All Parties Are Corrupt: Harper & Trudeau In League With UN & Soros

Now is a crucial time in Canadian history where we as a people must stand together to preserve our fundamental freedoms. The political elite are no longer working in the best interest of our nation. Fellow patriots, it’s time we take our power back! The institution we want to save is Canada, the institution we need to achieve this goal, is the Conservative Party of Canada.


  • Friends, “Free Speech” will soon be silenced within political parties and our country.
  • The Conservative Party of Canada is deliberately misleading party members into believing they should cater to the “Migrant Vote” and “Progressive” party platforms which directly promote and help to implement Agenda 2030
  • FACT: Minority groups care about the economy and their livelihoods just like everyone else.
  • This “false narrative” is being promoted by Stephen Harper and the International Democratic Union (IDU).
  • The IDU was founded in 1983 by US President Ronald Reagan, VP George W. Bush, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, and others.
  • This is because in the 80s, CIA scandals emerged and the US Congress forbade the agency from organizing political coups in foreign countries in order to advance market economies.
  • To circumvent this, the White House and the NSC (National Security Council) along with members of both the Republicans and the Democrats established the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) in 1983; the legal window of the CIA which can sidestep presidential directives! The Deep State was formed!
  • This “Deep State” is now embedded in countries world wide!
  • NED receives its directives from the NSC and the CIA. It is funded through USAID.
  • NED funds associations, NGOs, political parties, trade unions to take political initiatives within countries that government(s) could not without violating the sovereignty of the states.
  • NED is the secret plan of the CIA to destabilize countries using NGOs and activists groups to suit the globalist agenda calling for “open markets” in what they referred to as “market democracy” where an economic and financial oligarchy imposes its political choice.
  • Corporations are slowly winning the battle in a “global coup” of sovereign countries. Corporations do not want to be governed by the Laws of Nation States as they see this as an impediment to efficiency and profit.
  • Politicians advocating for smaller decentralized government, deregulation, open-markets are in league with these globalists!
  • NED consists of two main institutes; one with Republican/Conservative right-leaning and the second Democratic/Liberal left-leaning. These institutions house the “right” and “left” political parties in the world.
  • NED funds and controls the narrative of BOTH the “left” and the “right”.
  • NED, with the help of the media controls the “political narrative” globally!
  • Political Parties are now “Transnational” under the direct influence of the NSA and CIA which now dictate the political agenda not the people!
  • Civil Society Organizations are directly funded by NED and work with institutions founded by George Soros “Open Society”.
  • The International Democratic Union (IDU) is part of NED.
  • Stephen Harper is currently the Chairman of the IDU.
  • The IDU is directly allied with the United Nations. Just like the Trudeau Liberals are in bed with the United Nations and Agenda 2030 on Sustainable Development, so is Stephen Harper’s CPC Party!
  • Stephen Harper’s government signed the UN Global Compact in 2015. Justin Trudeau signed in 2018. Maxime Bernier helped to draft it. The NDP promotes it!

FACT: Now, Civilian Intelligence Network (CIN) could just as easily have chosen the Liberal Party of Canada, but unfortunately, they’re not running a leadership campaign and the PPC? Well they’ve been purged. The thing is, it really doesn’t matter which party you chose because they are in fact one and the same. Yes indeed! And we decided that 2020 will be the year CIN “Red-pilled” its readers. Are you ready to leave the Matrix?

FACT: Currently “free speech rules” are being amended by Ontario PC Party that will prevent future referendum on those changing the rules (1). This amounts to a dictatorship put in place by the party elite themselves! Our fear is that this platform will also be implemented on the federal level (2). We therefore need a new executive for a new beginning! We are the party! It’s time to press the reset!

FACT: CPC Executives are deliberately misleading party members into believing that the party should take on a more “progressive” platform. They lied about the GTA being a Liberal stronghold! In fact, legal immigrants are altering the voting block in the 416/905 (GTA) to strongly “social conservative”. The fact is that minorities care about their livelihood and the economy just like everybody else (3)! They are coming here in order to flee political conditions that have lead to the destruction of their homeland in the first place; socialism!

