The PPC “Say No to Mass Immigration” Billboards Fiasco

By now you’ve all heard about the “Say No to Mass Immigration” billboard fiasco involving the People’s Party of Canada (1). Cody Payant, a PPC Candidate seems thrilled and made multiple tweets showing different locations. He didn’t appear surprised, in fact he was excited and in promotion mode. (2) (3) (4) (5)

But who was behind the billboards? Maxime Bernier and his Executive Director, Johanne Mennie denied any involvement with the Billboards (6). The billboards were put up by True North Strong & Free Advertising, a third-party organization registered August 16, and run by Frank Smeenk.

Frank Smeenk is also the President & Chief Executive Officer of KWG Resources (7). He is Canadian and has deep roots in the precious metal industry.

Maxime Bernier has denied having any involvement with the Billboards, and has denied knowing the people that put the ads up. However, Bernier gave a speech in June of 2018, not even 2 months before leaving CPC, at KWG (8)!!!  A paid gig!!!  The proceeds were meant to clear HIS “leadership campaign” debt. Max resigned from the Conservative Party shortly after in August 2018 debt free. Et voila!

KWG has huge holdings in northern Ontario and is a major stakeholder in the mineral rich Ring of Fire located in Northern Ontario (9).

The problem with the Ring of Fire is that it is currently inaccessible and is all but impossible to put in place the infrastructure due to the difficult topography. However, there is one possible route, that route is owned by KWG (10).

In order for those resources to have any value they have to be brought to a market. Getting them there is the key. Now you would think that this would be where SNC comes into the picture. They have lots of railway and infrastructure expertise but SNC has NO connection to PPC or KWG. So who could do this work?

It’s the transportation costs that will make this project sustainable for the next century,” says KWG Resources CEO Frank Smeenk. “Ontario chromite will have to compete with market leaders in South Africa and Kazakhstan, while the deposits in northern Finland are conveniently located less than 50 kilometres from an ocean port. We need to ensure that the minerals can be transported to the market in the most efficient manner, at the lowest possible unit costs.” Well then it looks like the Ring of Fire is just a puff of smoke right? Maybe not? Shit, another tunnel. You’re going to love where this goes (11).

Bring in China’s “One Belt – One Road” Initiative (12). KWG has spent considerable time courting China Railway First Survey & Design Institute Group to talk about the feasibility study the state-owned company prepared for KWG last year for a proposed $4-billion mine operation and ore haul railway from the James Bay exploration camp to Nakina in northwestern Ontario. “The Toronto-based chromite explorer said in a release that it’s looking to “establish interest” in supply agreements to feed the Chinese stainless industry, and make financing arrangements.” (13) China has a plan to develop a one world economic order, and KWG is all for it.

KWG was asking for a “$1 billion guarantee” from the Province of Ontario’s Ring of Fire Infrastructure Development Corporation to use as “consideration for project financing terms from Chinese lenders.” That’s right, KWG wants Ontario tax payers on the hook for a massive mining project involving the Chinese Communists as majority share holders. The project being overseen by the management team of the Overseas Investment Department of their FSDI affiliate China Railway Construction Investment Group. Please, someone explain why China is at the receiving end of all these newly formed taxpayer funded infrastructure banks. (14)

Why is it that Bernier hasn’t said anything about shutting down the infrastructure bank? What big donors are helping Max? Why is there no transparency with the PPC? The development of the Canadian chromite deposits hinges on partnership with CHINA. So a partnership between Canada and the new Asian International Investment Bank (AIIB) led by China.

What are their political affiliations if any with the Peoples Party? It appears the Communist Party of China. So surely Max would fight against that right? After all he’s looking out for Canadians and our Canadian sovereignty, no? Away we go. Let’s have a look (15).

Maxime Bernier made a, now famous, speech at the 2006 Conservative Futures event in Barrie Ontario when he celebrated China.

Okay, one more little tidbit. I’m sure you’ve all heard of the Attawapiskat First Nation and their disappointment with Trudeau and his broken promises (16) (17). Well here’s his chance to make good on those promises. But first he’ll have to build a road to Attawapiskat.  Oh, wait a minute, there is no way he could get re-elected. But, if Judy Wilson-Reybold was leading the Liberal party, she’d get that infrastructure in place that would allow those poor indigenous communities to lead a decent life and we’d pay for it. KWG has shown the Attawapiskat leaders “the possibilities are breathtaking”… Oh, the only way to do that, build a rail line through the Ring of Fire. And there is only one route. All of the rights to that route are owned by none other than KWG.

Do you truly understand what damage is being done!  The name People’s Party is not a mistake, it is a Communist party! Canadian politicians have been steadily selling us off to China. Cretien serves Chinese interests. Desmaris/Power Corp. is on Canada-Chinese trade boards. China is taking over large swathes of the west coast and Alberta, and now has their sights on Ontario. The Chinese state owned oil company CNOOC has been steadily removing Canadian’s from their work force (18) and the oil is essentially theirs to do what they please (19). What is poised to happen in Ontario, has already happened elsewhere. The riches promised to Canadians never comes.


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3 thoughts on “The PPC “Say No to Mass Immigration” Billboards Fiasco

  1. You sure opened the path to truth in this one…. connecting the dots… proving once again Bernier is a conniving globalist shill…and who could not give a damn about the Canadian people…

  2. My gut has been telling me for so long that China is our biggest enemy and so infiltrated in Canada. What is with the base China is building in northern Canada?

  3. I’m sure at this point that politicians in Canada today are all just part of the ‘club’ .. reading this PDF on the
    The Pilgrim’s Society… Joan Veon spoke about this in one of her last interviews before she died in 2010.
    All parties are suspect, there are no political solutions in Canada.. as much as people want a hero – there’s no one.
    They’re all ‘crown’ assets at the end of the day… https://www.fbcoverup.com/docs/library/2008-07-17-THE-PILGRIMS-SOCIETY-A-Study-of-the-Anglo-American-Establishment-Rockefellers-Rothschilds-Mellons-Windsors-etc-by-Jo%C3%ABl-van-der-Reijd

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