Stephen Harper/IDU Accused of Working WITH Maxime Bernier To Form The People’s Party of Canada To Weaken Andrew Scheer

The Peoples Party of Canada opened the door to “conservative” on conservative hate. When Maxime Bernier lost his seat in October, we thought the hate had gone away. What we did not anticipate was the immediate Conservative Party Of Canada civil war that began before the ballots were ever counted. Andrew Scheer is seen as a major threat to the Laurentian Elites. How dare a “for the People” candidate from the Colonies, think that he could govern this country, aka Central Canada?

At first glance, and without much critical thinking, the genesis of the PPC doesn’t seem that unusual. Maxime Bernier, one of the favorites for the Conservative Party leadership loses at the Leadership Convention on the final ballot to former Speaker of the House, Andrew Scheer (1). Bernier, never able to accept the results, blamed the Quebec “Dairy Cartel”, because let’s recall, the elimination of Supply Management was a key plank in Bernier’s platform. It soon became clear that the rift between Bernier and Scheer would become unworkable. Labeling the Conservative Party as, “intellectually and morally corrupt”, Bernier announced that he was leaving to form his own Party (2). A small but noisy group of fans (mostly on social media) quickly coalesced around him, and the People’s Party of Canada was born. While somewhat underhanded, this story seems believable. But, was there something deeper, darker, going on behind the scenes?

Let us dig a little deeper and find out if Maxime Bernier was a Principled Patriot, or simply a useful Idiot.

The Ruse

According to a PPC insider, the People’s Party of Canada was nothing more than a scheme cooked up by Maxime Bernier and none other than Stephen Harper. But why? Andrew Scheer had vowed to work for the Canadian people, which Harper saw as a threat to his influence as well as that of Power Corp, a Canadian multinational company run by the Desmarais family, with interests and holdings in Canada and around the world (3). Power corp wields significant political clout in Canada and it would probably take many articles just to unravel their tangled web of influence and corruption. The fact that Desmarais family, named Canada’s richest people, picked and financed Trudeau, Mulroney, Chretien, and Martin’s private and political careers in Canada should be enough to make you wonder just what they are all about (4)(5)(6).

Do you find it unusual that the PPC never drafted a Party Constitution? It’s not that unusual IF the Party was never meant to be permanent. It was all part of the larger plan to discredit Scheer, cooked up by Bernier and Harper. Bernier didn’t care in the least that he lost his own seat. He was well-compensated for his role in the coup. Harper was going to look like the CPC Savior and Peter MacKay would be installed as new leader (7). Many of Bernier’s closest advisors saw the plot unfold. They saw the meetings, and heard the phone calls. That’s why many of them, unable to stomach the stench, left Bernier.

If you still have doubts that this was a large, coordinated effort to take down Scheer, then riddle me this: just days before the election, the Globe ran a story that, “Conservatives, might be shopping for a Scheer replacement already.” It might be former Minister Peter MacKay” (8). There had not yet been a vote, there was not yet even a corpse, however this message was already being strongly telegraphed.

It seems arrogant that Harper and Bernier would be discussing this vile plan in front of staffers, but years of Laurentian narcissism cannot protect you from stupidity. This is the narrative Harper wanted hit home, as shared through internal message boards.

The PPC insider continues: “He (Harper) actually wants as much Media on this as possible making him appear like some kind of statesman, when really he is nothing more than a Koch Company Lobbyist. He wants to make Scheer look like a Junior so that he is drafted back after Scheer loses the Election. Bernier and Harper will meet and agree to unite the CPC and PPC. This was all planned before the PPC ever existed”.

In total, SIX PPC staffers were privy to the conversation(s) between Bernier and Harper. As previously stated, the plan was for Harper to swoop in and save the party. There is one small catch though: Harper is currently Chairman of the International Democratic Union (9).

The IDU was created by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation and George W Bush. Adenauer was the FIRST chancellor of Germany after the war; he was the one that forgave all the Nazis (10).

Harper claims that the IDU is just a club where retired Presidents and Prime Ministers can hang out and help new governments. But why would Harper want to associate with a bunch of Nazis? Perhaps a short trip down memory lane will help.

Enter Warren Kinsella (11)

Stephen Harper was a member of the ultra right-wing Northern Foundation in 1989, the same year that Warren Kinsella was director (12). The Northern Foundation was to be a vehicle for the bringing together of several right-wing groups and disseminated a Neo-Nazi Ideology. It had also cultivated substantial connections to the Reform Party, which would eventually evolve into the current CPC (13) .

Was it Harper and Kinsella’s long 31 year relationship that led Harper to soliciting Kinsella’s Daisy Group to run the “Search and Destroy” mission (14)? This operation, we were led to believe, was to discredit the PPC, but it was actually intended to solicit radical fringe elements FOR the PPC to grow.

Kinsella is confirmed to have run several operations to supposedly discredit Max and the party, yet the campaigns only ever solicited new, intolerant members, and the only people the hits ended up hurting were disgruntled former staffers. How convenient.

In early 2019, Kinsella employed 3 Marxist authoritarian junior varsity journalists to write a hit piece on the PPC, that mainly focused on people no longer with the Party and used, for the most part, entirely baseless information (15). One of these journos took it upon himself to lead a private message from one of the other journos. The context is, “Peter MacKay is a go”. How would either of these 2 people know that? That would seem like some super secretive information that Harper might not to want to have shared.

Nicola Hanson, an early close advisor of Bernier, was also defamed Toronto Star hit piece “Peoples Party of Canada Has An Alt-Right Problem” (18) and has since filed suit (16). She had this to say on Social Media:


What have we learned? What might be in store? First of all, it is crystal clear that Maxime Bernier is NOT the principled Nationalist Patriot that he would have us believe. He is an opportunist and has no problems with Globalism (if it suits him), and in fact has supported several Globalist policies. He was, for example a supporter of the Trans Pacific Partnership.

Does this Maxime Bernier look like a Nationalist? (17)

Andrew Scheer is seen as a major threat to the Laurentian Elites. How dare a “for the People” candidate from the Colonies, think that he could govern this country, aka Central Canada?! What else could possibly explain the almost immediate multi-pronged attack on him. The last ballot had barely been counted when those knives that had been laying in wait prior to the election, came out in full force. There is already a @ScheerMustGo cabal prowling around on Social Media spreading their propaganda.(19)

This assault on Andrew Scheer, and by association, the West itself is a plot fit for the latest John Grisham novel. It is big and complex, with a lot of moving parts. It’s nasty stuff. People will be hurt, careers will likely be ruined, but those in charge see that as a small price to pay for power.

And what about those PPC supporters that are truly well meaning, good people? There are a few of them, absolutely blind to what is really going on. What about them when the entire PPC House of Cards comes crashing down?

It will be extremely interesting to see how this all plays out. This article only scratches the surface but it won’t stop here. If you support Andrew Scheer, #Scheer2020, #IStandWithScheer, and #ScheerIsNotDeepState, then you need to take action. Get involved, do what you can online or off. Mobilize with like-minded people to help get the truth out. Make no mistake, this is a war.


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