FACT: Stephen Harper is pushing this very same narrative at the IDU (International Democratic Union). Guest speakers included Lord Ashcroft who presented a paper on how “uneducated immigrants” are propelling “progressive liberal” parties into power (5). The IDU is now actively promoting “socialism” to what are traditionally conservative parties, while at the same time their fear-mongering is actually encouraging mass migration! They are intentionally downplaying the rise of “social conservatism” such as those who voted for Donald Trump (5). Why are the Conservatives moving towards a “more progressive” platform? Let’s take a look at the IDU!


FACT: Lord Ashcroft is the Deputy Treasurer of the IDU and formerly Belize’s permanent representative to the United Nations. Along with the Rothschilds he finances the Conservative Party in the UK (6)(7).

Background: Not many Canadians have heard of the International Democrat Union (IDU), but most would be very surprised to learn the names of its membership and its true goals. Canada was one of 19 founding members of the IDU when Brian Mulroney’s PC Party joined and Erik Neilson, his Deputy Prime Minister and President of the Privy Council, was sent for the signing in London in 1983. Other founding members included: Vice President George W. Bush (Representing USA President Ronald Reagan), Margaret Thatcher (UK), Helmut Kohl (Germany), Jacques Chirac (France), and others (8)(9).

The IDU is an association of like minded “center” and “center-right” conservative political parties representing three geopolitical regions; the European Democratic Union (EDU), the Caribbean Democratic Union (CDU), and the Asia Pacific Democratic Union (APDU) (8). However, many political members are far from conservative; in 2002 the EDU merged into the EPP (European People’s Party) (8), a transnational organization and the largest party in the European Parliament consisting of many of the founding fathers who created the European Union (10), the CDU consists of labour parties similar to the NDP (11), and the APDU (12) consists of the CPC Party of Canada, the Republican party of the USA but also includes the Chinese National Party of Taiwan which was the sole ruling party from 1928-2000 and supports unification of Taiwan with mainland China (12), and other military-based parties such as National Republican Alliance of El Salvador (13). This is a far cry from being a “like minded” organization?

The real story here is about the origins of the IDU (14). Now are you ready for the “red-pill”?

On June 8 1982, US President Ronald Reagan made a speech before the British Parliament in London calling for the creation of the infrastructure for an international institution that would “promote democracy” all over the world. Quoting the UN Declaration of Human Rights he stated: “We must be staunch in our conviction that freedom is not the sole prerogative of a lucky few but the inalienable and universal right of all human beings. So states the U.N. Universal Declaration of Human Rights (15).” This institution would consist of trade unions, NGOs, media, universities and political parties. This took place after CIA scandals emerged and Congress forbade the agency from organizing further coups to win markets. To circumvent this, the White House and the NSC (National Security Council) along with members of both the Republicans and the Democrats established the National Endowment for Democracy (NED); the legal window of the CIA which can sidestep presidential directives! The Deep State (14)!

The NED was established in Washington by Congress and immediately financed by Congress on November 1983 (16). NED receives its orders directly from the NSC (National Security Council) working in tandem with the CIA. NED receives funding through USAID and the CIA. It’s purpose was to assist associations, political parties, and trade unions by using NGOs to take political initiatives the government could not without violating the sovereignty of the states in which they operated; NED is the secret plan of the CIA to destabilize countries using NGOs and activists groups to suit the globalist agenda calling for “open markets” in what they referred to as “market democracy” where an economic and financial oligarchy imposes its political choice (14).

