Frank Giustra’s Pizzagate History

This is part three of the Frank Giustra series (1).

Frank Giustra scouring Greece for unaccompanied children.

Please note: This article is not confirming that Frank Giustra is involved in Pizzagate or pedophilia; it is simply compiling evidence that others have documented to substantiate this claim.

Frank Giustra is extremely offended to be associated with Pizzagate! He drew international attention to himself by launching a lawsuit against Twitter, claiming that bad internet people called him a pedophile (2). What’s worse for Giustra though, is that Pizzagate has never been debunked! The Wikipedia Pizzagate page was examined to determine the validity of the sources and the disclosed information (3). It was established that there was never a formal investigation conducted by any law enforcement group to debunk the existence of Pizzagate. It was also determined that the article contains some dubious sources.

To be clear, Pizzagate is not one restaurant or one basement, nor is it one location; it is years of compiled evidence pointing to a group of powerful individuals engaged in highly suspicious behaviour involving child pornography and child sex-trafficking. They are not hiding anything, which is why it’s on display everywhere; they want us to see their “art” and hear their “music”. This is because they want to create victims out of everyone by shocking people; do not be fooled and go searching for anything traumatic! It is there, and it is sick. The evidence has all been documented and archived by many different sources. Authorities have made lame attempts to explain these away, as well as attack innocent researchers, while the real criminals have been portrayed as victims. Who is protecting them?

Frank Giustra’s Apparent Ties to Pizzagate

The Clinton Foundation and the Podesta Group:

Why has Frank Giustra been associated with Pizzagate? To start, Giustra’s name is very much attached to the Clinton Foundation and he has a deep-rooted relationships with the Clintons (22). Secondly, Guistra is not only one of the largest contributors to the foundation, but he has also been a board member since 2013 (23), and it would be very unlikely that someone that close to the Clintons would not know what was going on. In addition, Guistra was included in the Podesta emails 57 times, mostly in relation to obvious damage control that the Clintons were forced into by the Uranium One scandal (24)(25). However we do suspect that Giustra has a good relationship with the Podesta Group, who represented Giustra’s company during the pending sale of Uranium One, and tried to advance the transaction (26)(27)(28). Giustra obviously trusted the Podestas, and trust can generally only be earned after getting to know someone really well.

The Radcliffe Foundation:

On November 22, 2007, Wikileaks released an unclassified FBI document that outlines symbols that are known to be used by pedophiles to indicate their sexual preference for children (29). This document has been widely circulated, and many news outlets ran with stories warning parents to look out for these symbols (30)(31)(32). Frank Giustra’s Radcliffe Foundation openly used the symbol for “Boy Love” in promotional pictures on their website advertising the The Elpída Home for Refugees (33), and it was the logo also used on their Facebook page (34)! This logo is possibly the most incriminating aspect of Giustra’s affiliation with Pizzagate. These images were discussed in Ben Swann’s CBS coverage of the topic (35).

Screenshot taken from an archived version of the Radcliffe Foundation’s website (36). The “boy love” logo can be clearly seen in the bottom left of the image.
Screenshot of the Elpida Home’s Facebook page and logo from a video by Tracy Beanz (37)

Radcliffe Foundation searches now redirect to The Giustra Foundation, but the ElPida refugee home still operates (38). Their website says that it was founded in 2016 by Amed Khan, a long-time Clinton aide (39), and an archived version of the Radcliffe Foundation’s website indicates that Giustra assisted in “finalizing the paperwork (40)” and is listed as the founding donor (41). Frank seems to be very interested in “assisting” at-risk children and is also involved in many other child-related initiatives, such as his trip to Haiti with Bill Clinton to help low-income children (42)(43)(44), his Boys Club Network in Vancouver, and his work with the Libra Group. (45)(78). How does someone focusing on helping vulnerable children not know these codes?

