History of #SARSCoV2, COVID19, the Rosetta Stone of the bio-weapon community.

Our Articles “From Canada to China: Wuhan Coronavirus Launches Global Depopulation Plan” and “Dr. Theresa Tam, Queen of the Vaccine” have most of the sources required to make these claims…

Canada’s current Public Health Director Dr. Tam, in 2012 procured a particularly lethal MERS virus from Saudi Arabia. She was working directly for WHO at that time.

WHO must be known as the organization it is, the central office of the global BSL4 bioweapons labs around the world.

Dr. Tam had to falsify the paperwork to read SARS when she transported the MERS virus to Canada, through the lab in Netherlands, and ended up Canada’s BSL4.

When Dr. Tam safely got the virus to the Winnipeg BSL4 in Canada, she became the director of security, working under Dr. Plummer, her “mentor”.

It was at the Winnipeg lab that SARS RNA was added to the MERS virus. It is also there the influenza strain was added.

Dr. Tam’s team at the Winnipeg lab where from China, the Wuhan BSL4 actually. Those scientists travelled back and forth as the lab in China was completed.

In July 2019, the RCMP removed those scientists and claimed the Chinese stole the virus. They did not need to steal it.

The BSL4 labs are all franchises of WHO, under their jurisdiction. The virus did not need to be stolen by China, it was easily transferred with issue.

There is also an instance where the virus was transferred to the USA BSL4 at Chapel Hill, North Carolina, under Dr. Fauci.

In 2015, the Obama administration “sold” the virus to China, approved by President Trump’s Dr. Fauci.

Again, the virus was not stolen from Canada any more than it was sold by USA. These virus’ are passed from lab to lab to be worked on by scientists with various expertise.

The virus that was to be known as #SARSCoV2 ended up in China. There are 2 ways it got there that we know of. Once there, the virus was worked on by the Wuhan lab director, Guo Deyin. Deyin specialized in inserting HIV into virus’.

Guo Deyin inserted four strains of HIV.

#SARSCoV2 is airborne HIV. The influenza insertion makes it highly infectious. The MERS base and SARS beta make it a highly lethal “novel” respiratory disease. The HIV insertions make sure the infected recipient is diseased for life.

Yes, the virus is a bioweapon disaster.

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  1. pp. 483-484 “… just another Military Industrial Complex fundraiser and a depopulation exercise to keep the population planners in the upper echelons of the United Nations happy.”–“Hitler Was A British Agent” – Greg Hallett & The Spymaster
    Depopulation is their ongoing global agenda aka UN Agenda 2030 .. lots of ways to do it… and they do without impunity because they’re the scientific dictatorship at the helm of planet earth.

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