NED consists of four subdivisions that redistribute money to trade unions, NGOs, members of the ruling class, parties on the right and left:

  1. Solidarity Center: ACILS (American Center for International Labor Solidarity) which was set up after WWII and later changed it’s name in 1978 when states discovered it was linked to the CIA. It is managed by the the AFL-CIO (American Federation of Labor) (17).
  2. CIPE (Center for International Private Enterprise) managed by the US Chamber of Congress and consisting of business enterprises that champion the social economy (18).
  3. IRI (International Republican Institute) run by the Republican party. Created the International Democratic Union (IDU) (19).
  4. NDI (National Democratic Institute) run by the Democratic party (19). Created the Alliance for Democrats tied to Liberal International (LI).

The goal of IRI is to corrupt the parties of the Right, while the NDI deals with left wing parties. The IRI was chaired by John McCain for 25 years, the NDI by Madeleine Albright. The IRI and NDI in turn created rival organizations: the International Democratic Union (IDU) made up of “Conservative Parties” and the Alliance for Democrats (AD) which is tied to Liberal International (LI) consisting of “Liberal Parties”. Both are funded and organised by NED. Therefore NED is instrumental in turning national parties into “transnational parties” under the direct influence of the NSA and CIA which now dictate the political agenda not the people (20)! This CIA document clearly states the IDU is an association of “parties” not governments (21). When politicians call for a smaller decentralized government, deregulation and open markets they serve another master! All political parties are actors on an international stage where the media acts as creative director while the NSA and CIA plan, coordinate, select the script, arrange financing and produce the narrative! Welcome to the Matrix!

NED is a foundation registered under US Law and is not a tool of the CIA alone but an instrument also shared by the British Services (M16) and Australian Services ((ASIS). The NED has created similar organizations that work with it; in 1991 the UK established Westminster Foundation for Democracy, in 2001 the European Union established the the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights, and in 1988 under the Brian Mulroney government Canada formed the “Droits et Democraties au Quebec” or “International Center for Human Rights and Democratic Development”(22). In 2012 Harper’s government announced they were cancelling the program and transferring parts of it’s mandate to the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade. But in this Matrix, nothing is every really cancelled just transformed into something else, because the left and the right work like a “tag-team” (23)(24).

In Canada, a NED-like program was initially promoted in 2005 by Loyd Axworthy of the Chretien Liberal Party as “Democracy Canada” and later under Paul Martin became “Canada Corps,” which was aligned with CIDA (Canadian International Development Agency) the sister counterpart to USAID (25)(26)(27)(28). In October 2006, Canada’s newly elected Conservative government under Stephen Harper replaced “Canada Corps” with the new “Office for Democratic Governance”(ODG) (28). The ODG was dissolved shortly thereafter but not before it partnered with CIGI (Center for International Governance Innovation) to become “Governance Village”. CIGI is partnered with other think tanks and INET (Institute for New Economic Thinking) founded by George Soros (29)(30)(31). This is the hidden face of the CIA in Canada.

The NEDs International Democratic Union (IDU) was formed from three foundations (32): The Adenauer Foundation (Germany) established by the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) in honor of their founder and first post-war Chancellor and Nazi Sympathizer Konrad Adenauer (33)(34); The Hansns Seidel Foundation (Bavaria) founded for German politician and friend of Adenauer and who served as the Prime Minister of Bavaria in 1957 (35). (Side Note: Bavaria is said to be the home of the founders of the Illuminati which is confirmed by this document retrieved from the CIA Library (36); The Westminster Foundation (UK) funded by the Grosvenor Family (37)(38) one of the oldest noble families in the UK who along with the Royal Family, employ the Rothschild and Co. as their personal financial advisers (39)(40)(41).

In the IDU’s 2005 founding “Declaration of Principles” it states Our common goal is of free, just and compassionate societies.But a closer look reveals a very different message. The Declaration also states: “Being committed to advancing the social and political values on which democratic societies are founded, including the basic personal freedoms and human rights, as defined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.” The IDU document is openly promoting the United Nation’s Declaration of Human Rights; an historic document adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 1948 (42)(43). CIN located the original “minutes” of “The Founding Meeting of the Union” dated June 24 1983 (44) and we can confirm that the IDU is allied with the United Nations. On page 5 of the document, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher states, “We can for instance combine our efforts in the United Nations and in regional organizations [NGOs] to promote our common aim.”