222 Pizza Express Corp:

Pizzagate researchers have regarded the existence of an old shell company called “222 Pizza Express” that Giustra and his partners turned into a mining company as suspicious. Pedophiles use the code word “pizza” but what is odd in this case is that it seems to have been used for a mining-related shell company rather than a restaurant (46)(47)(48). This is the same company that got Ian Telfer, Giustra’s business partner, in trouble when he secretly offered shares of it to Eda Marie Agueci of GMP Securities (49).

In addition, the numbers “222” have been historically linked to child actors Corey Haim and Corey Feldman, who were known to have been sexually abused when they were working in the Hollywood industry (50)(51). Feldman has proven himself to be a fraud, and has been profiting from a young Canadian white boy’s suffering for decades (80).


However, Haim did famously wore a necklace with those numbers on it (81). The urban dictionary uses “222” in reference to a room for illicit sex: “Let’s get us an ol’ 222 for these girls we are meeting tonight (53).” Is 222 code for sexual abuse in the Hollywood film industry?


The entertainment industry has been plagued for almost a century by scandal after scandal in relation to sexual abuse or misconduct (69). A February, 2018 report issued after surveying 843 women working in entertainment revealed that a staggering 94% of them have experienced or witnessed sexual harassment or abuse, which many time goes unreported (70). Why is this industry so plagued by these kinds of allegations?

Hollywood has always been a highly sexed town full of attractive young people with plenty of money or needing plenty of money. The idea of hitting it big in Hollywood has always been a powerful draw, and young innocents from all over America and the world flocked to the West Coast from 1915 onwards. Once there starstruck young hopefuls fell prey to established actors, agents, directors and producers who promised a big break in exchange for their souls or bodies. Tragedy was often the result and the situation was ripe for scandal.

Speaking of which, Giustra is also heavily involved in the entertainment industry, being the founder of Lionsgate Entertainment and Sea to Sky Entertainment, a joint venture between Lionsgate and Thunderbird Films, where he is a director and board-member. Lionsgate and Thunderbird were involved with many other acquisitions and mergers (54)(55). Lionsgate has been known for producing or distributing movies that are too controversial for other American film studios, such as American Psycho (56). It also distributed an extremely disturbing movie, Lolita, in which a man marries a woman in order to seduce her 14-year-old daughter. Lionsgate also distributed other movies involving older men and young girls, and was the producer for Buffalo ‘66 and The Moth Diaries, which both have similar themes (73). Lolita is listed by IMDB as #1 and #2 for movies about pedophilia (56).

Harvey Weinstein, of “Weinstein effect” fame, collaborated with Lionsgate several times (71)(72). They also shared a scandal when Andrew Kramer left The Weinstein Company to join Lionsgate as Chief Operating Officer, only to leave the industry in disgrace after being accused of sexual harassment. Despite a senior official witnessing the event, the result of the investigation was that it was “inconclusive (74).” Either way, considering the climate of the Hollywood industry and some of these connections, does Giustra have a “casting couch” too?

Is the image on the wall behind Giustra in the above image similar to the “art” on Epstein’s island (77)?

With people like Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein (who didn’t kill himself) getting caught for sex-related crimes, it is clear that there are powerful people engaging in these kinds of activities, especially since the FBI released the Finders document. Now we know that there was a Lolita Express that transported many powerful individuals , like Bill Clinton, to Epstein’s island (58). We also know that Frank Giustra has his own luxury private jet that Bill seems to love riding around in (76). Did Giustra’s plane ever touch down on Epstein’s island? Epstein was, after all, a Clinton Foundation donor and once claimed to be a founder (75).

