Soros Marijuana Movement Part Two: The “Green” Behind Maxime Bernier

Continued from Soros Marijuana Movement Part One: “Best Buds” Maxime Bernier & Dan Dicks

Dan Dicks was broadcasting live from behind the Emerald curtains of OZ when he claimed to be red pilling Maxime Bernier. Was he fully aware who he was endorsing?

CINetwork decided to investigate “Press For Truth” and what we uncovered was a story far more sinister than we expected: a Soros-lead initiative to gain control over online media in order to promote his “Green Economy” through the legalization of marijuana. This is being carried out by promoting a “youth movement” that directly impacts the political landscape to create a “New World Order” propped up by social justice warriors all to the detriment of mankind!

Maxime Bernier, along with Justin Trudeau, have supported the legalization of marijuana and the pot industry, a movement that George Soros and his minions have been spearheading globally! And these efforts are directly tied to the United Nations that has recently developed the Sustainable Development Goals for Cannabis (120)(121)(122). (We’re guessing our “Bilderberg hero” missed this memo?) Maxime Berniers, has openly stated his opposition to the United Nations, a position that has helped to rally supporters to his side. However, he is in fact supporting a marijuana movement inspired by George Soros himself and endorsed by the United Nations. This is the “Green” behind Maxime Bernier!

Who Operates Press For Truth?

Closer examination of the ownership structure of “Press For Truth” revealed that there are two directors listed: Dan Dicks and Tanya Ceperley. (FIGURE #1)(1)(2) Dan Dicks started “Press For Truth,” an online alternative media platform reporting on globalism and investigating the New World Order in 2006, and in the process acquired a large following on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.(3)

FIGURE #1: Directors at Press For Truth Inc.

Tanya Ceperley has a background in the corporate world initially working with Canadian Title then becoming Vice President of Mergers & Acquisitions with First American Financial Corporation (FIGURE #2), a global provider of title insurance and financial services in California.(4) First American Financial Corporation along with Soros Fund Management both contributed to Jeb Bush Presidential run in 2016.(5)

FIGURE #2: Tanya Ceperley Corporate Background

Tanya Ceperley, director of Press For Truth is also corporate director of a group of companies: 1. Jade Maple Corporate Services, 2. Cannabis Growers of Canada, and 3. Cannabis Rights Coalition, all of which have ties to the marijuana industry in Canada and all of them having registered addresses with Toronto Law firm Thomson Miller LLP (FIGURE 3#) (6)(7)(8). These corporations, located in Vancouver BC, were all registered within days of each other: Jade Maple Corporate Services (October 8, 2014)(9), Cannabis Growers of Canada (October 14, 2014)(10), Press For Truth Inc. (October 31, 2014)(11), and the Cannabis Rights Coalition (December 9, 2014)(12). Press For Truth is located at the same working address as Jade Maple Corporate Services. (FIGURE #4) and they share the same director. This raises questions on journalistic integrity. Is Press For Truth tied to the cannabis industry? And is their content endorsing a movement inspired by George Soros and the United Nations?

FIGURE #3: Corporate Address located at the law office of Miller Thomson LLP.
FIGURE #4: Tanya Ceperley is a Director at these four companies

On closer examination, it appears that these companies form a network of interdependent companies: Tanya Ceperley is a director in all of these companies; Press For Truth is directly sponsored by “Liberty Farms” owned by Chad Jackett, president of Cannabis Growers of Canada (FIGURE #5) who has appeared on several interviews with Press For Truth (13)(14); Jade Maple Corporate Services works directly with Cannabis Growers of Canada (15)(16)(17)(18); and Press For Truth endorsed the Cannabis Rights Coalition (FIGURE #5) (formally MMAR Coalition Against Repeal and their lawyer John Conroy who was also Marc Emerys lawyer) (19)(20)(21)(22) (FIGURE #6). Why are these companies promoting the marijuana movement in Canada? Who is behind this movement?

FIGURE #5: Press For Truth Endorses the Cannabis Rights Coalition (formerly MMAR Coalition Against Repeal. Reads: “The Coalition Against Repeal needs your help! Please visit their website (22) to endorse and to learn more about the Canadian Medical Marijuana Program”
FIGURE #6: (a) Lawyer John Conroy sits on a beach on Thormanby Island while attending a party put on by Marc Emery (20)
(b) Marc Emery aka the “Prince of Pot” has endorsed Maxime Bernier.