FACT: And Stephen Harper is currently the Chairman of the IDU (45)! A lot of us fail to make that connection but just like the Trudeau Liberals are in bed with the the United Nations and Agenda 2030 on Sustainable Development, so is Harper’s CPC Party! After all, let us not forget that it was Stephen Harper’s government that signed the UN Global Compact in 2015 (46)!

FACT: Many Civil Society Organizations in Europe and Asia that support mass migration are directly sponsored by the Soros “Open Society Foundations” and the “National Endowment for Democracy”(NED) (49). NED is also responsible for many attacks on sovereignty of different states including the “Arab Spring (50)” and the riots in Hong Kong (51)!

FACT: These agreements are meant to flow from one government to another, from one party to the another; a “tag-team” making incremental changes that will usher in a New World Order. The article “Why sustainable development goals can survive a change in government” discusses just that: “The SDGs were affirmed under the Harper government, and now they’re being pursued under the Trudeau government. The Harper government signed on in September 2015, and now in the fall of 2017, the new prime minister was at the general assembly saying these goals are just as important to us at home as they are abroad (52).”

Image result for harper and trudeau

FACT: Just like the “right” has the IDU, the “left” has “Liberal International”, and guess what, Justin Trudeau belongs to it (53). These are merely UN steering committees that direct nations, through their political parties, the dictatorial steps to implement the one world agenda.

FACT: These opposing parties work in tandem by taking incremental approaches. Take the UN Global Compact on Migrations for example; the member states signed the compact in September 2015 when it had 17 SDGs and did not include migration. Then later in 2018, the parties signed the UN Global Compact with 23 SDGs which now included migration. Remember the North American Union? Paul Martin started it then Stephen Harper and Co. tried to finish it. It did not succeed but Paul Martin also initiated the secretive North American Competitiveness Council (NACC) which Harper completed and put Paul Desmarais on the board!! It basically allows corporations to bypass regulations in North American countries. A reporter present at the time had this to say: Ron Covais of Lockheed Martin told [the reporter] “The guidance from the ministers was, ‘tell us what we need to do and we’ll make it happen,'” and that rather than going through the legislative process in any country, the Security and Prosperity Partnership must be implemented in incremental changes by executive agencies, bureaucrats and regulators. “We’ve decided not to recommend any things that would require legislative changes because we won’t get anywhere.” Don’t believe us? Then Ask Maxime Bernier because he was present at the time! Isn’t the PPC also advocating for smaller decentralized government, deregulation and open markets (54)(55)(56)?

FACT: Maxime Bernier was DIRECTLY involved with the National Endowment for Democracy when Stephen Harper absorbed it’s mandate under the “minister of foreign affairs” umbrella along with CIDA (funding agency).

Wikileaks Cable (57) This HOC Report confirms NED mandates fell under Maxime Bernier’s Department of Foreign Affairs https://www.ourcommons.ca/Content/committee/391/faae/reports/rp3066139/391_FAAE_Rpt08_PDF/391_FAAE_Rpt08-e.pdf

Maxime Bernier was also the executive VP of the Montreal Economic Institute which is funded by the Libertarian Atlas Network that receives funding through the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) (58)


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    The real game is not yet under way, but he’s prepping his real candidate for the big job.

  2. Under the corruption of an illegitimate royal family in the UK the result is this systemic sleazy shitplatter.. enjoy the show and there is no Q plan to save anyone, just a humble servant of good humour attempting to ascend to the throne sooner rather than later; acknowledgement would be a fine thing. At this point, I’d settle for a fun meme making fun of good King John III – I heard he is a fan of the Trailer Park Boys.. see what you can come up with Shawn, you’re the maestro.

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