Pizzagate Background


VIDEO: PEDOGATE 2020 PT.3 – Symbolism & Pizzagate 2.0

Of course, Pizzagate can’t be discussed without speaking about the Podesta Wikileaks emails (79). Hillary Clinton herself acknowledged that the leaks are not fake (4). As many people already know, there are many discussions and food-related references that just don’t make sense. Hot dogs, pizza, walnuts, ice cream, cheese, and other food items are possibly related to the abuse of children. On Reddit, someone posted a list of code words that apparently refer to such abuse (5). We can be sure that at least “pizza” and especially “cheese pizza” are indeed code words (6), since people have actually been caught using these references when seeking child porn (7)(8)(9). Why is it that other individuals are getting caught and arrested after using these codes, yet the Podestas, the Clintons, and James Alefantis are still walking free? Could it be that these influential people are exempt from legal scrutiny and recourse? The following video, released almost 3 years ago, is an excellent summary of the Podesta emails and related incidents (63). And yes, John Podesta is really into aliens (64)(65).


In 2018, after Anthony Wiener’s laptop was seized, the U.S. Inspector General released a report confirming that James Comey, then Director of the FBI, was indeed briefed on the contents of the laptop (10). After a year of investigation, the FBI determined that Clinton was careless with the emails but would not be prosecuted for any crimes. However, they failed to mention the emails related to the abuse of children, as was reported by the Inspector General (11). The same thing happened again in October 2019 with the release of yet another report (59). Perhaps an investigation into what happened to the NYPD officers who were investigating the emails on Weiner’s laptop is in order (60). He shared that laptop with his wife at the time, Huma Abedin, Hillary’s most cherished aide (61)(62).

This appears to not be the first time allegations of sexual abuse were swept under the rug by high-ranking U.S. officials, and involves the DC Metropolitan Police once again. Looks like they had some practice before Pizzagate came along (3)! On October 25, 2019, the FBI released a declassified document confirming what people have been saying for decades: that the government failed to prosecute members of a cult called “The Finders” after evidence was found of child sexual abuse, torture, and satanic rituals (66)(67)(68).

There are other people who have been arrested on child pornography charges after using the word “pizza” as a code for it. A man who called himself “Dr.Pizza” has been arrested after making fun of Pizzagate researchers, and there were other men who harassed Mike Cernovich who were also caught with child pornography (12). Could it be that the more someone vehemently denies the existence of these kinds of things, the more likely they might be involved with it?

In Canada, there was even a Pizzagate-type incident in Newfoundland, except in this instance the police actually investigated the allegations, leading to “Operation Rescue (13).” Admitting that these arrests were only the tip of the iceberg, police have stated that their investigation will continue outside of the province should there be evidence that child pornographic material was distributed over the Internet. Perhaps the United States should call in the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary for help.

James Alefantis, the owner of the Comet Ping Pong pizzeria associated with Pizzagate, has openly admitted that an Instagram account full of images and ideas linked to child abuse was in fact his account and he did not dispute that he posted those images (14)(15)(16). In the Podesta emails there are several indications that this pedophile ring did not just take place in the basement of a pizzeria (17); many different locations were discussed. The basement has just been a distraction! For example, one disturbing email from Tamera Luzzatto indicated that something was going to take place in a pool with three children for the adults’ entertainment. Did anyone ever say there was a pool at Comet?

Alefantis drew even more attention to himself when he openly threatened Pizzagate researcher Ryan O’Neal, after O’Neal attempted to reach out to him for an interview. That didn’t go over too well with Mr. JimmyComet! Alefantis threatened to kill O’Neal multiple times, along with his mother, girlfriend, and son, and it was all caught in a series of text messages (18). No matter what you think about Pizzagate, Alefantis definitely appears to be a disturbed individual! At one point he even says, “Everything they say about me is true, except I don’t like kids.” This is rather ironic since his restaurant is advertised as being family-friendly, and apparently there are many kids that can be found there at any given time (19).

The longer people take to realize that pedophilia is far more prevalent in society and the longer we wait to take action, the more children will fall into the hands of people who want to hurt them. People must wake up and realize that there is real evil in this world, and that we have a responsibility to protect our most vulnerable! What can we do to stop this madness?

“But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the detestable, as for murderers, the sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death.” Revelation 21:8


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