The Marijuana Industry is backing Maxime Bernier and the PPC in this election. Marc Emery also known as the “Prince of Pot” has openly endorsed Maxime Bernier (FIGURE #6b)(23)(24); Chad Jackett owner of Liberty Farms, president of the Cannabis Growers of Canada and sponsor to Press For Truth, has also endorsed Maxime Bernier. (FIGURE #7)(25)(26); and Press For Truth has promoted Maxime Bernier. Who exactly is behind this marijuana industry and why are they endorsing Maxime Bernier instead of pot-head PM Justine Trudeau?

Figure #7: Cannabis Growers of Canada (Chad Jackett President, Tania Jackett Director, Tanya Ceperley Director) support Maxime Bernier. Chad Jackett owns “Liberty farms” who sponsor “Press For Truth”.

Maxime Bernier Endorses the Legalization of Marijuana:

Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper called marijuana “infinitely worse than tobacco”. On announcing his leadership bid for the CPC Party Maxime Bernier unexpectedly changed his position (and the party’s position) on marijuana (27) suggesting he was endorsing a Liberal motion to legalize recreational marijuana, a movement that has already happened in 11 U.S. states and the District of Columbia.(28)

“I think it must be time to have a discussion with that,” …”I am happy that this government (Justin Trudeau) will bring a bill. I am more for it than against it. It depends how the government will do it. At the end I will decide whether I will vote for it or against it. But I am more toward — for — that.” (27)

But it’s not just the recreational marijuana laws that Maxime Bernier wants to endorse. Bernier has been directly quoted in the media as stating:

In principle, I’m [Bernier] in favour of the legalization of marijuana’, and more disturbingly, he stated, ‘we must be open to review the position’ on drug injection sites.” (29)

Marijuana and Drug injection sites too? Who’s behind this movement?

Leading the charge for the marijuana legalization movement worldwide is billionaire George Soros, a major shareholder in Monsanto, the world’s largest seed company and producer of genetically modified seeds.(30)(31) In 2009 Monsanto, in collaboration with big pharma, announced that they had succeeded in genetically modifying a new cannabis plant (30)(32) which will allow them to claim its stake in the expanding and profitable cannabis market.(33)

The total worldwide spending on legal marijuana will reach $57 billion by 2027. The largest market will be North America, growing from $9.2 billion in 2017 to $47.3 billion in 2027. The recreational market will be the largest segment.”

Soros played a crucial role in the legalization of marijuana in Uruguay in 2013.(32) Uruguay President Mujica recently announced that he wanted a unique genetic code for cannabis grown in his country in order to “keep the black market under control”. Genetically modified cannabis seeds from Monsanto would grant such control.(34) Here in Canada the working group called the GTLRC (Government Taskforce on the Legislation and Regulation of Marijuana) under the direction of former Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair, also stressed the importance of a “product traceability system” that could help monitor the flow of products.(35) In what has been called the world’s largest biological experiment on humans, genetic engineering is now moving from GMO vegetables and fruits to GMO plant-based beef (e.g. beyond beef) and now GMO plant-based drugs.(34)(36)(37) Monsanto has already approached the chemical and pharmaceutical giant Bayer AG with a joint venture proposal that would involve its crop sciences unit. The potential merger will create the world’s largest supplier of seeds and chemicals with enough control over food and drugs to impact our entire civilization!(38)

Kevin Sabet who previously served as a White House adviser for the Office of National Drug Control Policy, now president and CEO of Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM) had this to say: “The drive to legalize is being driven by a massive industry with billionaire-backers and they need high levels of THC to make money. Let’s be honest about the push to legalize – it’s not about social justice, it’s not about medicine, it’s not about granny with cancer, it is about a small number of people who want to get very rich. The new marijuana is being genetically bred to have “astronomical levels of THC. Edibles – these candies, cookies – these are very, very different than the old 6 percent THC. We’re talking in some cases 99.9 percent purity, which would have been totally unheard of 10 years ago.” He added that the rise of THC levels could have a potential impact on the mental health, citing a recent study by SAM, “We’re seeing an increase in mental issues, specifically psychosis, schizophrenia – a direct link maybe even a casualty, which is something that scientists hesitate to even use that word for anything, but we’re starting to use it for marijuana.”(130)

