Soros Marijuana Movement: “Best Buds” Bernier & Dicks

Press For Truth’s Dan Dicks is claiming he’s Red Pilling Maxime Bernier, and the best part is the intro where Max pretends to not know what the Deep State is! Outrageous! It was Novemeber 2018, Trump had already spent 4 years storming the Deep State and here is Max, acting like he does not know about the Deep State, “Duh, what’s that?”

While most of us believed that Maxime Bernier was toast after his failed leadership bid for the Conservative Party of Canada, he was suddenly (and rapidly) reborn with new political ideas and a new political party. A year before the next federal election, the CPC was no longer “conservative” enough for him and he founded his own party, wishing to become, in his own words, the “Canadian Macron” (1). But as is the fashion with Quebec politicians, “What is said in Quebec stays in Quebec”. Am I right Mr. Macron 2.0?

Bernier’s on-line media followers have portrayed him as the next “Trump” of the North! The “Mad Max” of society that will deliver them from the clenched fist of the Globalist one world order (Figure #1). A persona incidentally, his strategists created for him online (2).

FIGURE #1: Maxime Bernier portrayed as a very svelte (and youthful) Mel Gibson; MAD MAX.

In 2018, Bernier aggressively started using social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to organize supporters and rally his ground troops (3). In fact, he was so overzealous to start his new political party that he started organizing on social media even before he officially left the CPC (August 28 2018) and before he paid off his leadership debt (Figure#2) (4).

FIGURE #2: Correspondence from Maxime Bernier indicating he was organizing the PPC on June 28 2018, before he officially left the CPC Party.

According to Pollara Strategic Insights’ 2018 report on social media usage, 91 per cent of Canadians use some form of social media. The most popular platform is Facebook, which 80 per cent of all Canadians use, as well as 88 per cent of millennials (5).

On January 5th of this year, in a tweet that went viral, a group of internet sleuths uncovered a story that implicated Justin Trudeau as a member and signatory to the United Nations Parliamentary Assembly (UNPA) that will form the government of the “New World Order”. Three days later on January 8 2019, and due to mounting social media pressure from his followers, Maxime Bernier came clean and through a series of tweets confirmed everyone’s worst fears: the existence of a world parliament which can adopt universally binding regulation (Figure #3).

FIGURE #3: Twitter group releases first “tweet” about the UNPA with evidence that a sitting PM Justin Trudeau was signatory to the “New World Parliament on January 5, 2019. Maxime Bernier then releases series of “tweets” on January 8, 2019 after social media pressure.

A few days later on January 10 2019, Dan Dicks from “Press For Truth” (an anti-globalist alternative media platform with followers on Facebook, Twitter and You Tube) in a report called “A Future World Government will DESTROY Canada. Maxime Bernier finally LISTENS to Dan Dicks,” takes credit for encouraging Bernier to come forward and expose his “evil colleagues” in government that were planning a globalist coup (Figure #4) (6). Talk about spin doctors!

FIGURE #4: Press For Truth Releases report with Maxime Bernier taking credit for the UNPA news and telling readers that they persuaded Bernier to come forth with the information.

What we found even more disconcerting is that Bernier was interviewed on September 27, 2018 by Press For Truth: “MAXIME BERNIER on Press For Truth THIS is the Real MAD MAX!” where he flat-out denied the existence of a ”New World Order” altogether, when in fact he was instrumental in its creation (7)(8)!

Then on January 11, 2019 (just 3 days after his tweets were made public) he was interviewed by CBC News reporter Vassy Kapelos (9). At the 4:16 time mark he states, “But that organization it is clear in their website that they want law and regulations to be binding to other countries.” And of course he would know the particulars of the UNPA because he helped to create it!

In 2007, under the direction of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and due to mounting pressure from the World’s Federalist Movement (10) and Democracy Without Borders (11) the Canadian Government had set up a review committee to look at the UNPA (12)(13)(14)(15) and the Minister of Foreign Affairs at the time, responsible for the approval and recognition of the UNPA as a “World Parliament”, was Maxime Bernier. So not only did Bernier lie in the September 2018 interview he also denied his role as a one of the main architects of the “New World Order.” The UNPA site itself confirms Canada’s involvement in their timeline (16) and a historical search from the Press For Truth website further confirmed Dan Dicks was well aware of the political movements taking place, which he wrote about extensively and even provided links to articles that clearly indicated Maxime Bernier’s involvement (17)(18)(19)!

So why did Bernier not admit culpability? At the time Press For Truth had already endorsed Maxime Bernier for prime minister. Why address the story within 5 days of the initial tweet? And why spin the story around? Was Dan Dicks worried he would lose his online followers?

So our Network of researchers decided to investigate “Press For Truth.” What we uncovered was a story far more sinister than we expected: a George Soros-led initiative to gain control over alternative media in order to promote his “Green Economy” and the legalization of marijuana, by capitalizing on the “youth movement” and directly influencing political views that will ultimately lead to a “New World Order,” which is supported by social justice warriors to the detriment of mankind!

Press For Truth is peddling the Soros marijuana trade. The marijuana movement has taken over alternative media … and Press For Truth supports that coalition! A coalition completely funded by Soros and Tides.

Our initial questions were: Who owns “Press For Truth”? Who finances it? And how is Maxime Bernier linked to this?

For now, let’s end on this note, with a bit of theater by Dan Dicks and Maxime Bernier. Instead of Dan Dicks calling out Max’s role in bringing in the New World Order, Dan pretends that his “work” is waking up Max to the New World Order. That’s right, this is a 10 minute video with Dicks claiming he’s Red Pilling Maxime Bernier. The best part is the intro where Max pretends to not know what the Deep State is! Outrageous! It was 2018, Trump had already spent 4 years storming the Deep State and here is Max, acting like Captain Populous, and when asked about the Deep State, he says “Duh, what’s that?” Poor Max had just crawled out from under a rock, after all! He had no idea of anything until Dicks to the rescue! When it comes to Best Buds, the USA may have Cheech & Chong, but we got comedy gold, Dicks & Bernier!

Check out this dillusional shit.

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  1. All this corrupt government smoke & mirrors is leaving Canadians confused & bewildered! Obviously this is the plan! Divide & Conquer!🤔🤨. We the people will & do have the power!Humm! Let me Guess you power people don’t what us to know that!!! More & more are catching on due to elites fast track of the globe situation in all its corrupt splendor!

  2. When you vote, you give your proxy [consent] for every ‘elected’ politician to make decisions in your absence. Since 2011, both Conservatives and Liberals blocked, at enormous taxpayer expense, a federal court case to reinstate the Bank of Canada http://www.comer.org/content/COMER_CourtCaseFiling.pdf
    ALL party leaders permitted the Bank of International Settlements to make damaging monetary and economic policy for Canada leading to colossal debt http://www.debtclock.ca

  3. To pull Canada from the brink of globalization, any party leader could have called a referendum for the people to decide the fate of Canada/Canadians, instead of elected politicians making decisions in the absence of Canadians who voted, which is consent to be ruled by the will of others.

    Filed Lawsuit of 10 Million Dollars for Each Canadian Citizen and Indigenous Person in Canada https://youtu.be/OOapZOLQsJg

  4. End Race Based Law before it ends us … with a platform as big as Dicks has he has ignored this issue completely .. and its kind of a big fucking deal .. aptnnews.ca/2019/06/06/conservatives-on-cusp-of-killing-indigenous-rights-legislation-c-262/ .. I don’t trust any of the so-called alt. media at this point.. as Niki Raapana says they are often more controlled than the regular news.

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