revenues that a leadership election would generate, who won’t say who’s bankrolling their efforts, are trying to steamroll over that process,” Kent read from a script he wrote for the video, referring to the leadership review. “They don’t have a candidate to offer. They are rebels without a cause.”

“Within an hour of Scheer resigning, at least one group of Conservative staffers were feeling distinctly un-tearful. In a building within the parliamentary precinct that contains MPs’ offices, by 12:30 p.m., a group was one-third of the way into a cake that featured “¡Viva LA REVOLUCION!” piped hastily on top in orange icing.” https://www.macleans.ca/politics/ottawa/the-takedown-of-andrew-scheer/

3 thoughts on “@ScheerMustGo IS Harper & Associates

  1. I am appalled by what I just read. I knew Andrew Scheer had been very badly treated, but I had no idea as to the scope of this underhanded, devious canivery. I cannot support a party like this, which has shown itself no better than the liberals. I have voted CPC all my life and I’m 64. I will not vote liberal, so I may not vote at all. Andrew Scheer was elected by the members, but you did not respect our votes. We, the people, did not vote in your favour. So from the very beginning you planned to “impeach” him just like the dems in the USA tried to impeach Trump. How are you any different than the liberals? You acted in deceit. The only candidate I would vote for today, is Pierre Pollieve. I do not respect backstabbing and most Canadians don’t, either. Figure it out! November is far too late. Canada may not even exist by then. Andrew Scheer had a plan. If Canada falls, I will lay the responsibility right at your feet!

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