Soros finances and sits on the board of the Drug Policy Alliance (DPA), one of the world’s most influential organizations that advocates for the legalization of marijuana, the legalization of psychedelics and other drugs, and the legalization of safe-injection sites.(39)(40)(41) The Drug Policy Alliance, NORML (National Organization for the reform of Marijuana Laws) and MPP (Marijuana Policy Project) are the main drivers for the decriminalization of marijuana, all drugs and they also endorse the implementation of “safe injection sites”.(42)(43)(44)(45)(46) Their strategic plan evolved as follows and involved using the media to put forth this agenda:

  • In 1979 Keith Stroup, founder of NORML, stated in a speech at Emery University that they would use the term “medical marijuana” as a “red herring” to give pot a good name, then legalization for recreational use would follow. (47)
  • In 1989, Ethan Nadlemann, Exec Director of the Drug Policy Alliance made this statement: Political institutions are no longer tied to the public, and once news media joins the battle the combination of media and political support for legalization will demoralize the public.”  (The New Federalist, Nov 10, 1989)(48)

To implement change, they funded efforts to reform campaign finance laws, decriminalize marijuana and change the criminal justice system in support of the legalization of marijuana.(49) They accomplished this by funding activism, promoting “marijuana compassion clubs” that dispensed marijuana on “medical grounds”, funding politicians that shared their views, pushing for legislative reforms and ballots, and by launching constitutional court challenges where they paraded the sick, the frail, and the disabled.(50)

Soros’ goal is to undermine the national anti-drug policy in order to move away from law enforcement measures against the drug trade. He calls this “harm reduction,” meaning that criminal activity associated with the use of drugs (e.g. the black market) will be reduced if the government takes over the drug trade and provides drugs and drug paraphernalia, including needles, to addicts. But law enforcement would still be required to keep drugs out of the hands of children and youth. If these measures are not put in place then Soros long-term plans are to allow substances such as marijuana, psychedelics, cocaine and heroin to be distributed to children.(50) In addition, in countries where marijuana was legalized, the “black market” economy was not eliminated; the black marked expanded, crime rates and homicide rates increased!

And the exact same movement is being orchestrated here in Canada under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau with the same players:

Agenda 2030: Why Have Food When You Can Have Weed

Soros’ New World Order Tied to Drug Legalization Movement

The New World Order: CIA Inspired Pot Legalization Movement

According to data compiled by the United Nations, cannabis is the most commonly consumed illicit drug worldwide. In 2015 it was estimated that about 10% of the Canadian population aged 15 and over has used cannabis. Since its legalization in 2018, that number has increased to 18% or about 5.3 million people. Cannabis use is higher among youth where more than 54% have reported using cannabis before age 18; a rate 3 times higher than that of adults!(52)(53)(54)(55) The Trudeau’s GTLRC task force was aware of the data but still pushed ahead with legalization, and for aesthetic purposes, they added a pretty red ribbon on their report by including the phrase “prevention, education and treatment” measures that already existed and weren’t working! (35) Legalization has nothing to do with protecting our children; our children were already in trouble. Legalization was about corporations getting richer and in the process exposing our most vulnerable to marijuana by making it more accessible.

In addition the task force did not address the aggressive marketing strategies that were being promoted, nor the age verification issues for some online sites or how Health Canada would deal with non-compliant violations online.(35) With close to 99 percent of our youth engaged in online social media (100) the black market cannabis sales have grown like a weed with some operations boasting home delivery within two hours! These networks are far too big for any police force to tackle and would require international cooperation of multiple law enforcement agencies.(101)(102) We as a society have unknowingly created the police state they wanted; but this police state will not respect citizens, nor recognize borders or sovereignty!

This fall, cannabis-based edibles, are set come out on the market; brownies, gummie bears, cookies, cakes. After legalizing marijuana in Colorado, the edibles market became extremely popular especially among non-smokers (35). Trudeau’s task force recommended a fixed amount of 10 mg THC per serving despite acknowledging that they did not have any data to determine what the “safe” limits were. (35) In the U.S. accidental exposures to marijuana among young children is increasing exponentially. Marijuana edibles, in states that have legalized the drug for recreational use, are behind many of the incidents. Many edibles look like regular candy and can be enticing for young ones. But they can be more dangerous to children because of their high levels of THC. (FIGURE #8)(56)

FIGURE #8: Accidental deaths in children under 5 years of age has increased exponentially after Marijuana legalization

Set to launch a court challenge against the new federal rules for edibles is one of Canada’s well-known cannabis rights lawyers, John Conroy who has stated that the “limit of 10 mg of THC per unit per package of edible cannabis… falls short of what is required by medicinal users.” His client is a mother of a young child who requires high-levels of the THC to control seizures, and Conroy believes that the government is violating the constitutional rights of a medically approved patient (57). In Canada medicinal marijuana users comprise less than 1% of the population but require doses that are toxic for children and youth.(123) Just recently The Yield Growth Corp. and its subsidiaries entered into an agreement to use the services of Incanco Cannabis Consultants Co. Ltd. (Incanco) to apply for cannabis processing sale licences in Canada for their edibles, extracts and topical creams. Incanco’s Chief Operating Officer is John Conroy.(137)(138)(140) Yield Growth also purchased 9 formulas for use with psychedelic mushrooms. (139) MYM Neutraceuticals Inc. and Valens GroWorks Corp. have have also entered into a consulting agreement with Incanco; (140)(141) Valens GroWorks just recently signed a deal to supply a “Life Brand” cannabis product for Shoppers Drug Mart, (143) and MYM Neutraceuticals has launched cannabis production sites in Canada, USA, Mexico, Columbia, and Europe, (144). John Conroy also founded a recreational cannabis retail company in BC called Zen Canna, in 2017 prior to legalization. (142)

John Conroy has ties to the U.S. Cannabis Movement: In 1972, he was approached to work on the legalization of marijuana in Canada by Keith Stroup of NORML U.S.A. which allowed him to establish NORML Canada in 1977. He has been a member of NORML USA legal committee since the 70s. (110) and he has often used NORML executives as a legal witness in court proceedings here in Canada. (111) (FIGURE #9) (58)(59)(60)(61) The following statement by NORML Canada confirms their role:

NORML-Canada aims to eliminate all civil and criminal penalties for private marijuana use – through government lobbying, public education, research, and legislative and judicial challenges”(62)

FIGURE #9: Consent Form issued to John Conroy by NORML USA Founders Keith Stroup and Larry Schott.

How much research has NORML Canada conducted on the impact of marijuana accessibility by Canadian children and youth? Mr. Conroy is fully aware of the implications of marijuana legalization on youth. Here is his statement at the Special Senate Committee on Illicit Drugs on March 11, 2002:

There were three primary vulnerable groups: pregnant women, which we submit is something between the woman and her doctor; the mentally ill, particularly paranoid schizophrenics… then, most importantly, immature youth. Young people who become involved with marijuana – particularly on a regular basis – seem to suffer from a disruption of their studies and the maturation process. As is the case with most intoxicants, it is recommended that they not become involved with them until they have matured.” (113)

Is John Conroy, like his colleague Keith Stroup, using “medical marijuana” as a “red herring” to change our marijuana laws? And how will these constitutional challenges impact access to marijuana by Canadian children, youth, and those with mental health issues? Why is the government and our courts failing to separate medicinal users and their needs from the rest of society?

Our borders may be porous to illegal immigrants (118) but unfortunately they are also porous to globalists like George Soros who is using his billions to socially engineer and deconstruct our nation to usher in a New World Order! To be clear, any politician advocating for the legalization of marijuana, drugs and psychedelics or the legalization of safe-injection sites has been directly influenced by George Soros, and Maxime Bernier, like Justin Trudeau before him is no exception. Perhaps the question Canadians should be asking “Pot-Pushing Bernier” in this election is: How many pot-infused Jos Louis will it take to kill a toddler?

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  1. ” Pot is soma ” as an American on youtube said …. ” No Race ” aka Dante .. he has a pretty good channel if you’re interested in something a little out of the ordinary. He’s Japanese and African/American – hence the name of his channel. I found his videos compelling, esp as he covers communitarianism.

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